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You may notice the cyst as a round, painless or slightly tender bulge at one of the vaginal lips, near the opening of the vagina. About 2% of all women will develop a Bartholin's cyst or abscess sometime during their life.
If the Bartholin's cyst stays small and does not get infected, there is no reason for treatment. Options of treatment: The goal of any treatment is to make a new opening near the original one, so that lubricating fluid can keep the area healthy and make sex easier. Never allow a physician to make the opening over the most prominent area of the cyst or abscess if it is not right next to the hymen ridge, on the inside of your inner lips! Antibiotics: Using antibiotics for the abscess is not recommended because it is unlikely to work.
Marsupilization: This is an old, standard treatment that makes a large opening and then sutures the inside edges of the duct to the skin to keep it open. The gland is then cleaned by flushing with a sterile solution and small connections inside are broken to free infection. After the catheter insertion, it is important to keep the area clean and dry to prevent infections.

Each gland produces a small amount of lubricating fluid that passes through a duct (tube) that opens on the skin near the hymen on each side. This mistake, which is common, can result in the new opening being on the outside, so whenever you get aroused, the lubricating fluid runs down your thigh, rather than at your vaginal opening, where it is needed for lubrication during sex. For antibiotics to work there needs to be a good blood supply to the infection to kill the bugs.
At Meridia Gynecology, we rarely use this method because it is unnecessary, causes a lot of discomfort and heals slowly.
Once we have opened the abscess or cyst, we put the catheter tube into the opening to make sure that the skin does not close again. At Meridia Gynecology, we generally do not use antibiotics unless there is a complicated situation and surrounding skin infection. At Meridia, we use a LASER to make the opening, and our success rates are excellent using this method.

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