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Cheri McGuire, Vice-president, global government affairs & cybersecurity policy, Symantec Corporation. She says a broad toolkit will be needed from encryption, multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention technologies that give you visibility across your networks to protect data at this scale. McGuire is impressed that the implementation of Aadhaar is happening very quickly, and thinks some of the lessons learnt by India will help other countries who are looking to implement similar identity management infrastructure.
On whether it is a good idea to have a single number at the core of a lot of services, she says it ultimately depends on culturally what is acceptable. McGuire says it is important to understand the psychology behind the cyber criminals and the threat landscape. She also warns about the insider threat, especially in the context of what has happened in the US with Edward Snowden. Plus, governments are dealing with numerous technologies that can sometimes create additional vulnerabilities, which she says is becoming more complex with the advent of BYOD, IoT, wireless interconnectivity. The media has revealed a police investigation into some cab drivers stealing passengers' debit cards and then withdrawing money from their accounts at ATMs.
Whole Foods CEOs Walter Robb and John Mackey admitted the supermarket giant had routinely overcharged customers and apologized for the costly errors. Whole Foods customers are outraged by reports the retail supermarket chain deliberately mislabeled packaged foods and overcharged patrons. The United States Government has filed suit against a quartet of cancer charities, alleging the non-profits have scammed consumers for over $180 million. Small businesses are at a greater risk of financial fraud for one reason: they aren't aware of the most common scams and therefore aren't investing enough towards adequate protection. An exhaustive, multi-year study of malware and phishing scams present on Facebook reveals that users often have a hard time distinguishing between real Facebook links and harmful viruses. If you haven't heard of ghost broking, perhaps it's time you did, especially if you are a young driver in search of cheap insurance.
Just when you thought identity thieves and telemarketer scammers who target the elderly were the lowest form of sub-human scum, a new species is discovered. The warning was issued after police arrested a 32-year-old man who is alleged to have used 'black money' to dupe the victim out of $450,000. New research indicates that people’s ability to judge the trustworthiness of faces diminishes with age. A new study conducted by an insurance company says, despite the increased use of the Internet being used to conduct business, that offline schemes are the top known causes of identity fraud. While the holiday season is full of cheer, it is also a time when scammers come out in droves.

Hurricane Sandy was expected to create a lot of damage as the storm ripped through the east coast.
Banks, ATM installers and credit card issuers do not want to admit their customers have been scammed. It's only mid-July, and so far several new scams have been reported during the first half of this month. After three seniors had gold jewelry stolen, police are warning people not to allow strangers to place jewelry around their necks or on their arms, and to be wary of being approached on the street by people who claim they have jewelry to sell. In what's been a big week for Facebook with many changes, most prominently the company's highly anticipated IPO debut. Ever get one of those annoying "solicitation" calls or worse yet, a call that sounds like it is from a creditor almost demanding that a payment be made today?
As various types of frauds aim to rip off consumers and other unsuspecting victims, Canada's Competition Bureau has published a reference guide as a part of Fraud Prevention Month.
If you receive a suspicious e-mail apparently from a bona fide company, why not trace it and then send the phishers a message? Facebook is a platform built on constant iterations — which means its easy to miss new site features and noteworthy updates.
Emoticons have come along way since we first started using character-number combos to virtually clue others into our feelings. International brands are about to get a boost from the latest Facebook brand page update, which finally rolled out of beta. You might recall from last week’s privacy-focused roundup an item about Suriya Prakash, who discovered that a reverse-lookup feature could, if abused, easily uncover Facebook account information based on the phone numbers associated with Facebook profiles. With the realization that anyone could use the reverse phone number lookup feature, find a user’s phone number, and bypass Facebook’s Login Approval system to reset a password, Facebook took precautionary measures this week. Reverse-lookups of the same phone number that’s used for password-reset authentications is now blocked off from appearing in Facebook’s search engine. Facebook’s Anti-Virus Marketplace was launched earlier this year and included free trial subscriptions from partners McAfee, Microsoft, Sophos, and Symantec. The partnership isn’t however just about offering users free services to uncover and get rid of malware and viruses. She says the game has changed with nation state, organised crimes groups and hacktivists also becoming a threat along with everyday criminals. Northeast continues to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, warnings are being issued to consumers about possible scams. Just prior to the storm, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning about repair contractors that may not have your best interests at heart.

A 30-year-old Orlando area homeless man is in the Orange County Jail facing a charge of grand theft. Many messaging apps have started including higher quality, fun options for throwing them into your chats, and Facebook is now doing the same. CVG-SAB’s “Want” button was launched in September 2010 primarily with e-commerce partners like Shopify, and since has grown to boast more than 160 million want-button views.
Facebook was testing international brand pages that can target posts and even languages at the local level. Facebook claimed to have patched up the problem by limiting the number of times that someone could search for phone numbers, although Prakash said that these measures were insufficient and easy to work around. Now if you have the two-factor authentication feature set up and have forgotten your password, you’ll be required to input a phone number, email address, or user name.
However, if you’ve published your phone number publicly on your Timeline where other users can see it, you won’t be protected. This week the social network is added seven additional partners to the Anti-Virus Marketplace including AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense, and Webroot.
Facebook is using its anti-virus partner’s data to bolster Facebook’s URL blacklist system, which according to Facebook, “scans trillions of clicks per per day, and before each click, the system consults the databases of all our AV Marketplace partners to make sure the website you are about to visit is safe.” With the inordinate volume of content shared on Facebook, you never know when a malicious site is disguised as a simple URL. You are not getting rid of endpoint protection, you still need those, but the emphasis in on those protecting the core,” explains McGuire. You have to look more closely at how you intent to protect the unique ID database and ensure that all those personal IDs are encrypted both at rest and transit, and to access things you should be using multi-factor authentication.” Plus she highlights that you need to have modern security software, as “five year old security software only gives you protection from threats that are five years old”. The old just-don’t-put-a-pen-drive-in does not work anymore as everything is wireless these days,” she says, underlining how it is also important to train people to be vigilant. This is due to a trend of private, untrained plastic surgery sweeping parts of the developed world. The social network quietly rolled out a hefty catalog of emoticons that you can add into comments on your friend’s posts this week, although they can’t be published to status updates yet.
If you live in South Korea, for example, by default you’ll see a Facebook brand page written in the Korean language, as well as geo-targeted Facebook posts that followers from other countries may not be able to see. In order to regain access to your account, you will have to use the email address associated with it or create a new one — no more temporary passwords will be sent to your phone.
The update enables companies to manage their brand pages under one roof without resorting to creating multiple accounts or monitoring analytics for multiple pages.

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