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The research of a plentiful higher level educational institution indicates that a large number of students are suffering from Tension during Exam termed as Exam anxiety. According to experts, 8 hour of sleep is sufficient as well as essential for having a calm and healthy mind.
Mental exercises such as yoga of meditation is very useful in increasing concentration power, hence very useful if started before one month of exam. Student should drink lots of water because water makes the body and mind cool and help to think better.
Try to avoid eating junk food such as burger, chowmein etc and also avoid meat, soft drinks, chocolates etc.
Some people try to establish stress on student’s mind by talking about their preparation, unnecessary matters. Try to generate positive thinking by spending more with those people who release positive vibe. For starters, carving out quiet moments in your day can give you the needed perspective that breaks the cycle of stress. Perhaps the first step of progress is recognizing that what looks like doing nothing is actually doing something. From my teenage years until I became a new mother, I suffered from recurring headaches that sometimes began as tension headaches as a result of stress but usually turned into unbearable migraines2.
When my children were napping or in bed for the night, I stopped multi-tasking with household duties and used those quiet moments to pray with ideas from Bible passages and a book that helped me better understand how I could make these ideas practical in my life called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (The Christian Science Board of Directors). Prayer has a way of shining light on the dark places in consciousness, making us aware of what we may not have noticed before. That was over a decade ago and you could say my life hasn’t exactly moved into the slow lane, but I prefer to think of my days as wonderfully full, rather than stress-full.
Ingrid Peschke is a Boston-based health writer and practitioner of Christian Science healing.
One of the key points to me that you make above is when you said, "During an exercise where we were all asked to close our eyes for about five minutes, one participant admitted that she felt uncomfortable with the long silence.
Seems to me that the world is slowly starting to realize this, which is encouraging, and as more people do, the stress level must diminish until it becomes a forgotten moment. Really helpful ideas--especially that we are not a victim but can take control of our thoughts and in this way improve our experience. Loud noises, bright lights, pounding pressure - everything makes a migraine hurt past all bearing.

What if I told you there is a natural, easy, and inexpensive technique that you can start using today to make your migraines a thing of the past? In this high-quality video you'll discover exactly how to find and stimulate specific acupressure points on your body that will help you significantly reduce or even eliminate migraines.
This type of tension totally demolish the preparation of students and affects the student’s performance and hence on result. Then, make a table of these topics according to the requirement of time and preparation, by giving preference to topics worth less time. But for students in can be reduced to 6-7 hours and try to do late night study till 15 days before exam. Some methods such as personal voice recording, watching comedy movies etc helps to relief the brain. The American Psychological Association’s Stress in America Findings1 found that Americans report being too busy as a primary barrier to managing stress.
For people who suffer from the pain of things like tension headaches, also known as “stress headaches”, finding an effective treatment needs to go deeper than merely deleting things from their calendar or even finding temporary relief in medication. I have seen that specific prayer doesn’t empty our mind, but fills it with practical, healing ideas. I could give in to the tension of circumstances until it escalated into a headache, or I could take time to connect with God, with “thoughts of peace” that promised “an expected end” as the Scriptures say. I could exercise gentleness instead of impatience, grace instead of criticism, gratitude instead of selfishness. I didn’t have to feel personally responsible for the smooth operation of my home and family.
The headaches became less intense and less frequent until they finally just faded away completely. You're so right ,when we make the effort to carve out quiet time It can be the best part of our day. The best you can hope for is that all those drugs will knock you out so you can sleep the pain away. Furthermore, regular stimulation of these points will even help prevent migraines from coming back! Every step of locating and stimulating it is shown and explained in detail (see text for more information).
Begin stimulating these acupressure points today and avoid those terrible and agonizing migraines.

For better results and bright future prospect, it’s necessary to overcome such type of problems. And divide remaining days in the number of subjects, priority should be most important subject. Some negative thought as ‘most of students are seeming well prepared, while I’m preparing till now.’ Try to overcome such thoughts by positive attitude. As there will not any pressure of examination hall, exam, examiner, hence such methods help in developing self confidence and get rid of exam anxiety.
She describes patients who come to see her with a myriad of symptoms ranging from anxiety and back pain to headaches. I recently attended a mindfulness clinic for physicians and healthcare providers in Boston, designed to show the advantages of prescribing mindful techniques for patients. Taking the time to think deeply about spiritual concepts, appreciating the good in our lives and connecting with our Creator are moments that have far-reaching implications. These qualities have a divine source so they naturally support peaceful, rather than tense, interactions. She loves to hike, cook nutritious meals, and hang out with her husband and three teenagers.
It can help us regain our perspectives, give us a chance to rest physically and mentally, and let go of issues that don't deserve cogitating over them. Test it for full 60 days and if for some reason you don’t think it’s absolutely the best thing you did for your body and mind, let us know and you’ll get ALL of your money back. Standing and talking in front of mirror is also motivating and a good way of establishing confidence. I had established a habit of seeking a spiritual solution to just about any problem, based on my study and practice of Christian Science. Whether or not you’ve ever prayed before, or even believe in a higher power, you just might find some useful ideas you can individualize for your life.

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