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We love talking about lipstick, hair, and nails, but sometimes we have to discuss the less-flattering topics, too, like finding pimples on your derriere. Change your underpants: Nylon underpants and too-tight thongs can trap perspiration, and while that shouldn't cause typical pimples, it can lead to irritation, including small bumps. Thus i may have to say i am a biomedical scientist and especially MSC on microbiology so i know something more.
Also dont forget to change underwear daily and dont use nylon ones as stated on main topic. Finally  I fully understand all of you with this problem especially women and how can affect your self esteem. Finally  fully understand all of you with this problem especially women and how can affect your self esteem. I also understand all of you with this problem especially women and how can affect your self esteem. Ladies, Butt bumps occurring in the summer can be caused by heat, humidity, and wet bikini bottoms. I used to get a lot of bum acne but I've found that since I started using natural soaps it's cleared up a lot.My diet also had a lot to do with it, being a junk food addict never helped my skin. White dots under eyes, white bumps under eyes and white circles under eyes may be caused by different underlying factors. The spots are commonly referred to as oil seeds because they are soft and appear as small yellow pimples. Heavy skin care products and makeup usage may cause the little white spots to form under your eyes too. Once you identify the cause of the dots, you will be able to get rid of the white dots under eyes easily because you can now treat the actual cause. Of the many symptoms people report, little white dots, small white dots or tiny white spots are the most commonly reported.
These two are the likely questions that some people ask themselves when they feel the dots forming under their eyes. The causes of little whitish bumps on your eyes are the same as discussed above in the causes section. For some people, exposure to the sun may cause the area around the eyes to be irritated and form little white bumps on the eyelids or under the eye.
If your spots and marks are caused by sunburn, avoid direct exposure of your skin around eyes to the sun.
Avoid and reduce heavy cosmetics and makeup around the eye to prevent and get rid of milia spots. If the spots are dry and you think you can remove them fast, exfoliate gently before you go to bed. You may also try removing the white spots under eyes using salicylic acid, although this treatment will take longer to clear the problem.
There are various causes of white circles, including postinflammatory hypopigmentation which normally occurs when you use certain eye creams. Mayo Clinic notes that cluster headaches may cause one to have white circles forming below the eyes. Carpet beetles (Family Dermestidae) are actually very common in homes, though not often seen in numbers large enough to attract attention. At first I thought I had spilled coffee grounds, but on closer inspection found out they moved, ever so slowly.
Simply giving your bottom a scrub with a washcloth will send you on your way, and a body scrub will help slough away dead skin cells.
Or if you don't mind a little mess, whip up one of these acne home remedy treatments in your kitchen.
It is a fact that this butt acne appeared when i was dealing with a microbe called MRSA (methycilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
I just use  natural products that have salicylic acid in them like canella (natural soaps with canella can be really effective by the way). It is a fact that this butt acne appeared when i was dealing with a microbe called MRSA (methycilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and i my fears it may be this as it can cause skin infections (amosng others more severe infections) (this one i was deing with had also cause hospital deaths during outbreaks).
It is a fact that this butt acne appeared when i was dealing with a microbe called MRSA (methycilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and i my fears it ma be this as it can cause skin infections (this one i was deing with had also cause hospital deaths during outbreaks).

I think you can get Butt Acne Clearing Lotion (yes, that is actually the name of the product) from Amazon too! Many dermatologists will tell you that exfoliants and washing your face with a cloth irritates and can cause new acne to form.
Smear a little Desitin Diaper Cream on the problem areas to take care of the problem quickly. They appear as little white bumps under eyes, and sometimes they may end up as small white circles around eyes and eyelids. It is easy to find that you get fungal infections on the skin that result in small white papules forming on the face. However, in terms of beauty and appearance, little white dots under eyes may be a source of concern. It is important to note that dots forming above the eyelid or under your eyes may be yellowish to whitish in color, but they are not filled with pus, but the protein called keratin.
This is mainly for the spots that are caused by allergic reactions to certain chemical substances.
As we have seen above in the article, the white bumps are the same thing as milia under eyes.
Although there is something you can do to get rid of the spots and bumps, remember to see a dermatologist first before trying to remove them.
Sun exposure may also be a cause and so to get rid of the white lines and circles, you may need to avoid sun exposure or use eye creams with SPF. As you might guess from their common name, carpet beetles feed on carpets and other products made from similar materials. Under a magnifying glass you can clearly see they are hard shelled with tiny legs under the bottom side. If you have recurrent bumps, consider a postshower spray such as Murad Clarifying Body Spray ($37), which delivers salicylic acid in a simple spritz. I used to have acne on my face and back when i was a teenager but they dissapead before ages. My fears are that it may be this as it can cause skin infections (amongst others more severe infections, this one i was deing with also caused deaths during outbreaks in hopsitals). Respiration of skin is too impotant too so this problem may show up more if your working sitting on a  chair for hours or if you wear tight jeans and stuff. I just hope its not this, not because there is case to die, but because its almost impossible to fight skin infections due to its resistance (multidrugs resistant).
Here’s how to get rid of white spots under eyes, causes and treatments to remove tiny white bumps that form above eyelids.
One of the parts of the face that can be very uncomfortable when you get tiny white dots is the under eyes and the eyelids. Below, we will discuss what white dots and patches on face are, the causes of white dots and how to get rid of white patches, bumps and circles under eyes. Most of the allergens that may cause this problem are found in mouthwashes, toothpastes and eye makeup.
Some people describe them as white patches, others as small bumps on eyelids and under the eye.
Your dermatologist may also recommend some creams to get rid of white circles under your eyes, or some medications that may treat underlying causes of white dots under eyes. They have the unusual ability to digest keratin, the structural proteins in animal or human hair, skin, or fur.
Try Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($65) to smooth things over. Then suddenly before 2 years or so the first acne appeared on my butt (and its the only body part i have this, ok maybe 2 or 3 on my back but its rare and related to sunlight).
Anyway it believe its hard to be infected by this as there were strict safety regulations i followed of course.
For instance, suffering from small painful white dots around eyes may mean that the papules are caused by a bacterial or fungal infection around the eye. Therefore, keep in mind that you could be dealing with a symptom of skin allergy around your eyes. Well, if you have white circles under your eyes, you definitely have a pigmentation problem that is also called vitiligo.

What are these tiny black bugs in my house?!Tiny Black Bugs in Your Home Could Be Carpet BeetlesDid they crunch when you squashed them?
In your home, they might be chomping on clothing made of wool or silk, or even feeding on cereals stored in your pantry. I clean my countertops everyday and the next day they are back and not just a couple, there must be 50 or more showing up everyday.
As an insect enthusiast, I never recommend unnecessary bug squashing (and most bug squashing is unnecessary, since the vast majority of insects on the planet do us no harm whatsoever).
They tend to wander from their food source, though, so people usually notice them on walls or floors.In general, carpet beetles are tiny, with many species measuring a mere 2-3 millimeters long – about the size of a pinhead.
Dont forget medicines are always chemicals and natural products (which we never imagine) may have suprisingly good results. Dont forget medicines are always chemicals and natural products (which we never imgaine) may have suprosingly good results. Some are indeed, black, or dark enough in color to appear black when observed with the human eye. Carpet beetles are covered in tiny hairs, but this will be difficult to see unless you look at them very closely.Carpet beetle larvae are elongated, and appear to be fuzzy or hairy.
In large numbers, they can do significant damage to sweaters and other clothing, or may infest pantry items.
The best way to avoid this is to place your flour and meal in the freezer when you first come in the house with it.
You just need to do some thorough housecleaning in the areas where carpet beetles tend to live.Clean your pantry. Leave it there 24 hours and you will not get these bugs, but first you need to clean house of them. Check all of your food storage areas – cabinets, pantries, and extra storage areas in garages or basements – for live carpet beetle adults and larvae, and for shed skins. If you find any signs of the tiny black bugs around your food, discard the cereals, grains, flour, and other items from the locations where you see signs of infestation. When you replace these food items, store them properly in airtight containers made of plastic or glass.Now clean out your closets and dressers.
If you find signs of carpet beetles – adults, larvae, or shed skins – take items that can't be laundered in water to your local dry cleaner. Wipe down the insides of drawers and the shelves in your closets with a household cleaner, not a pesticide. Vacuum the floor of your closet thoroughly, and use a crevice tool to get behind baseboards and in corners as best you can.
The cigarette beetle was at one time a very important pest of the tobacco industry and got it's named from the damage it did to stored tobacco. The drugstore beetle gained its name because it was frequently found feeding on drugs in pharmacies many years ago.Now, both insects are customarily found infesting all types of dry stored food products, spices, seeds, grains and dried plant material.
Carpet beetles tend to hide under furniture legs, so move furniture and vacuum thoroughly underneath. We have recently received samples of cigarette beetles found in rice, dried potatoes, paprika, raisins, grain-based mouse bait, dried straw flowers and a table center piece made of varnished bread.
Adult beetles often wander away from infested materials and may be found throughout the kitchen or house.Control of cigarette and drugstore beetles requires locating and eliminating the infested item(s). All potentially infested materials should be carefully examined, including unopened boxes and packages.
Cupboard shelves holding infested items and shelves in the vicinity of where the beetles have been noticed should be emptied and thoroughly vacuum cleaned. I keep my flour in the freezer, just to be sure I don't get weevils, have had them too many times to count! I have completely scrubbed and tidied my kitchen countless times but they won't go away.

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