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I am officially breaking up with my daily breakfast of avocado toast and embarking on a promising new relationship with savory oatmeal. You find and update all of your apps using the iOS App Store, and if you have updates scheduled automatically, it could be working hard on a daily basis. Summertime means lots of parties, picnics, and barbecues—and wherever a group of fun-loving adults can be found basking in the sun's rays, delicious cocktails are sure to flow freely. Keep your drinks straight and impress your fellow partygoers with easy-to-make garnishes that spell names out in summer melons—a refreshing take on name tags. According to PureWow, half of a raw potato can get cast iron skillets clean—and all you need, along with the potato, is a little salt and a little oil. It's pretty common knowledge that coarse salt works well as a gentle scrubber for cast iron cookware, but is the potato necessary? Newer Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 come with a pretty cool feature that lets you take vertically-scrolling screenshots to capture an entire app or website.
Fortunately, for those of us who don't own a new Galaxy device, developer Glitch has an incredibly easy workaround.
It seems like everything old is new again these days where food is concerned, and that includes the recent renaissance of babka. Traditionally, babka is filled with seeds, nuts, and sometimes even honey, but as you'll soon see—anything goes these days. But here's the good news: you can buy a pack of small corn tortillas, which usually comes with 80 tortillas, for the same price as a bag of chips. Using a fingerprint scanner to keep intruders out of your phone might not be as secure as you think. All they needed to do was lift a fingerprint off of the phone's screen, scan it, format it, and print out a copy using special conductive ink and paper in a regular inkjet printer.
Scrambled, sunny side up, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, over easy, and poached: there are only so many ways to cook an egg before you get bored and look for inspiration somewhere else.
Luckily, Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park of the new book The Perfect Egg have concocted an amazing new technique to shake you out of your routine: eggs in clouds, or creamy, soft yolks sitting on dreamy puffs of whipped egg whites. Android's personal assistant is more than just a sassy backtalker—it's a full-on suite of all the information you could need at a given time.
But the service itself has a bit of a learning curve, because it needs to be taught more about you before it gets to know your likes, dislikes, and habits. Running out of any shower necessity is just a temporary annoyance, but it always seems worse when it's an empty can of shaving cream or gel. Out of nowhere, Google released a preview build of the upcoming Android N release back in March—a full two months early.
Avocados have been the darling of the food world for quite some time now—so you'd think that we might have already exhausted the ways in which to enjoy this amazing fruit. But a Dutch food blogger is taking our avocado to the next level with a beautiful technique—shaving avocado into elegant ribbons. She has declined to give too many details to the media at large about her methods, but we decided to give these ribbons a try with our own kitchen know-how.
Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, is a feature that allows our smartphones to wirelessly communicate with other devices over a short distance while using almost no power at all. This ultra-efficient form of wireless communication may not seem very powerful, but with a little inventiveness, it can be a formidable tool. Augmented reality (AR) holds much promise for how we'll interact with technology in the future, but we still have many hurdles to clear before that dream fully comes to fruition. Right now we're stuck with low-resolution headsets that cover only a small portion of our field of vision—or just your average smartphone screen.
Mold—that icky, fuzzy stuff that likes to lurk in high corners just a few feet beyond your reach.
Before you grab a damp towel and think that’s all you’ll need to kill it, consider these three household solutions for truly eliminating mold from your abode.
When you want to know how to get rid of mold, know that hydrogen peroxide is your new best friend.
To kill mold: Use white distilled vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle without watering it down. Baking soda is a mild, white mineral powder, that can be used to kill mold in your home, plus it is safe for your family and pets.
To kill mold: Add one quarter of a tablespoon of baking soda to a spray bottle of water and shake until it has dissolved. If it has penetrated drywall or wood then it might be best to consult a professional remediation or mold removal company. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely remove mold from unpainted drywall since it is a porous material. I have had various outcomes when trying the non-bleach and also bleach approach to various problems of mold or cleaning needs.

I see a lot blog comments that debate the effectiveness of natural cleaners such as vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Great question, DGreen, there’s been quite the debates on both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.
A study by a microbiologist at Good Housekeeping found that vinegar is 90 percent effective against mold, and 99.9 percent effective against bacteria.
The Berkley Properties Owner Association has done studies on hydrogen peroxide and it’s effectiveness against mold. I like the idea of the borax cleaning solution for mold, my question is can it be used on unfinished wood (e.g. Good protection for the future would include a good coat of primer and paint or perhaps polyurethane. On the floor joist in my garage it’s white mold on the wood (non painted) what is trisodium phosphate? Hi Evelyn, Trisodium Phosphate is a compound that is an ideal cleaner for tough jobs, it is very heavy duty. As for getting rid of mold on the wood, there may be some small amount of mold left below the surface of the wood because it is a porous surface. Could I use the vinegar and baking soda on that or since it’s fabric do something else?? Hi, I have used for years, a simple solution of bleach, and Borax (sodium tetraborate) commonly called 20 Mule Team Boraxo, available from the grocery store. Mike, are you able to provide more info on your methods – specifically, amounts in parts of each bleach and Borax and bleach and surfactant? I tried the hydrogen peroxide trick on my unpainted drywall and concrete floor for a minor mold issue, it worked great! What can I use on antique oak furniture to clean mold spores and not harm the finish on the wood?? For granite countertops, make sure you avoid toxic chemicals that could make handling food dangerous. I would refer to a flooring expert before tackling the wood sub flooring with the self-leveling compound. With all of that work, it can lose its footing from time to time and cause things not to work as they should. But right now, this is still a Samsung-exclusive feature, as it relies on the underlying TouchWiz framework to capture these long screenshots.
His app will detect when you've captured multiple, overlapping screenshots in most cases, and automatically stitch them together seamlessly. The name of this rich, rolled yeast bread, with roots in both the Jewish and non-Semitic Eastern European communities, means "little grandmother" in Ukrainian, Russian, and Yiddish.
And with those tortillas, you can make a lot of chips—in three different Frito-Lay styles—very easily. It allows you to back up an unlimited amount of high-quality images without ever paying a dime, the photos and videos sync flawlessly across all of your devices, and its neural network-powered visual search feature seems like something that was pulled directly out of a Sci-Fi movie. Google Now, as it's called, uses data from various sources to predict what you'll want to know before you even search for it, and it's an amazing experience once you've got everything set up. Sure, you could dry shave or use whatever liquid toiletry item is in hands reach, but if you want a truly smooth shave without irritation, you'll want to try one of the following alternatives.
As if that weren't enough excitement for one day, they topped themselves by following up that announcement with the debut of a new "Android Beta" program that allows users with eligible devices receive preview builds as a regular OTA update, meaning no losing data or manual installation. Think of it like a slimmed-down version of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that can send a small burst of data two inches away without having any measurable impact on your battery life.
With digital imagery rendered so close to our eyeballs, those pixels are as large and obvious as they've ever been. Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial solution that kills mold effectively on a variety of materials such as kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, floors and walls. Spray the moldy area with the baking soda and water solution, then use a sponge or scrub brush to remove all the mold from the surface.
Not only are they safe to use and safe for the environment, all of these products are inexpensive and easy to find in your local store. The respiratory problems, allergic reactions and unseemly sights all add up to reasons to really get that stuff out of your home. If it has gotten to that point, chances are it has probably developed somewhere else too and can cause some major health problems. They provide customers with cleaner, healthier homes through using environmentally preferable cleaning products, a strategic, methodic cleaning approach and state-of-the-art equipment, including our patented back pack vacuum with HEPA filtration that can capture up to 99 percent of all dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants. For starters, borax is a natural cleaning product and although it is toxic if you swallow it, borax does not emit chemicals or dangerous fumes like some other mold killers. Borax is also used as an insecticide, herbicide and fungicide and it can be mixed with water in a solution to kill and remove mold as it is a natural mold inhibitor.

Although, most trisodium phosphate based cleaners that are specifically for the removal of mold and mildew are more for preparing surfaces for painting.
It shouldn’t regrow and cause problems if you keep the moisture in your garage to a minimum.
Make sure to check the area frequently for returning mold or mildew, mold spores can be difficult to remove. If the piece is white, a small amount of bleach mixed with water (keep the solution weak so it doesn’t weaken the fabric) and rub it onto the stain using the same method as in step 2. Once the mold is removed, rinse the area completely to remove any residue from the cleaning product. If the finish is gone and the mold is in the wood, you could get by with using an ammonia and water solution (10:1 water to ammonia). Hydrogen peroxide or very dilute cleaning bleach can be used to rid your countertops of mold.
Mold feeds off of organic building material and can find its way into the compound if the flooring is not sealed properly. Jain, developed a relatively cheap and effective way to beat fingerprint readers, and successfully tested their method on a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Honor 7. Sometimes you don’t even see it immediately, as mold may be growing in your home and you don’t even know it. Luckily, when it comes to products that kill mold, you probably have most of the ingredients in your house. If the mold is on tile or glass or something non porous then these are great to use but if the mold is growing on wood or drywall your going to want something that can penetrate and remove it for good. Begin with scrubbing the mold off of tiles and grout with commercial tile and grout cleaners, or find a natural alternative. The best way is to find a solution that works for you, all of the solutions here have pros and cons, these are just some examples that we have seen results with and are happy to share with our readers looking for some more non-toxic ways to clean.
I really need something that will clean up these areas because the house has been without electricity for a year and we need to be able to clean it ourselves without the fear of reactions to harsh chemical residues. To clean the moldy wood, scrub from the surface using a sponge, cloth or scrubbing brush along with some water and detergent or other household cleaner.
This is especially important when using bleach as the chemicals will weaken the fibers if allowed to sit on them for extended periods of time. The sun is a natural mold killer and will help to prevent the mold and mildew from returning. Don’t remember the amount so would need to google it but we are currently living with my in-laws while my hubby finishes school so we don’t have to rent and I help take care of my disabled MIL and we are helping them fix the house up a bit and they had a mold issue. If the mold is in the shellac finish, it is incredibly difficult to treat the mold without ruining the piece.
I would be very cautious and keep an eye out for the mold to return due to the safety of keeping your kitchen as sanitary as possible. Any smell from the vinegar should clear within a few hours, but if it lingers, you can freshen up the space with bowls of lemon water around the area.
And if you need help with a good deep cleaning of your home, just give The Maids a call at 1-800-The-MAIDS.
Use a scrubbing brush and good ol’ elbow grease along with your mold-killing project and attack your tiles.
But when Baking soda or vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is allowed to sit on the cleaning problem, whether mold or stain or other, they will work. Avoid using cleaning products with petroleum distillates, detergent, bleach or ammonia, as they can be damaging to your refrigerator.
Your basement, kitchen and bathroom are at the most risk for mold and bacteria growth because they are in constant contact with moisture. You’ll want to take extra care if the mold is growing on delicate surfaces, as hydrogen peroxide can act as a bleach. You can even try using soap and water or granite cleaning solutions to maintain a mold-free zone. Use bleach to fade them away (make sure you do a spot test first and wear gloves to protect your hands). Leaving mold untreated can cause respiratory illnesses as well as be a major factor for year-round allergies. It’s also unseemly and can give guests in your home the wrong impression of your hygienic habits.

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