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Stretch marks also known as striae are linear scars that affect the thin layer of the skin when the corollaries are rapidly stretched and the collagen in the skin is damaged.
Dark, ugly stretch marksare commonly seen around the stomach, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and breasts.
However, most of these treatments have some or the other side effect, like retinoid creams are strictly prohibited for pregnant women and laser treatments are extremely pricey. Here are some of the treatments and home remedies that can remove stretch marks for good. Tips On How To Remove Stretch Marks Using Cosmetic Treatments One of the popular cosmetic treatments for removal of stretch marks is chemical peels.
Using Cocoa Butter Derived from the fat of the cocoa beans, cocoa butter is an excellent remedy for prevention and removal of stretch marks.
Washing hair regularly with a good shampoo is necessary to keep your locks clean, healthy and beautiful.

Stretch marks occur when upper layers of skin have been torn and then heal, forming a scar. Stretch marks are unsightly, but you should never go overboard with your personal attempts at removal. The result is the appearance of dark pink and purple stretch marks that later turn into dark black or white scars.
There are many surgical and cosmetic measures that can help in getting rid of dark stretch marks for good. This is a treatment measure wherein the layers of skin are injected with a chemical solution. You can use aloe vera creams available in the market or use the fresh gel directly from the plant.
Apart from cocoa butter, shea butter, grapeseed oil, emu oil, vitamin E gel and creams containing Vitamin A and Vitamin C also help in getting rid of stretch marks.
They are a common side effect of pregnancy and weight gain, and they can be white, pink or dark purple in color. By keeping skin moisturized and healthy during weight gain and unavoidable skin stretching, you can minimize stretch marks. Because stretch marks are scars, they can be healed and their appearance diminished with vitamin E.
Just as scars fade over time as the skin that bears the scar wears away, a stretch mark will also wear away as the years pass. If you want to get rid of stretch marks without exercise, then the fastest way to do so is a tummy tuck, during which they will remove the skin that contains the stretch marks from your body. Excessive exfoliation and bathroom surgeries can lead to serious complications, infections and even death. Laser treatments, retinoid creams and peptide containing creams are used for the removal of stretch marks.

A ray of light is focused on the scar which helps in its disintegration and subsequent regeneration.
They are commonly considered unsightly, but most people believe there is little to be done for them other than to "sit-up" them into oblivion.
Moisturize your stomach each day to keep the skin elastic and resiliant so that it can be stretched without tearing. Apply it at least once a day to every mark, and make sure that you massage the vitamin E oil into the scarred area.
However, this is a real surgical procedure and is accompanied by a variety of risks, so work closely with your doctor before selecting this option. However, your odds depend largely on your skin type and the stretch marks, so get several evaluations before you select this process. However, due to factors like puberty, pregnancy, weight lifting or excess weight gain or loss, the skin is stretched rapidly and you can see the appearance of unsightly stretch marks. Microdermabrasion is another treatment measure which helps in polishing the surface of the skin and stimulating the growth of new skin. Complete removal of the dark, black stretch marks is impossible unless you opt for surgical procedures like tummy tucks. It usually takes multiple treatments that span several months, and it can be quite painful.
There are, however, other techniques that will help you get rid of stretch marks without exercise.
You should also not exfoliate more often than every three days or you risk irritating your skin and potentially creating other problems like chronic dry skin and eczema.

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