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Dog odor comes in a few different forms and it is important to determine what sort you have. All odors can be easily fixed using a cleaning formulation specifically designed for concrete floors.
Step No 1.Make the formulation using 4 simple household chemicals mixed into a large bucket. Get rid dead animal smell - pest control, How to get rid of dead animal odor in your home with do it yourself pest control products.. How rid dead mouse smell - mamapedia, We have had mice & husband put oput mouse poison. Dead animal smell removal deodorizer works dead, A mouse crawled into and died in the insulation of our stove.
Urine odors can permeate from the floor, be it cement or wood, from the tack strips, and even from the framework of the house behind the walls. As urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent.
Urine can also cause permanent color damage, either from adding color by dying the carpet fibers or removing color by releasing carpet dyes. And for those beloved family pets that you didn’t even realize had an accident inside, we can use a black, ultra-violet light to determine exactly where the urine is in your carpet.
There is an inexpensive eco friendly solution that continually improves indoor air quality and removes offensive odors. I found a funny video about a cat who pees on his owner's stuff and the owner tries to proactively solve the problem. I use a product called OdorBully it really removes the odor and it smells like nothing-no scent.
Save yourself all the headaches and go straight for a product called Freshana Organic Solutions.
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How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine from Carpets - the items pictured are all you need to get rid of the odor of dog urine from your carpets. There's no store bought spray I've ever used that adds up to Remove Cat Urine and Dog Urine from carpet quite like this one. General dog odor in concrete from the oils in the dogs fur and often from oils expressed from the anal glands (certain breeds of dogs smell stronger than others).

Dog poo odor in concrete (when dog feces residues get walked into the porous concrete and then bacteria forms and dog poo odor is created. The formulation will clean dog oils, dog urine and dog feces from any garage floor made of concrete or wood. Apply the formulation to the flooring substrate to see where the contamination’s are using a garden sprayer or a garden watering can. It also penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and the flooring material below the carpet. However, our unique PURT formulation can also help remove urine spots that have not permanently damaged the existing fibers.
Keep reading to learn what to do about urine.Image by Martin Cathrae, Flickr   Source The Location Of Any SmellsIt's important to find every place that your animal might have urinated or sprayed in, so that the incident doesn't reoccur. Air-ReNu is a blend of natural minerals made of a variety of elements, aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium and lithium.
If you use your pressure cooker multiple times a week, the chances are that you may find that you have a ring around the pot or a little odor. If you smell a sewer odor in your basement, it's likely the water in a trap under a floor drain or laundry tub has dried out.
All dog odors benefit from cleaning with the formulation specified below in conjunction with heat if required. For example if a dog sleeps in an area then it is likely to smell stronger than areas it just walks on. Often, without your knowledge, pets will urinate continually in the same general location, causing significant contamination and damage. By neutralizing the urine crystals, we can eliminate the pet urine problem in your home or business. If your animal can still smell the urine, they'll likely continue to think of the area as their own private bathroom.
Take a look and also find out about a clever gadget which will find dried urine on your carpets - that you may not be able to see, but you sure can smell!
Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine.
Similarly, the moisture of any cleaning process may cause the urine odor to become more pronounced. Mix 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, and a squirt of dish-washing liquid.

Pour two tablespoons of cooking oil into the drain to keep the water from evaporating so rapidly. If you find any stains, lightly outline them with chalk so you can find and clean the stains when you turn the light back on.Home Remedies For Urine StainsSome products that are commonly found at home can do wonders to remedy urine stains and smells. If that's ineffective, you can try mixing about 15 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with two tablespoons of baking soda, and a couple squirts of liquid hand soap. Treat Wet Urine Stains ImmediatelyIt's best to clean up any urine stains immediately after your animal goes, while they're still wet, and before they soak into the carpet or upholstery.
Here's what to do about fresh urine stains.Washable ItemsMachine wash any washable items, and add about one pound of baking soda with your regular detergent to help absorb the odors. Once the urine is soaked up, place the urine-soaked newspaper in your pet's actual bathroom area to help encourage them to go in the right place. Afterwards, use white vinegar and water, or a baking soda, soap, and peroxide mix to clean the stain and smell. Follow up with a lemon juice and water spray to further eliminate the smell as a precaution.2. Dried Urine StainsWhile it's best to eliminate urine stains right after they happen, it's not always a possibility.
If this is the case for you, try cleaning it up with one of these remedies.The Home RemedyOnce you've used a black light to find the stains, use a white vinegar and water mixture and thoroughly scrub out the stain.
Apply the paste to the stain with a spoon, and try to get the paste as deep down into the carpet as possible. Again, follow up with a lemon and water spray to make double sure that the odor is eliminated. If All Else FailsIf the home remedies just don't seem to be working, you can use luke warm water to wet vac the affected area.
After the initial wet vac, use an enzymatic pet stain remover like the one mentioned earlier to scrub out the stain. Afterwards, use your wet vac with some pet stain shampoo like Nature's Miracle Orange Oxy Stain And Odor Remover For Pets to shampoo the carpet.
Mix lukewarm water with white vinegar and wet vac one more time to ensure that the shampoo comes out of the carpet, taking the urine with it.After you try these methods, your urine stains should be completely removed.

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