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When a cat has started urinating outside his litter box you must first and foremost figure out why he has changed behaviors. After determining the cause of your cat’s bad behavior, the next order of business is to find the source of the cat urine odor.
You can make an excellent effective homemade solution which is very simple to put together, and easy to use. For clothing or cloth items that have been urinated on, add into your washing machine ? cup apple cider vinegar along with your regular detergent.
There are many products on the market to clean cat urine odor and stains, but make sure you purchase a cleaner and not just a deodorizer.
Properly cleaning up after kitty’s terrible manners will insure your home stays smelling good and the cat stays in your good graces. Especially if the cat is a male and he has determined to spray every non movable object in your house.

If you don’t alter this new activity you can clean until the cows come home and your cat will continue to urinate in any place other than the litter box. If you can see a puddle on the floor, soak it up with something you can throw away, such as paper towels. Due to the ammonia content in the urine, bleach has an adverse reaction whenever the two are mixed together.
A deodorizer will only mask the smell, and when it wears off, once again kitty’s overwhelming presence will be known. If your cat has painful urination he may associate pain with the litter box and look for a new place to do his business.
It’s a way to show they are in the mood for love, or announcing to anyone or any thing with a nose that this is their space!
They don’t like to relieve themselves in a stinky spot and will find a much less odorous place- at least an odorless place for the moment. Carpet is a bit more difficult to clean since urine will seep into it, the pad, and then the floor boards.

Pet stores carry many good brands such as: Nature’s Miracle, Capture Pet Stain, FON (Feline Odor Neutralizer), and Simple Solution. Unfortunately, if the cat has decided to pee in the middle of the carpet this will make clean up more difficult. After a few minutes of a good soaking, blot up the excess liquid with old rags or paper towels and allow it all to dry. Due to the alcohol content you can also add a bit of Listerine mouthwash with your vinegar solution to insert a smidgen more zing. There are other home remedies, but most consist of the same ingredients; vinegar, water, peroxide and dish detergent.

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