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Have you ever heard Beep Sound coming from your pc or laptop,many would wonder if it is hardware problem as suggested on several portals ,many other would believe it is normal windows beep sound while booting and would try to disable beep sound. Beep sound A may not cause blue screen always but yes Sometimes the beep sound could lead to Blue Screen.If only driver is corrupted then mostly it could be temporary but there could be cases when trojan or virus could create memory related bug in device driver and hence causing the crash or blue screen permanently. Like in below Image the blue screen and beep sound is caused by corruption of video device driver.
Now the question arises, how does it gets into your PC and badly infects it.Most of us would say it might come through internet,the answer is yes but chances of getting infected is 100 percent if you are using pirated version of Windows. BIOS also called Basic Input output System is a System Software which resides in ROM(Read Only Memory) chip on Motherboard.When you switch on your System,the first address pointed is of BIOS software as a result POST(Power on self Test)A is done.
Once POSTA is done ,BIOS locates a Boot Loader program, which resides on booting device like Harddisk etc.
So coming back to problem here,if say boot sector is corrupted,your operating system may not start. If both of above steps does not work then it means there is no problem with your your boot sector and MBR is not affected.
The virus or trojan, attack your device driver and corrupts it.So your basic device like video display,keyboard,finger print device or any other hardware attached to the PC may not be loaded properly during booting,As a result POST fails and it makes beep sound.

Go Ahead right click and un-install the device,Now your beep sound problem should get resolved. Now reboot your system and you should not get any beep sound,install fresh driver for that particular device.Always install a licensed antivirus and scan your PC.
Here are instructions on how to manually uninstall an unwanted toolbar, add-on, plugin or popup malware from your browser. In the list of installed program, find the software you are trying to get rid of, Once found, click UNINSTALL.
Now click on the drop down arrow just beside the SEARCH BOX which is placed top right corner of Firefox. Click on the drop down arrow just beside the SEARCH BOX which is placed top right corner of Firefox. The ordinary process dose not get you rid of malware programs but it might be helpful in fixing a toolbar application which is annoying but not a virus.
This browser hijacker is created by cyber attackers for carrying out malicious and vicious actions on the infected PC.
If you want to remove it manually, please keep in your mind that manual removal is a complicated thing.

At present, a lot of computer users view this malicious webpage as a legit search website wrongly. Furthermore, this harmful browser malware could drop useless files to the system and slow down the PC performance. Commonly, it uses rootkit technology to hide deep inside the system and changes its location all the time. The target of this virus is to send users to spam websites that contain third party advertisements and promote some scamware products to be purchased.
Thus, many security tools cannot find out its location exactly, not to mention to remove it. The best, easy and simple way to get rid of this virus is to install a proper anti-malware tool.

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