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But when it comes right down to it, there will probably be a stain of some kind on your mattress long before it’s time to replace it. Almost all of the advice for protecting mattresses from stains advises against using one of those spray-on stain preventers.
You may be able to remove most mattress stains with a simple combination of soap and water. Some folks have resorted to using a commercial steam cleaner to get rid of mattress stains. For well over a decade we have been removing all kinds of marks from mattresses and have a selection of some of the most effective products on the market. We have products specifically for removing urine stains, sweat stains, blood stains and scuff marks.
DisclaimerThe views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are put forward by Silent Mites as possible contributions to raising awareness of allergens and avoidance measures.
My eBook covers tips, other uses of this recipe, commonly encountered issues, and much more. Mix all ingredients into the spray bottle, swish ingredients, do not shake the bottle, and use within 20 minutes.  Do not attempt to store the leftover solution. It is simple, safe and works great!  If your kids are like mine they usually have an army of stuffed animals in bed with them.  Here are my tips to wash the pee and grime safely off your stuffed animals and make them look and smell like new again.
About Latest Posts Follow MeAmeeI am Amee, a housewife, mother, food lover, and DIY cleaner. I thought for sure the mattress was ruined and I did not want to use harsh chemicals since people sleep on it.

Your prayers were certainly answered as you had been guided to buy that peroxide when you thought you didn’t need it. I have had many people tell me they use this on their Tempur-Pedic mattress, but if worried try a tiny area where it would not matter.
My daughter had an accident about a week ago & I used our carpet cleaner and removed most of the stain, but when I walk in her room, it still smells like urine – will this solution take away the smell??? These bedding essentials can be quite expensive so it’s important to know how to remove stains from the fabric. First of all, purchase a protective pad that has a combination of fabric top and plastic bottom layer. You should be able to moisten the stained area with soapy water and then blot the area with an absorbent towel. There are a few individuals and companies that provide cleaning services for stained mattresses. However, although these work very well other factors will influence how effective they are, such as how old the mark is and what sort of material it is on, so even with the best products and knowledge in the world, we can’t guarantee the marks will come out in every case. A drying time will be required after but we leave the mattress as dry as possible to ensure it will be ready to use the same day.
A cancellation fee of ?45.00 will apply if the dealer does not receive 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of statements made and Silent Mites cannot accept any responsibility if allergy symptoms do not improve after the work has been carried out or if any of our products do not help. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt while hydrogen peroxode is a chemical compound.

Of course you can prevent most mattress stains by putting protective plastic under the sheets. This will provide more comfort than a simple plastic sheet and will still protect the expensive mattress.
Don’t give the strong chemicals in these products a chance to spread to sheets and pillowcases.
If you live near a larger city you will probably have a choice of services so make sure you shop around before signing an agreement.
If the stain is still damp, use an absorbent towel to remove as much of the moisture as possible.
Silent Mites also recommends users of the site to seek medical advice before making any changes in medication or lifestyle.
Users are recommended to consult their own GP if in any way they are concerned about their health. The mixture only works if you use it immediately, because the cleaning byproducts are active for only a short time period.

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