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Sores in your nose, or nasal sores if you like, are pretty unattractive and may make you feel uncomfortable. A sore in nose (or any other part of the body such as the mouth for that matter) caused by nasal herpes is very likely to recur since the virus usually remains in the body even after the sore has cleared, occasionally manifesting itself in the form of a new sore.
While nasal herpes cannot be cured since it is caused by a virus, your doctor will prescribe medication to manage the sore breakouts and make them shorter. In fact at least 50 percent of the people have staph bacteria in their mucous lining although they don’t really notice them since they are typically harmless. Another likely cause of sores inside the nose is allergy to chemical fumes, nose piercing, and nasal sprays. While blowing your nose helps you to get rid of excess mucus form the nostrils, continuous wiping and blowing such as when one suffering from cold or flu can make your nose become red and inflamed.
Blowing the nose too frequently makes the delicate skin inside and around the nose to turn and get inflamed. This tends to affect most people during the cold weather especially in winter when low temperatures coupled with dryness in the atmosphere create a perfect environment for colds and nose sores. Wiping and blowing the nose too hard can also cause the blood vessels inside the nose to rupture and bleed, eventually leading to formation of nose sores. It is advisable to use gentle towels and handkerchiefs for nose blowing as rough ones can cause nasal irritation.
Use a saline nasal spray, gel or drip can also help to decrease the frequency of nose blowing. Painful sores inside your nose can be an indication of bacterial infection or nasal herpes. Sores that won’t heal may indicate nasal herpes, a viral infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus.
Treatment of herpes typically involves prescription for anti-viral drugs and other medications that may ease the symptoms. A sore inside the nose that won’t heal can also be a sign of superficial staph infection inside the nose.
Staphylococcus bacteria are also commonly found in the nose of most people, trapped in the mucus membranes but in case of cuts and scratches on the nasal lining, they might cause an infection.
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Whatever may be the reason, it should be treated early otherwise it will take a complicated turn. Vegetables, fruits and milk products like yogurt are easy to digest and they add great amount of water in your body. Do not lick or suck your lips too much because these things make your lips dry and create sores.
Skin cancer, termed medically as Melanoma, is a form of cancer that is quicker in spreading than any other skin cancers.
It is caused by Herpes simplex Virus, or HSV, and is characterized by blisters and sores inside and around the nose.
This is an autoimmune skin disorder that results in blisters on the skin and mucous membranes.
This can for example happen due to blowing the nose too hard or when sneezing whereby the blood capillaries in the nasal lining rupture leading to small ulcers. The nasal passages act as a shield for the body against external particles such as dust and bacteria in the air we breathe.
Sometimes referred to as staph, these bacteria are commonly found on the skin in most people and can get transferred to the nose when someone picks their nose with dirt hands. They can however cause infections in certain cases such as when the fingernails cause small cuts and hair follicles breakage in the nasal lining as someone picks their nose.

During this time, scabs tend to form in the nose and the desire to pick them results in damage to the mucus membranes and bleeding. Sometimes, scabs may form as the nose tries to heal itself and if someone can’s avoid the temptation to pick at the nose, the nasal lining may become inflamed, resulting in a sore nose. You should also avoid blowing your nose too hard and instead do it gently, ideally starting with one nostril before moving on to the next.
This not only helps to remove excess mucus but also gets rid of allergens and pathogens in your nose. When someone gets infected with herpes virus, resulting in nose sores, the sores may disappear on their own after a week or so, but since the virus doesn’t go away, recurrent infections manifesting in sores in the nose may occur from time to time.
This is often caused by staphylococcus bacteria that end up in the nose from dirty fingernails while picking the nose. For example, folliculitis, bacterial infection of the nasal hair follicles is a common cause. Whereas animal protein like red meats and too much spicy foods are tough to digest and they absorb water from your body to get digest. Such elements are trapped in the mucus trapped in the nose hairs but in case of cracks inside the nose, the bacteria may cause infections in the nasal lining leading to nose sores. This often results when staphylococcus bacteria found on the skin or trapped in the mucus membrane cause a nasal infection.
Sore Nose Bridge can also be the result of a trauma such as when a football discovers that your nose bridge is tough enough to challenge its flight path.
Leaving the sores alone may make them heal, but if that also doesn’t help, you should consider seeking the attention of a medical professional. This often happens in people who are into the habit of pulling their nose hairs.  It can also result due to frequent wiping of the nose, resulting in irritation. Causes of sore lips can be many – dehydrated body, over exposure of lips in the cold wind and in scorching sun, eating too much spicy and hot food, and many more things. In this condition the skin can not breathe properly and in absence of oxygen our lips start to crack.
Stop smoking because excessive smoking makes your lips dry and creates sore. You can heal your sore lips easily if you take little extra care.
In this discussion, we will look into some of the questions that you might be having about sores inside your noses including: Why do I get sores in my nose or why do I have sores in my nose? Sore nose can also get relieved by applying a little amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly on the inside your nose.
But after taking steam you should apply a cream, lip balm or moisturizer because regular steaming process may make your lips dry.

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