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Certain squat exercises that require weights don't necessarily require machines to go along with them. Learn about squat exercises that you can do with weights without machines with help from a health and human performance expert in this free video clip.
First of all know that when you are adding weights to these squats that I'm going to show you, it's really going to increase the intensity of these exercises. So, I'm going to go ahead and use a kettlebell for this; I like to cradle it right here against my stomach. So, with this squat, I'll show you from the side, right here, I'm sitting my hips back and I have the, the kettlebell just right here under my chest.

So, remember, a plie squat is where your legs are nice and wide, my feet are pointing out and I'm going to go down. So, I'm just going to add my kettlebell to that and on this one, I'm going to let my kettlebell drop right to the ground and that's when I know to come back up. I'm just going to use a ten-pound weight here, you can certainly go heavier or lighter; again, just make sure you've mastered it before you add any weight at all.
You can take this higher or you can even keep them down low right there, for a little added intensity.
I'm still going to hold my weight here and this is where I'm going to go all the way down and back up.

So, this one's meant harder 'cause I'm going down lower, I have a fuller range of motion, really going to burn and work the legs.

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