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How I'm clearing up my skin with African Black Soap,Coconut oil and my Spin for perfect skin brush. Diy: honey & lemon face mask - beauty banter, Katrina, i’ve been using a daily sea salt and peppermint oil scrub that works wonders on my oily, acne prone skin!
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August 19, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment Dark Circles Under Eyes Life of youngsters is going now under more competition. August 19, 2014 by admin Importance of fair and glowing skin Fair and glowing skin are very important for an individual.
There are so many reasons for developing spots and melasmas, but thankfully there are just as many homemade remedies to ditch them.
More formally known as hyperpigmentation, dark spots are a common skin issue that arise shortly after your quarter century birthday.
Sun exposure and skin disease cause trauma to the skin whereas hormones and medications can make your skin overly sensitive, thus susceptible.
Preventing future skin spots is as simple as applying a daily SPF to avoid unwanted sun damage and avoiding excessive sun exposure.
If the damage is already done there are several homemade remedies to teach you how to get rid of dark spots and help you ditch the dark spots for good.
If you have seriously dark sunspots, horseradish, vinegar or honey can also be used simultaneously to get better results.
Milk can be used as a gentle exfoliant because the lactic acid and alpha hydroxyl acids stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Letting the juice sit on your dark spot for at least 10 minutes once or twice daily should make a big difference. Just be sure to diligently apply your topical remedy once or twice daily and see younger, more radiant looking skin in as little as four weeks time. But before you run off and start applying onion juice to your skin I want to hear from you!
As teenagers and youngsters are going in the world of glamor and modeling they effort and trouble with many number of problems related to their face and skin. It doesn’t matter which name you give them, no amount of makeup coverage will replace the feeling your once naturally healthy looking skin gave you.
Depending on the severity, the color of your dark spots can range from light brown, to red or even black.
Sun exposure, hormonal changes, certain medications, skin diseases and genetics can all be culprits. Before you try any of them, be sure to consult with your dermatologist to make sure none of your spots have developed melanoma. If you apply straight lemon juice twice daily you should see a vast difference in the appearance of your dark spots.
Papain encourages new skin cell production while inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase from promoting melanin. The humectant properties increase moisture-locking barrier lipids that help keep your skin looking light and bright as well. Similar to lemon and vinegar, red onion has a high acid content which helps remove dark skin spots.
Now that I have taught you how to get rid of dark spots you can use these simple remedies in the comfort of your own home, and for pennies per treatment; or more accurately nickels.

Take a before and after photo so you can really chart the difference these remedies are making!
Milk is rich with lactic acid which naturally improves the texture of your skin and helps lighten your complexion. Either cut a red onion and squeeze the juices onto your dark spots or use a blender to liquefy and extract the juice.
Most people troubles the problem of pimples between the ages of sixteen to thirty years old. Also known as hyper pigmentation, these dark spots vary colour from red to brown to slightly blackish in colour. These dark spots tend to occur in different parts of the body, mostly seen on the face, neck, shoulders, arms and back.The chemical that given human skin its colour is known as melanin, and excess production of this chemical on the skin can lead to freckles and dark spots on the skin. Due to its acidic properties, it acts as an organic bleaching agent helping you get rid of marks on your skin. To apply, you can apply fresh lemon juice on a cotton swab and apply it directly on the affected area. You can either apply buttermilk directly on your dark spots, leave it to dry, and then wash it off else you can make a solution by mixing buttermilk and honey for your dark spots. Another effective method of doing this is by adding two teaspoons of fresh tomato juice to buttermilk and then applying it on your dark spots. To apply, take fresh aloe vera juice and apply it on your dark spots and leave it for 30 to 45 minutes, and then wash it off.

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