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The PHYTOLEK teas are herbal combinations developed by a team of physicians from medical center "Phytolek". Each tea from the Phytolek brand contains A-grade herbs grown, harvested and processed with care for the people and environment.
Ingredients: Thyme herb, Salvia leaves, Oregano herb, Medical Marshmallow roots, Eucalyptus leaves, Buzz flower, Liquorice roots. Ingredients: Echinacea herb, Echinacea roots, Chamomile flower, Lime flower, Buzz flower, Rose Hip fruits, Ginger roots.
The DIABETES PHYTOLEK tea improves the activity of the pancreas and reduces blood sugar levels.
The GINKGO PHYTOLEK tea improves blood circulation, stimulates the ability to concentrate and memorize, increases stamina.

Ingredients: Hawthorn fruit with leaves, Peppermint leaves, Melissa leaves, Field Horsetail herb, Valerian root, Lemon grass, Aronia fruit.
Ingredients: Senna leaves, Buckthorn bark, Rose flower, Peppermint leaves, Fennel fruit, Liquorice root, Ginger root. Ingredients: Cranberry fruit and leaves, Hibiscus fruit, Nettle leaves, Field Horsetail herb, Birch leaves, Bearberry leaves. Ingredients: Cat's Claw, Echinacea herb, Ginseng roots, Elder flower, Lemongrass, Licorice, Cinnamon, Chicory root, Papaya leaves.
Ingredients: Fennel fruit, Anise fruit, Coriander fruit, Fenugreek fruit, Spearmint leaves, Nettle leaves, Medical Marshmallow roots, Lemon grass.
Ingredients: Sao Palmetto fruit, Small-Willow herb, Nettle leaves, Field Horsetail herb, Hibiscus flower.

Ingredients: Pu-Erh tea, Fennel fruit, Rose flower, Nettle leaves, Senna leaves, Stevia leaves, Cola nuts, Garcia extract. Ingredients: Chamomile flower, Spearmint leaves, Lemon grass, Lime flower, Rose flower, Lemon peel, Stevia. John's wort herb, Chamomile flower, Marigold flower, Ginger root, Liquorice root, Papaya leaves, Anise fruit.

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