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Following the HSE campaigns we had in 2012 about cardiovascular diseases, drinking prevention and HIV prevention, we will deal with musculoskeletal disorders prevention in the first quarter of the year 2013. This HSE campaign is all about health and what can be done to make sure you live a healthy life. In this first campaign 2013, all Dietsmann employees will be informed about preventing the risks by being aware of their posture and movements at work.
Most importantly: what are the risks associated with drinking and the side effects each should carefully consider before consuming any alcohol beverages to live a healthy life. Hearthealth benefits chocolate unveiled cleveland clinic, Is chocolate good for your heart why a little in moderation may be beneficial . Beth Waldron, Clot Connect Program Director and Stephan Moll, MD, Clot Connect Medical Director write….
Patients who have ended their recommended course of prescription anticoagulation treatment are understandably concerned about a clot recurrence and will ask “is there anything I can do to prevent a future clot?” Some have heard from friends or the internet that a particular herb, vitamin, or food will aid in the prevention of DVT and PE. To put the scientific information which follows into context, it is useful to first understand a bit about how blood clots form in the body. Blood clots which form in veins are different from clots which occur in arteries.  Therefore, the medications which will prevent and treat them are also different.
Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart, to the legs and arms, the organs in the abdomen, and the brain.
Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart from the extremities, the abdomen, and the brain.  Blood clots which form in the deep veins of the body lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). Clots which occur in arteries are composed primarily of platelets with a small amount of the clotting protein fibrin.  Platelets are the little particles in our blood that help us clot. Clots which occur in veins (DVT and PE) are composed primarily of fibrin, with only a small amount of platelets.  Fibrin is a protein which crosslinks and forms a meshwork to help us clot. The majority of herbs, vitamins and foods reviewed below derive their blood clot preventive properties from their effect on platelets, meaning they may have a greater potential role in the prevention of arterial clots; but they would likely have less of an impact, if any, on preventing venous clots (DVT and PE). An important consideration: A demonstrable effect on blood platelets, fibrin or blood clots in laboratory testing does NOT necessarily mean that the supplement prevents blood clots in humans. Among manufactured nutritional supplements containing natural and naturally derived ingredients, one should keep in mind that in the US nutritional supplements are not regulated the same way as prescription drugs. In short, when purchasing dietary supplements, it is “buyer beware”.  One must have a good deal of confidence in the individual manufacturer or brand of product one is purchasing that the company is reputable and holds high standards to operate with the integrity to consistently self-regulate itself. Salicylates are compounds found in many of the over-the-counter products and foods and include the compound acetyl-salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Since aspirin affects platelets, it has historically been viewed as an over-the-counter therapy most effective in the prevention of arterial clots.  However, new research has emerged in just the past year that suggests patients who are ending standard prescribed anticoagulation (due to DVT or PE) may wish to consider aspirin to potentially decrease the risk of clot recurrence. Bleeding:  Since natural salicylates have antithrombotic properties, caution may be warranted by persons taking prescription anticoagulants to avoid excessive bleeding risk. While some plants and supplements contain coumarin derivatives, evidence is lacking to show what specific clot preventative effect might be achieved at a specific dose. Cassia cinnamon (Cassia cinnamon is one of the four species of cinnamon and contains an especially high amount of coumarin. Bleeding:  Since natural coumarins have anticoagulant properties, caution may be warranted by persons taking prescription anticoagulants to avoid excessive bleeding risk. Fish oil is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid that comes from cold water fish, such as wild salmon, tuna, herring, and anchovies. However, a 2012 meta-analysis of 20 clinical trials involving more than 68,000 people found that fish-oil supplements did not reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke or sudden death.[16] How to easily reconcile the differing results of these studies with regards to fish oil’s effect on cardiovascular health is not clear. Three compounds in garlic (allicin, adenosine, and paraffinic sulfide) are thought to have antiplatelet properties.[1] There are few data on its effect on preventing venous clots.
Nattokinase is a soybean food content, produced by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis (natto) during fermentation of soybeans.
In addition to dark chocolate and cocoa, flavonoids are also found in red wine, grapes and tea. Evening primrose oil, borage oil, and black currant oil all contain an unsaturated fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid.  Patients taking warfarin are sometimes advised to not take evening primrose oil because it can increase bleeding risk, but this recommendation has been based primarily upon anecdotal case reports rather than the result of clinical studies.
While there is published data that lumbokinase may have some effect on the breakdown and prevention of clots, one must put that into the context that this data is limited, primarily from animal models and there are regulatory concerns over safety and effectiveness. Most of the foods, herbs and vitamins referenced above do have a potential clot preventative effect due to their impact on platelets.  Since clots which form in the veins (DVT and PE) are comprised primarily of fibrin with only small involvement of platelets, the impact of these products on the prevention of DVT and PE is likely minimal, if present at all. If you are currently taking a prescription anticoagulant or anti-platelet drug, be aware that taking a natural dietary supplement with known anti-thrombotic properties in addition to your prescription may increase bleeding risk.  It is best to discuss and disclose ALL medications—whether prescription, over the counter, herbal, and vitamin—with your healthcare professional and pharmacist who manage your anticoagulation therapy to insure there are no drug interactions. Which supplement would I take?  Based on the current evidence, I’d strongly consider taking an aspirin over supplementing with one of the natural forms of salicylates.
Based on what I know, would I recommend a natural supplement instead of a prescription blood thinner (anticoagulant)?   No. Based on what I know, would I recommend a natural supplement to prevent future clots after a recommended course of prescription anticoagulation has ended?  In this situation I would state that it might be reasonable to take a baby aspirin (81 mg once daily) long-term, if the patient tolerates aspirin well and has no significant risk factors for bleeding. Enter your email address to subscribe to receive new posts by email and never miss an update! You should always consult your doctor, but why not discuss these NATURAL remedies with her? Amazing Drink: It Burns The Fat In Your Stomach 4x Faster, Prevents Cancer And Removes Toxins!!!
Magnesium takes part in over 300 metabolic processes in the body which makes it one of the most important minerals for your health. Magnesium plays an important tool for the proper function of almost every organ in your body, especially your heart, muscles and kidneys. Due to modern farming techniques which include soil treatment with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, magnesium along with most other minerals are now missing from most of our topsoil.

According to research, about 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient, with only 25% of US adults getting the recommended daily amount of 310-320mg for women and 400-420mg for men.
Although organic foods grown in nutrient-rich soils contain more magnesium, these are not always easy to obtain.
Another thing you can do to further improve magnesium levels is take regular Epsom salt baths or foot baths because Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate that easily absorbs into your body through your skin. Fortunately, you can never have too much magnesium, but still consuming too much of it can cause some side effects like irregular heartbeat or slowed breathing. The commonly known “bowel test” is the best way to determine whether your magnesium levels are sufficient.
Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, magnesium is beneficial in treatment of arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as high pressure, diabetes, respiratory issues, and many more. Products containing magnesium citrate, one of the forms of magnesium supplements that’s best absorbed in the body, are available and inexpensive.
On the other hand, magnesium chloride, also known as magnesium oil (not a real oil, though), is available through various online sources, so just Google magnesium oil products to locate some. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Proper documentation on the DASH diet is available from your physician, as well as at severalonline dietary sources.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. We made many researches and analyzes to better understand the nature of this disease and how to prevent. For: regular consumption of certain doses of vitamin E may reduce the risk of blood clots in women, announced US researchers.
They, however, note that further researches are needed to confirm the role of vitamin D in the prevention of creating a blood clot or venous thromboembolism, life-threatening, and recommend patients do not stop use of prescribed anticoagulants. Results of the survey showed that women using vitamin E have 21% less likely to get blood clots.
CONS: The American Heart Association generally does not recommend antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E for prevention of cardiovascular diseases or medical conditions involving blood clots. In an article published in the American professional medical journal Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, the researchers noted 641 cases of deep vein thrombosis in a population of 27 178 men and 29 876 women aged 50 to 64 years. They found a link between deep vein thrombosis and weight, body mass index, the total amount of body fat, waist and hips volume. Series of color illustrations showing how to prevent blood-borne diseases, washing, cleaning up carefully, etc. If you are HIV positive, start treatment and take the right steps to prevent passing the virus on to others. Drugs most effective in preventing arterial clots are, therefore, ones which mostly effect platelets, making them slick and preventing them from clumping together.
Drugs most effective in the prevention of vein clots (DVT and PE) are, therefore, ones which primarily effect fibrin, preventing it from binding together into a clot.
Typically, human volunteers ingest the supplement and their blood is then tested in the laboratory to see whether there has been any effect on the platelets.
The manufacturer of a dietary supplement or dietary ingredient is solely responsible for ensuring that the product is safe before it is marketed. Patients who are already at a higher risk for bleeding (such as those taking a prescription anticoagulant or antiplatelet drug) may wish to avoid vitamin E.
However, since vein clots do contain some platelets and there are few solid studies on which to base a firm conclusion, some role in the prevention of DVT and PE is possible and cannot be completely discounted.
A pulmonary embolism is life-threatening.  If my risk of clot recurrence is considered high and I’m told I should be anticoagulated, then I’m not going to take any chances on some unproven remedy. If the patient prefers not to take aspirin then I would say that taking any one of the discussed natural products is a reasonable choice.
None of them has been appropriately studied to draw any solid conclusions about its effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Review on natural coumarin lead compounds for their pharmacological activity, Biomed Res Int.
Nutrition Committee; Fish consumption, fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and cardiovascular disease. Changes in coagulation and tissue plasminogen activator after the treatment of cerebral infarction with lumbrokinase.  Clin Hemorheol Microcir. Magnesium deficiency can lead to a number of health issues and knowing the symptoms can be really helpful when dealing with this condition.
Also, there are numerous supplements on the market, but caution must be taken as magnesium must be bound to another substance in order to be effective; otherwise there’s no 100% magnesium supplement. Like with vitamin C supplements, it comes to bowel intolerance resulting in diarrhea if overconsumed. Excess magnesium makes your stools become loose, which can be seen as an advantage to people with constipation, which is just one of the many symptoms of magnesium deficiency.
So, it’s a common misconception that magnesium deficiency can be detected through a simple blood test because your blood accounts for only 1% magnesium in your body, which makes this test unreliable. Also, you can use transdermal magnesium chloride topically as this gets easily absorbed through your skin. I would definitely recommend researching DASH diet foods and to startplanning your daily diet around them immediately. Some studies are still problematic and insufficiently substantiated, especially when it comes to natural ways of prevention. Severe disease of the arteries in the legs, Berger disease, which often inevitably leads to gangrene, binds exclusively to smoking.

Women who have excess fat around the thighs have an increased risk of developing blood clot, the same as men with fat around the waist. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Healthy Blood Clot After Extraction Images interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Such studies have to be of rigorous design, if the results are to be considered credible, applicable, and generalizable. It is clearly not as effective as prescription anticoagulants, but may be better than doing nothing. Of the 92 individuals in the placebo group, 7 were said to have developed a clot, all without symptoms, discovered by ultrasound; of the 94 individuals in the Nattokinase group none was found to have a clot.
However, I would also say that the patient should not count on these products to have any benefit.
If the patient prefers not to take aspirin, I think any one of the discussed agents is a fair choice. Read on to find out what the most common symptoms are and how to increase your magnesium levels naturally. It helps prevent damage from free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins, thus playing a significant role in your body’s detoxification processes. The substance used not only influences the absorption and bioavailability of magnesium, but also provides more targeted health benefits. No matter what supplement you opt for, make sure to avoid those containing magnesium stearate, as this is a common but potentially harmful additive. The health benefits that you will see with thelowered blood pressure is important in the short term for better health and well-being, however it iscritical in the long term. And finally, some supplements have been shown to have clot dissolving (fibrinolytic) properties.
The “clot busters” used in clinical medicine (tPA=tissue plasminogen activator, streptokinase, urokinase, etc) to dissolve blood clots all work through enhancing plasmin’s action.  They are sometimes used to dissolve clots causing heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis.
The main flaw of the study, limiting the usefulness of its conclusions, is, that the publication does not indicate whether this was a double-blinded study, or, at least, an investigator-blinded study. Thus, good DVT prevention with drug-anticoagulants is still needed in risk situations (major surgery, immobility, possibly also with long distance travel). Low magnesium levels can result in unexplained fatigue or weakness, abnormal heart rhythms or even muscle spasms and eye twitches. The best sources are magnesium threonate and citrate because these penetrate cell membranes leading to higher energy levels. The DASH diet will help to extend your life due to your cardiovascularsystems inability to operate for years under a higher pressure than what it is designed for.
The survey showed a clear link between the places of the body where fat has settled down and the risk of creating blood clots or deep vein thrombosis.
The written permission of the copyright owners may be required for distribution or reproduction beyond that allowed by fair use. A non-blinded study has the potential for bias, limiting the validity of its findings and conclusions. And the patient needs to be aware of the symptoms of DVT and PE and seek early medical attention if such symptoms occur. Basically it involves a diet whichconsists of foods that have proven to lower high blood pressure, or hypertension.
Youalso will be able to access dietary tips and extensive information at my website listed below.
All responsibility for obtaining permissions, and for any use rests exclusively with the user.
Siscovick; Plasma Phospholipid Long-Chain ?-3 Fatty Acids and Total and Cause-Specific Mortality in Older AdultsA Cohort Study.
This drastic improvement has led to its increased andcontinued usage of the DASH diet by physicians across the country.The components of the DASH diet are very simple, and are easy to follow. The major contributorsto the lowering of participants blood pressure are the fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts.The good cholesterol, fiber, and negative calories are all good components of a well balanced andhealthy diet.
Olive oil is also encouraged, and has shown to contribute lower blood pressures withstudies throughout the Mediterranean countries and their inhabitants which use olive oil daily.Another healthy change that the DASH diet brings to the average American diet are the low-fatitems. For instance, the DASH diet recommends low-fat dairy products and lean meats such aspoultry and fish. Now, some fish contain more fats than others, so it is important for you tobalance your intake between the two. Oatmealfor breakfast is a popular solution, as well as granola bars as between-meal snacks.The most important step in the DASH diet is to minimize foods and items which contribute to highblood pressure. The main contributors to hypertension are inactivity, excess sodium, excessalcohol, excess body weight, and inadequate magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
If you alsonoticed, DASH diet foods are also foods that are recommended for weight loss diets. The reasonthat these foods are found in the DASH diet and in weight loss diets is due to the fact that mostpeople with hypertension are usually overweight. The most effective treatment for hypertension,disclosed by most physicians, is weight loss.One of the closest diets that you can compare to the DASH diet is the Vegan diet. A lot of the foods that you see recommended in theDASH diet are also foods that are a part of the Vegan diet, which would explain the fact thatVegans are very rarely diagnosed with hypertension.

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