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Casey Holley is a medical writer who began working in the health and fitness industries in 1995, while still in high school. If the ingrown hairs don’t respond to self-treatment, contact a dermatologist to determine if you need prescription medications. She has worked as a nutrition consultant and has written numerous health and wellness articles for various online publications.
If you must keep it short, use barber clippers or scissors to trim it instead of shaving it with a razor.

Sweat and objects rubbing against the ingrown hair bump will irritate it and prevent the ingrown hair from healing quickly. Hyperpigmentation and scarring can result from trying to dig out a deeply ingrown or embedded hair. She has also served in the Navy and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in health administration from the University of Phoenix.
While you are shampooing, rub your scalp with a toothbrush or rough washcloth to try to tease the ingrown hair out of the skin.

Your body then treats the hair like a foreign object and the area becomes red and inflamed.

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