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The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a band of tough fibrous tissue that joins the upper and lower leg bones (femur & tibia). Unfortunately with ACL ruptures there are usually other areas of the knee that have been damaged, ie medial or lateral meniscal tears or articular cartilage damage. In some cases one can compensate for this deficiency with appropriate hamstring exercises together sometimes with a supportive brace. If you have a torn anterior cruciate ligament, you may need a procedure called an ACL reconstruction. This brochure is a brief overview of the surgical management of plantar fasciitis and not designed to be all-inclusive. You should leave your dressings intact until your next appointment (unless you have had an arthroscopy or plantar fascia release in which case you can then remove the bulky dressings on day 3). Swelling often increases over the first 6 weeks and then usually reduces over the next 6 weeks. While you are resting it is important to do gentle range of motion and strengthening exercises. This can be a sign of a variety of complications following surgery, with many mentioned previously. Any concerns should be discussed with your anaesthetist during the pre-operative consultation. Starting using the Back on Track leg wraps 3 weeks ago on my TWH that has a tear in his flexor tendon.
I work for a cutting horse trainer and out of curiosity bought a set of the BOT no bows for our horses.
I am 6 weeks into recovery of my mare's partial tear to her Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon.
Depending on the nature and magnitude of the surgery, it may take up to 12 months to fully settle. Signs you may have an infection include heat, tenderness, unusual fluid, or an odour coming from your wound. On very rare occasions a chronic regional pain syndrome can develop in addition to these and require further prolonged management. The ceramic reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth.
Occasionally however, you will need to persevere for 10 days to 30 days, particularly with established long-term injuries. But I took the chance and purchased them for my mustang, who had extremely large windpuffs on both of his front legs.

I bought a pair from Hot To Trot tack shop in New Jersey for my mare Omen Hanover and she has since had back to back $250,000+ years. I have a very bad back, and thought that I would put one under my lower back and the other under my neck while I slept. They help keep our horses legs tight during a weekend away at a show, and throughout a week of training! I bought the No Bow leg wraps for my horse after he broke his coffin bone on his right front.
I have used these on several horses with varied issues from strained suspensory to simple wind puffs. In late August 2009, my friend's horse had sprained his lower right tendon really bad, to the point that he could not bear any weight on it at all. I have used these on my older horse who normally stocks up if he is stalled even with regular wraps on. For the first 4 weeks I dealt with nothing but on again off again lameness and 3 seperate trips to the veterinary hospital which ended with a diagnosis of adhesions between the tendon and closing wound. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used to relieve and heal injured ligaments, joints, and tendons.
He wears his No Bows six times a week, and he has been wearing them for about a month and a half. I have been using the Back On Track No Bows about twice a week, especially after my lesson once a week.
The stress on their legs not only from the intensity of their works but the hours of loping required to prepare them to work and show has serious consequences on their legs.
They helped my 6 year old barrel racing mare come off a DDFT injury and got her back in the arena and running! After nothing else was working, I purchased a pair of BOT No Bows, which I apply for 12 hours each night for the past 2 weeks.
This promotes regeneration and healing. For the past two years, ThermoFlow®health products have been clinically tested at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Centre at the University of Toronto by Dr.
I went one night without them to see if I felt the difference, and it was obvious I felt better with them! I put his No Bow leg wraps on all the time after his intense workouts and he is as happy as can be.
Even when wrapped with regular wraps, they've never looked as good as they do with Back On Track. Their legs were cleaner and tighter than I ever remembered, even more than when I had been wrapping with regular wraps.

Well, we went ahead and started him on two supplements, massage therapy and magnetic therapy. I use these to wrap for shipping to riding lessons and take them off to ride and then put them right back on to go home. Use the No Bow Leg Wraps with standing bandages after a strenuous ride and leave them on overnight. Well, the magnetic therapy really wasn't working so I showed her my new Back on Track no bow leg wraps. I am also in a cold climate, I feel the BOT wraps have been an essential part of her rehabilitation, soundness, and recovery to this point. We gave them a try, week after week we kept noticing slight improvements in his over all health. They get his legs ready for a long workout and I notice that the next day his legs are tight and pain free!!
If you were only there to see the joy of tears in her eyes and the excitement in his and a smile on mine.
I think they help with his recovery from a hard day of work and I think my horse would agree! We truly believe the Back on Track put this guy right back on track, so thank you from one horse lover to another. Click here for Clinical trial results. ThermoFlow®health products are made and packaged in Canada.
ThermoFlow®products use a specially created material which is manufactured into comfortable garments. ThermoFlowA®products use a specially created material which is manufactured into comfortable garments. The product's effectiveness results from the ability to reflect far-infrared rays into the body, which act to stimulate and promote blood circulation to body issues.
The product's effectiveness results from the ability to reflect far-infrared rays into the body, which act to stimulate and promote blood circulation to body issues.

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