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Sebaceous cysts - Poodle Forum - Standard Poodle, Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle Forum ALL Poodle owners too! Poodle Health Discuss Poodle health and important health testing for common poodle diseases. I called around to the dermatologists in our area and they told me that they don't treat this skin problem! I have no personal experience on this but when I looked it up several people mentioned warm compresses when the cyst starts to develop may help and I also saw that several mentions of tea tree oil as being helpful. So my mini had had this lump on her hip for a few years now and I thought to myself great she's getting warts young. Here is the original popped cyst looks good, hopefully it doesn't come back as I didn't remove the sac, but now I know I should. Go on the net, look for how to pop a cysts, there is a little dog on there, his people took him to the vet, and the vet poped this thing, It, was huge, and YUCK. If none of these dermatologists can help, I highly recommend Metropolitan Veterinary Services in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

BUT, I finally found one today over an hour away that has no problem removing them with a local block.
They've been the only general practice vets in the area who haven't tried to fleece be yet.
Our latest in a long list of avian vets wants to operate on my tiny little lovebird parrot.
Because she says that I shouldn't even bother with injections to see if the stupid drug works, I should just get the surgical procedure with her fully under to implant the chip.
I'm not feeling well and am probably more emotional than I should be but who am I supposed to trust?
The vets at our practice want me to sit on my hands until they get big or rupture again (one already did this) to sedate her yet again and carve them out yet again.
I know the cysts run deep, but I don't see why they can't express them or do a local block and remove them when small. Do I have to pretend that I don't give a damn about my dogs to get some decent, affordable, trustworthy care??

The first round of cysts she got grew large so the vet put her under anesthesia and carved them out and sutured.
They have a dermatologist on staff and they have a multi-disciplinary approach so if the dermatologist is not a surgeon, she would work with other specialists who are surgeons.
Why would you put a dog under the unnecessary risk of anesthesia repeatedly when you don't need to for the procedure?
I don't have a school near me or I'd probably just go to them and trust the students over a wizened vet who's already seeing dollar signs instead of living, breathing, creatures.

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