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How remove armpit stains - mama' laundry talk, It seems to be a common problem for both men and women: armpit stains in shirts. How rid prevent underarm stains - mama' girls, I don’ care , white shirt, chances underarm portion shirt begun yellow.
How deodorant ( simple recipe, Since learned aluminum normal antiperspirant 19 years , searching -toxic deodorant. Severe Urine Neutralizer (SUN) works immediately and permanently to completely neutralize strong odors. Many people, not all but many are looking for a one step quick and easy method to remove and eliminate the damage caused by dog urine.
We will discuss step by step how to deal with the minor problems and what types of products are affective for that. We are trying to remove dog urine odor from a wood floor where people left the urine for extended periods, maybe even months. The next method would be to soak the floor so the neutralizer can soak in deep.This takes a chance of warping the floor in areas. The next method is to sand the surface of the wood taking off as much wood as needed to remove the urine. In either animals or humans, urine exits the body in acid form with a pH around 5 and or 6. Ammonia gas is one of the parts of urines distinctive odor, which helps to locate and identify urine. I am going to discuss a couple interesting facts that affect dog urine odor removal.  First what I call Odor Memory. The other interesting point is that on average women can identify 10,000 distinct odors and the average man can identify 5,000 distinct odors. How to clean urine odor out of a mattress The steps to clean urine odor from a mattress are the same as cleaning it from many other fabric type items.
Laundry: Pre-spot full strength as soon as possible, keeping area wet until stain disappears. There are many poor imitations of Enagic Kangen Water®  machines but none have met the medical grade standard that Enagic have produced in domestic water ionizers since 1994. We recommend that after you do your due diligence you ensure you purchase a machine that has authentic medical grade credentials. Below are some pictures of some of the companies endeavouring to imitate the success of Enagic Kangen Water® Ionizers. Enagic Kangen Water machines use large, solid plates of medical grade Titanium dipped in Platinum. Our machines have either   3, 5 , 7 or 8 plates depending upon which one you choose – click here to see the range of Kangen Water Ionizers that Enagic offer .
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I would suggest " Severe Urine Neutralizer (SUN)" because it is very effective for dog urine odor and easy to use.
Before leaving the body the urine is sterile, and has no damaging bacteria, pathogens, and or microorganisms. Urochrome, (a yellow pigment) and cholesterol (also known as lipids), and urea are other main ingredients found in urine.
These highly hygroscopic salts, as they’re termed, pull moisture from the air and remain slightly damp. Restore EnzAway Spot Remover uses the power of natural enzymes to break down and deodorize organic based stains, leaving a light peppermint scent. Despite their clever marketing and claims of better technology none of them have managed to improve on Enagic’s standards and none of them are registered as medical devices and therefore do not have medical standard electrolysis plates.
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Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents, as well as for general cleaning in the kitchen. Save on water bills, as only one-third to one-fourth of the usual amount of water is adequate for rinsing of detergent.Food preparation Clean vegetables and fish. Compared to tap water, Kangen Water® has no unpleasant odor, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavor. Leave liver and other meats which have a bad odor to soak in Kangen Water® for 20-30 minutes to reduce strong smells.
And you can use less coffee or tea and still achieve a full rich taste due to the water’s extractable ability. Therefore, less seasoning such as salt and soy sauce are needed, so this water is good for people that want to reduce their salt intake. Make your own pet shampoo with Beauty Water, Kangen Water®, or Neutral Water, depending on the ideal pH level of your pet’s fur. For a more powerful cleaning effect, clean with Strong Kangen water before using Strong Acidic water. If it is more than that (a moderate or severe problem) then it most definitely is going to take more to eliminate it. There are several degrees of severity when dealing with dog urine and this is true with hardwood.  To neutralize the odor you need to get the neutralizer to the urine residue.
The specific ingredients in urine including dog urine, will actually vary, and is dependent on diet and health, along with other factors. This is really important because should they not be medical grade then all sorts of health difficulties could arise.
You can see by the bolts on the edge of the plates that they can be seperated by our qualified technicians and serviced at any point outside our guarantee period. I have also visited the Enagic factory in Osaka and the companies 40th Anniversary convention in Okinawa.

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Your urine neutralize will need to soak into it also to get to the urine and neutralize it.
With wood you will have urine soaked into the grain of the wood and possibly between the slats of the wood and maybe around the edges of the wood floor against the wall.  Dual action or Severe urine neutralizer will neutralize the urine it comes in contact with. If the urine has penetrated the grout (and it usually will unless the grout has recently been sealed with a very good sealer) then the SUN (or any product you use) will need to penetrate that area also. If we smell urine and it gets into our nose and brain then certain things like seeing the urine stain again will trigger that smell in out brain and we will smell the urine again even if the smell is not still there.
The trick is getting it to the urine.  If you just go over the surface of the floor you will neutralize a good percentage of the urine and sometimes this is adequate to  kill the odor. If there are cracks in the grout the urine can run down and get under the tile and into the wood or concrete underneath. Even when the bacteria have been killed, ammonia and these other chemicals produce strong odors.
This is a psychological odor that is not a real odor but our brains can't tell the difference. I suggest you use "SUN" for the treatment because it is effective and is easier and faster to use than enzyme products. Also pay attention to around the edges of the tile, under the baseboard and toe-kick on the cabinets. It also comes in contact with other microorganisms from sources such as carpeting and other surfaces. When completely dry the ammonia gases stop but if moistened again such as during cleaning, they begin producing the ammonia gases again.
This is why something much stronger than a simple sanitizing cleaner is needed to neutralize the odor from dog urine! If you use an enzyme product it will need to be kept damp for up to 2-3 days so the enzymes have time to work on and digest the urine residue. One that will spray water or a cleaning solution onto the area and the pull it back out creating a rinsing action. We have the contamination and in the case of dead or dying grass we have the nitrogen and PH of the urine to address.
This affects removing dog urine odor because we can psychologically smell the odor even after we have removed it.
This will clean the surface and slightly deeper into the fabric and padding of the mattress. If the urine has run under them or has been sprayed up on them including the baseboard you will want to treat those areas also. Let the SUN solution run down and soak into the areas that you think the urine has done the same. Sometime we wnat someone else to test smell the area we have cleaned to see if the odor is gone.
Sometimes urine will remove some dye from the fabric so you may not be able to completely restore the appearance. In these cases we recommend sealing the concrete with a good varnish, shellac or an acrylic sealer.
You can wet vac or wipe up any excess solution after this period of time and then let it dry naturally or you can put a fan on it to aid drying. You can read about products that are affective on urine at here Step three: Now you have located the areas and cleaned as much urine with its odor as you can out.
If there is still an odor after you have used SUN that indicates the SUN solution has not come in contact with all the dog urine residue. Now you need to treat the remaining residue with a good product that will eliminate any urine odor and decontaminate the mattress. You will need to soak the product into the mattress so it reaches and comes in contact with any remaining residue. The product will then finish the job of decontaminating the urine and odor in the mattress.
You will change the process of how you do this depending on the type, and specific product you use. For example enzyme products need time to work on the urine and other products work immediately on contact.

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