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Our liners increase HYGIENE, by trapping the oils, salts and odors in the liners, not your headwear items.
Keep your collection of baseball hats looking their best by cleaning them with this specially formulated Baseball Cap Cleaner and Deodorizer. Many sock manufacturers produce faux stirrups--socks with colored vertical stripes down the sides.
To wear shin guards properly, you'll need to consider what size and shape fits your shins best. Our liners are the only product that pulls the hot sweat away from the head and evaporates, continuously. This baseball hat cleaner penetrates deep into fabric to remove sweat build-up, odors, hair care products, makeup, and more, leaving your caps looking and smelling like they did on the day they were purchased. According to athletic-uniform historian Paul Lukas, stirrups evolved in the sport's earliest days when players' pants ended just below the knee. If you wear your baseball pants cuffed at the ankles, it may not even be worth it to wear stirrups, as only an inch or so worth of stirrup will be exposed, if that.

Over-the-calf tube socks are your best bet, as they have to rise high enough to prevent any skin from showing through the openings in the stirrups. Stirrups are essentially colored sleeves that cover the lower leg with a skinny loop that goes around the bottom of the foot.
Because the dyes used in colored socks were possibly toxic, a style developed in which players wore white "sanitary" socks underneath colored stirrups.
Nowadays, many major league players--and the youngsters who emulate them--wear full-leg pants, so stirrups are not as common a sight as they once were.
The newer the socks, the better, because you need strong elastic at the top to hold the sock in place. How high you wear the stirrups is as much a matter of personal preference as the length of your pants. Any sagging in your white "sanis" can cause the stirrups to sag as well, and that can create a tripping hazard. Some players prefer to have only the narrow parts of the loop visible between their pant cuffs and shoes.

To reduce being left literally red faced, you can temporarily extend the life of your cartridge or disposable razor with this simple trick.Take an old (but clean) pair of jeans and run the razor up the denim around twenty times quickly, then repeat this on the same strip in the other direction a further twenty. Nothing looks sillier than a strip of bare leg between your baseball socks and baseball pants. Hair Dryer Creases AwayHanging your shirt in the bathroom while you shower is one of those weird style tricks that has gone mainstream. Skip waiting four days for something to dry by popping them in a salad spinner and putting those arm muscles to good use.5.
Remove and squeeze until damp (or use that salad spinner), then lay flat on a towel.Next mix half a cup of baking soda with one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide (a natural whitener) to form a paste.

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