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If you are despairing over the potential loss of your favorite silk blouse because of embarrassing underarm stains, gather together a few household items to remove the stains. Step 2For wet and dry stains on unwashable silks, or stubborn dried stains on washable silks, dissolve 1 tbsp. Removing stains home 2002, Removing stains at home perspiration 6 photo developer fluid 9 stain removal treatment may further damage the fabric.

The items are likely already in your medicine and kitchen cabinets; no need to waste time running an errand. For washable silks, if the sweat stain is new and hasn't set, hold the stained area over an open bottle of ammonia so the fumes can dry the stain and restore the color. For all types of silks, if the sweat stain is still present after drying, sponge the stain with a mixture of 1 tbsp.

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