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This seller consistently earns high ratings from buyers, thanks to fast shipping and excellent service. These are not free standing stools, They have to be attached to the floor or a base needs to be added to the bottoms?
These are for Local pickup only, or you can schedule your own pickup through UPS or Fedx, My store is a Commerical location, zip code 70454, I can recommend a Moving company, they have been shipping for me for years.
2010 Camaro’s owner Bill Rombauts, Sherer said they wanted something no one would expect.

These 6 stools came out of an old soda Fountain and grill from the French Quater in New Orleans, The guy I got them from said He thought it was a Castle Hamburger Grill?
Couple days before we posted amazing photos of this beautiful model, but now we present you something totally different. Beyond grinding off paint, they  rubbed salt on open metal to speedup the process of rusting. They started with GM Performance Parts block, they ordered special heads, exhaust and cams, topped with supercharger which makes around 1.000HP.

After that they repainted and sanded some areas to get better collors and kicked dents into the trip to get this wet look.

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