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The pro-abortion group, NARAL, tweeted an image for Veteran’s Day of the American flag … kinda. Conservative rock star, radio host, and author of “Hands Off My Guns,” Dana Loesch, highlighted her response, and the reprehensible tactics of NARAL, on her show last night. Add your name to our petition asking senators to let the people decide the type of justice to the Supreme Court they want through their vote for president in the next election! YWA is a student-oriented initiative that is geared toward high school and college campuses to bring active groups of young like-minded women together to promote conservative values to their schools and the nation. Parents and students this year are also resorting to some outlandish but legal methods to ensure nothing goes wrong in the make-or-break two-day exam.

Students have reportedly been given pre-exam injections and intravenous drips designed to boost energy levels, while girls have resorted to hormone injections and birth control pills to delay menstruation. A student takes a nap on a desk during his lunch break in a classroom in Hefei, Anhui Province. Parents wait outside an exam station at a school as their children take an annual college entrance examinations in Beijing, China. Get the latest information from Washington affecting your family, and learn how you can pray, take action, and make a difference in 2016. Instead of flying high above our nation’s capital or standing strong amidst a battlefield, the image showed an American flag that had it’s stars replaced by birth control pills.

It is a prize to be sought out, fought for and — once procured — vigilantly guarded and protected at the cost of life and limb. Yielding to the siren song of “comfort” inevitably leads to the surrender of freedom — and enslavement soon follows.

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