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We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. My German Shepherd suffers from a crusty, cracking nose every winter, and I have tried many oils, creams, etc. My lab used to lick his paws every chance he could get, your green salve stopped the itching right away. Ear parasites (mites), bacterial or yeast infection, matted hair in the ear canal, allergy, foreign objects, injury and moisture retained in the ear can all cause otitis.
Over-the-counter ear cleaners can cause or aggravate infection when ears do not drain and dry properly after cleaning. Pets with otitis often shake their heads, scratch their ears, or rub their ears against objects. The type of ear infection can be determined by microscopic examination of the ear discharge in addition to visual inspection of the ear canal and ear drum with an otoscope. Before giving your dog ear medication, it's good to have a basic understanding of the anatomy of its ear canal.
SANTA CRUZ – Before treating a dog’s ear infection, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the structure of the canine ear canal, as it differs from that of a human.

If you need to give ear medication to your dog, lift the flap of the ear, expose the aperture of its ear canal and apply the medication directly inside.
By properly following these steps, your dog’s ear infection should be cured after a week or so of routine treatments. We were able to figure out that the licking was from his food but your salve helped him not be miserable while we figured it out so thanks. Your veterinarian can prescribe ear cleaning solutions that clean and dry the ears and medication to treat an infection if necessary. Inside, the ear is sometimes red, and a foul-smelling discharge may be present (brown or dark brown).
Unlike humans, dogs have a vertical component of the ear canal that extends down the side of the head before reaching the horizontal annex that leads to the ear drum.
You don’t need to stick the medication very far inside the canal—the vertical orientation will naturally allow it to trickle down toward the inner ear. This will help dislodge the debris and wax that accumulates during an infection, as well as ensure a thorough distribution of medication throughout the inner ear.
It’s important to note that you should have your dog examined by a veterinarian to make sure the eardrums are in good health before applying any medication.

David Horne is owner of Companion Animal Hospital, a Diamond Certified practice since 2011. David Horne is a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor and the Owner of Companion Animal Hospital, a Diamond Certified qualified company. Not only does this heal and stop itching but my dogs do not run from me when it is time to apply it.
When severe inflammation is present, anesthesia may be required to properly examine and treat the ear. After massaging the vertical canal, take a tissue and wipe the inner edge of the canal to remove any debris that has worked its way to the top. He has been specializing in animal dentistry, cardiology and surgery for more than 30 years.

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