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An initial diagnosis of bordetella – better known as kennel cough – led to two injections of the antibiotic Convenia.
The holidays hit, and Bug stayed with my parents for a week while I visited my boyfriend’s family across the country. After reviewing Bug’s medical history, the veterinarian gave a diagnosis of feline herpes virus. Our cat’s main symptoms have been recurring respiratory infections, marked by sneezing, eye and nose discharge, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. In Bug’s case, she had sores on her chest and neck that became mildly infected, requiring steroids to treat.
There is no cure for the feline herpesvirus, only management of your pet’s lifestyle and treatment for outbreaks.
Bug was prescribed Immune Support Plus treats containing lysine (an amino acid) and DMG (an antioxidant).
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers up to 90% of vet bills for your dog or cat—for a lifetime.
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6 Direct examination ? microscopy of skin, nail and hair specimens with 10% KOH ? simplest ? cheapest ? immediate identification of spores and hyphae ? e.g.
7 Direct examination - Stains ? Staining increases sensitivity of direct examination ? by facilitating the visualization of fungal structures ? Stains that can be associated to clearing agents ? Chlorazol black E (CBE) ? stains only the fungal structures & excludes many artefacts ? KOH–CBE as sensitive as histopathologic analysis using PAS stain ? 94.3% vs.
Tinea capitis ? occurs predominantly in prepubertal children ? Source: ? infected puppies & kittens ? close contact with infected children ? Usually caused by Trichophyton tonsurans, Microsporum canis, Microsporum audouinii ? The causative agent varies in different geographical areas.

Tinea capitis ? Three patterns of invasion: ? Ectothrix ? Arthroconidia found around the hair shaft ? Endothrix ? Arthroconidia within the hair shaft ? Favus ? Hyphae and air spaces found within the hair shafts ? caused by T. Tinea capitis ? DDx ? Seborrhoeic dermatitis ? scaling of the scalp without significant hair loss ? Alopecia areata ? usually complete alopecia in the affected areas (vs patchy alopecia in T.
Tinea faciei ? Asymmetric erythematous eruption ? Affecting the glabrous skin of the face ? the redness & the scaling border usu. Tinea faciei: DDX ? Seborrhoeic dermatitis ? usually symmetrical and the lesions are not well demarcated. Tinea manuum ? Diffuse hyperkeratosis of the palms and digits ? Involvement of palmar creases ? Usually affecting only one hand ? usually in a patient with tinea pedis resulting in ‘two feet and one hand syndrome’. Tinea corporis ? dermatophyte infection of the glabrous skin of the trunk and extremities ? T.
Tinea pedis ? Dyshidrotic eczema & contact dermatitis ? frequently confused with the vesiculopustular type of tinea pedis ? the vesicles are usually smaller and rarely progress to pustules ? Other differential diagnoses ? eczema, soft corn ? juvenile plantar dermatosis ? Erythrasma ? bacterial infections e.g. Whether it was time or medication is anyone’s guess, but Bug improved after about two months.
This time, it was accompanied by violent head-shaking and scratching, mainly of her right ear.
For her most recent ear inflammation, EnteDerm ear drops were prescribed to hopefully reduce her pain. Medications like antibiotics and various drops or creams may be prescribed by your vet to treat infections and reduce your pet’s pain. Cheng Tin-sik ????? Specialist in Dermatology & Venereology (Social Hygiene Service, CHP, DH) Clinical Assistant Professor (Hon.), CUHK Superficial. Wherever we were, she was too: burrowing under the comforter, playing video games on the futon. Recurring kitty colds were relatively mild, cleared up with plenty of snuggles and bathroom steam sessions.
The vet suspected environmental allergies, but we hadn’t changed her cat food or environment at all.

Her eye boogers reached serious levels of ickiness, and poor Bug was squinting, her sinuses were so congested.
Sharing food, water or a litter box with an infected feline increases risk of transmission, as does mutual grooming.
A weakened immune system makes feline herpes sufferers more susceptible to secondary infections, like conjunctivitis (pink eye).
Minor kitty colds – upper respiratory infections, if you’re feeling fancy – can be treated at home. When sniffling turned to sneezing and then to wheezy coughing – and after the umpteenth kitty sneeze to the face – I took her to the vet.
A course of Prednisone, a corticosteroid, seemed to clear up the sores, but again, it can be hard to distinguish the effects of meds from time. He tolerates their deaf dog, Molly, who at 12 years old poses no threat to his dominance over the household. She weighed in (7.7 pounds) and after being swaddled in a towel, Bug was much more amenable to an ear exam. Kittens, cats with flat faces, and pets with weak immune systems may have more severe symptoms of cat herpes. If your cat is showing signs of nasal discharge or acting lethargic, visit the vet just to be safe. The two felines eventually settled into a peaceful existence, but it was no easy feat for Bug or Dickster. The vet reported her right ear showed signs of inflammation, but an ear swab tested negative for a bacterial infection or mites.
Even if a feline has no symptoms they can still carry the cat herpes virus, only showing symptoms during times of stress.

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