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For over 30 years, we've been obsessed with creating top-notch tours and packages that are both the "trip of a lifetime" and an exceptional value. Our Special Interest Group Tours are educational or themed trips sponsored by universities, churches, and other groups. When you travel with us, we're with you every step of the way, from helping you book your trip until you return home. You probably have your own personal list of travel musts-haves — items that you always want with you when going on a trip. But there are also items that should be included on every traveler’s list, no matter who you are or where you’re going. Today I want to share my list of top 10 must-haves for international travel, and I’ll follow it up shortly with items that you can afford to leave at home. Thank you so much for the travel tips, I am getting ready for my first trip to Europe n your tips are great! When traveling to china does narcotic medicine need to be just in the bottle it comes in or there any more restrictions.
A best practice is to keep medication in its original container and also bring a copy of the prescription. When travelling, I always bring a water bottle with me and a few healthy snacks like oat crackers or nuts to help with hunger pangs if I’m still on the way to my hotel or destination. Cup of soup for those nights you don’t want to eat out…or when you are feeling yucky! When you travel to any country, including Dubai, just bring your meds with you in your carryon luggage or purse and carry your prescription (your pharmacy can give you a copy or even the original upon request) with your other important papers. Marvel at all the must-see spots, plus discover local color and off-the-beaten-path cultural experiences. We're passionate about getting to know and love other cultures, making new friends, and getting beyond day-to-day boundaries. But after an exhilarating day exploring new lands, we still enjoy a good night's sleep in a great hotel with modern amenities.
Mine include a travel packet of wipes, moisturizer with sun screen, essential meds plus prescriptions just in case, and my international service-enabled cell phone plus charger.
Similarly, there are certain items that, for the most part, aren’t worth the space they take up in your suitcase. You should always carry all of your prescription medication in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage. It’s never fun to lose your passport, but the experience can be somewhat less frustrating if you keep a paper copy of it with you.

Unless you have an international plan for your cell phone, you probably won’t be able to make calls for the majority of your trip. Toting your camera, charger or batteries, and extra memory cards is necessary for collecting ample photo documentation of your trip.
To plug your phone or camera charger in overseas, you’ll need a voltage converter and plug adapter to work in their outlets. This suggestion is especially relevant for those who plan on taking excursions, such as sightseeing, hiking, or biking, during their trip.
By the same token, there are also some items that are unnecessary to take with you when traveling overseas. A small roll of duct tape, and mini travel tool, with sizzors and pliers, in checked luggage. When traveling, I too, always pack Ziploc bags in various sizes, but also take some 13 gallon trash bags for dirty or wet clothes.
When taking along medications, I always pack enough for a few extra days for those unexpected times, like when a flight is cancelled because of the weather, a loved one becomes ill and you need to stay in the country a few extra days before traveling, etc.
I am also careful to pack any cable connection that I may possibly need to download photos, hook up to a printer, or charge my electronics.
If you are headed to any type of organizational conference, it is also advantageous to have business cards along, as well as pre-made return address labels for easily signing up with a vendor to receive mailings or raffle prizes without wasting your time filling out your information. You can refill your bottle anytime and anywhere where there is potable water and it’s free. It secures the liquids in my stuff because there may be a chance that it opens while the luggage is jostled around and the Ziploc contains them perfectly. You won’t be able to use the copy to get through security, but it will be very helpful when you go to the closest U.S. If you wear contacts, remember contact lens solution, a case or two, and plenty of spare lenses should you rip or lose your primary pair.
But many of us use our phones as our camera or music player, so be sure to bring along your charger. Just blow them up and settle in for a light snooze, then deflate them for easy transportation in your purse or bag. However, I don’t recommend purchasing bags that require a vacuum (who wants to lug a vacuum on vacation?!). They’re an absolute must-have and can be used almost anywhere – from the plane to the hotel to the bus you’ll probably be traveling on. The extra memory cards are an absolute must,  because they take up very little space physically, yet allow you to capture so many memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Packing a poncho or travel umbrella could end up being a lifesaver if you encounter bad weather but still want to enjoy the great outdoors. Do you have any suggestions what I (or my doctor) need to do to avoid possible penalties or problems there because of bringing in antidepressant medication which I need. As a rule of thumb, when I travel, I carry my meds for the entire duration of my trip in one of those pill containers with little sections for each day of the week. If you wear glasses, pack a back-up pair as well as a small eyeglass repair kit, which can be found in most drugstores and supermarkets. Even if your family and friends are already on your phone contact list, it’s helpful to tuck a paper list of family and friends’ telephone numbers in with your other travel documents so you (or others) can contact them if necessary. They can help you feel refreshed and avoid neck pain that can put a damper on your vacation. I always carry extra earplugs as well in case my seatmate needs a pair — it’s a great way to make friends on a noisy plane or bus ride. A good model will cost about $25 or less, so it’s definitely worth the investment, and new versions are compact and easy to pack. You can pick up a very lightweight but effective plastic poncho at any dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar! We're passionate about travel, and happy to answer any questions or share our own globetrotting experiences with you. Just be sure to keep the copy somewhere separate from your real passport, so you have less of a chance of losing both! Also, being able to fit more in your suitcase doesn’t necessarily mean you can pack more because you still have to comply with airline weight limits. The idea of these ingenious little bags is to conserve space so you can carry a smaller suitcase or even get away with just a carry-on bag.
If one of the compartments should open, the pills fall harmlessly into the plastic bag, safe and clean.
If you’re taking a piece of luggage that will be checked, be sure to throw your suitcase on the scale before you leave for the airport to ensure you won’t have to pay extra fees for an overweight bag. Also, I recommend carrying a small assortment of other medication, including those to treat a cold, sore throat, or upset stomach. Even if you’re not sick when you leave, it’s better to have medication with you should something happen while away.

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