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May 30, 2014 Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common type of bacterial infection in general practice. UTIs aren’t just common, they also respond uncommonly well to antibiotics; simple infections often require only a few days of medication. When favourable results are this quick, easy and safe, doctors and patients naturally err on the side of prescribing rather than waiting when we suspect a UTI. Before reviewing that research, let’s first take a quick look at our urinary tract and how infections occur. The kidney and ureter are considered the “upper tract” and the parts below are the “lower tract”. Note that the difference between the male and female urinary tract is essentially in the final portion, the urethra. Returning to the issue of overtreatment of UTIs, there are three contributors to the problem. Unfortunately, most urine samples will produce at least some bacteria, which means that we have to set a bacteria count that separates negative from positive cultures.
The second contributor to overtreatment is the fact that we sometimes treat based on the presumption of infection instead of waiting for the results of the culture. A final practice that leads to overtreatment is the fact that we send patients’ urine to be cultured even when the patient doesn’t have UTI symptoms. Regardless of the reason, that behavior leads to positive urine cultures in patients who have no urinary symptoms.
The problem with AB is that doctors and patients find it hard to NOT intervene when a culture “diagnoses” an infection. In fact, a review of best evidence reveals that AB should only be treated in pregnant women and in those who have catheters in place.
Of course, readers will want to know if there are ways in which women can reduce the likelihood of symptomatic UTIs.
Many women believe that cranberry intake can reduce UTIs and this study agrees; risk was 40% lower in “cranberry users” than non-users. One quirky finding from recent research: women who take “statin” medications to lower their cholesterol might have the beneficial side effect of lower tendency to recurrent UTIs (see this study). A doctor will need to analyze a urine sample under a microscope in order to diagnose a UTI.
Pus in urine may be caused by chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can result in vaginal discharge.
Individuals who experience frequent urinary tract infections may have an increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

Recognizing pus from a urinary tract infection (UTI) is often difficult to impossible unless you are looking under a microscope. Many people believe they recognize pus from a UTI and attempt to treat themselves with herbs and other home remedies. I actually thought that I had a sexually transmitted disease when I started experiencing pain while urinating.
Young women are 30-50 times more likely than young men to become infected and by middle age, a woman is more likely than not to have had at least one past infection. And because UTIs cause significant distress – discomfort, frequent urination and the feeling of needing to go urgently – anyone affected appreciates the fact that treatment can markedly improve symptoms within one or two doses. However, recent evidence shows that we now too often treat in situations where patients don’t clearly have an infection in their urinary tracts.
Though upper tract infections – usually “pyelonephritis” (kidney infections) – are rarer, they are more serious and always require treatment.
As with all other body fluid samples that we test for infection, we place the urine specimen in an environment (“culture”) that encourages bacteria to grow.
And as I explained in this previous post, people and circumstances vary enough that establishing a specific cut-off that divides normal from abnormal invariably leads to some results being false. This study shows how the practice of diagnosing infections based on symptoms leads to treating two older women for each one that actually has a positive culture. That might occur because the patient is unwell but has no specific indicators of what might be wrong, or because a chemical test of the urine suggests that blood cells or bacteria might be present, or “just to be sure”. This study reports that women with AB are more likely to get future symptomatic infections if they are treated than if they aren’t. Drinking plenty of fluids, urinating after intercourse and avoiding soaps or other products that irritate the urethra can all help to prevent infection. However, this study shows that antibiotics are significantly superior to cranberries for reducing infections.
You must also rule out the possibility of having other infections, such as sexually transmitted ones. Pus in urine is often a symptom of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.
The cloudiness is often from blood, which contains white blood cells to fight off your infection. The shorter distance between the bladder and the outside world in women makes it easier for bacteria to travel upwards into the bladder, a design flaw that explains women’s far higher infection rates. Over the next 48 hours we periodically look for new bacterial growth; if enough bacteria of a single type appear we call the culture “positive”.

While the research wasn’t designed to find out why that’s so, we assume that needless antibiotics promote the development of bacteria that are more resistant to our own immune systems and medication.
Which is why researchers designed this study, which established specific time periods in one hospital when urine culture results were not routinely reported to the doctors who ordered them.
Wiping from front to back rather than back to front after urination might be particularly helpful since it avoids moving bacteria from our bowel exit toward the urethra’s opening. But be careful about getting your urine tested if you don’t have symptoms, since both you patients and we doctors have a hard time resisting treatment when a urine culture is positive.
If the urine is cloudy, it could be a sign of blood, which usually includes white blood cells.
To collect a urine sample, you wipe the vaginal area with a sterile wipe and then collect the urine mid-stream to get a clean catch.
As it is unlikely for your body to rid itself of the infection without help, most people opt to take prescription antibiotics to eliminate the infection within days.
It's the same burning pain while urinating and there is pus. A friend of mine suggested raw garlic because it's a strong antibacterial.
The blood tests came back clear and the urine test results said that I have pus in my urine. The results show that this behaviour modification technique for physicians greatly reduced prescribing without any increase in symptomatic infections. While attempting to recognize pus from a UTI can be educational and helpful for future reference, book an appointment with a doctor to confirm your suspicions and get the problem treated. Relief from painful urination is usually observed within 48 hours of taking the medication. In fact, UTIs can be very serious if left untreated because the infection can move to your kidneys. If a doctor or nurse notices pus or detects white blood cells in your urine, he or she will consider these findings along with your symptoms to determine if you have a UTI.
Even if you are set on treating the UTI at home, ask your primary doctor what the best method will be and if there are signs of increased infection that you should look out for. I can't believe how closely urinary tract infections can mimic sexually transmitted diseases.

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