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Dealing with vaginal infections can make you feel less confident and less in control of your body, not to mention very uncomfortable. While both thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV) are very common, they’re two different types of infections and you need to treat them differently. New Canestest is a convenient self-test solution that helps you to find out whether you’re suffering from thrush, BV or another infection and also helps you to decide which treatment is right for you. It’s easy and straightforward to use Canestest at home, in fact it’s similar to inserting a tampon and it shouldn’t cause you any discomfort.
If your Canestest swab didn’t change colour after 10 seconds, it means that you may be suffering from thrush. If you’re confused by the results or unsure about the right treatment, your doctor can advise what treatment is right for you. Tea tree oil: , side effects, interactions , Find patient medical information tea tree oil webmd including , effectiveness, side effects safety, interactions, user ratings products . How tea tree oil yeast infections livestrong., Tea tree oil antibacterial antifungal components treat yeast infections. Persistent yeast diaper rash, cured tea tree oil, Comments persistent yeast diaper rash, cured tea tree oil.

New Canestest allows you to independently diagnose yourself in the comfort of your home, quickly giving you reliable results.
Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans which leads to symptoms such as itching, soreness or a white discharge.
To get the most accurate results you need to make sure you don’t use Canestest less than one day before or after your period or if you have any signs of your period or vaginal bleeding. If you have symptoms such as an itchy or sore vagina, or thick, white discharge, it’s likely that this is the case. If you’re pregnant and the Canestest swab changes colour, this may indicate amniotic fluid leakage and you should visit your doctor.
It’s a new and innovative solution that will put you back in control of your intimate health and give you the help to choose the treatment you need to effectively deal with your infection. The test itself is a simple, easy to use swab that changes colour indicating which vaginal infection you may be suffering from.Click here to learn more about Canestest. Click here to learn how to treat thrush.If your Canestest swab changed colour and the tip becomes blue or green, it means that you may have a BV infection. BV infections are usually accompanied by symptoms such as a thin, grey discharge and an unpleasant fishy smell.

With Canestest, you can test before you treat so you know you’re using the right treatment for your infection.
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