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Soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt added may reduce inflammation and ease the pain.
While many blame improper cutting of the toenail for causing ingrown nails, that is usually not the main culprit. A custom orthotic is a prescription shoe insert that is made from a mold of each patient's foot. The next time you are in the office for an ingrown toenail, or any other foot or ankle issue, be sure to ask your Houston podiatrist if a custom orthotic could be useful in eliminating the problem and prevent it from returning. Onychomycosis has a number of subtypes with Distal Lateral Subungal Onychomycosis being the most common. Cross-infection from Athletes foot or toe fungus which is caused by the same dermatophyte fungus.
Having a manicure or pedicure at a nail salon that does not properly sterilize their instruments. Walking around barefoot in public environments that are moist, damp and airless such as public showers or locker rooms. Home remedies such as Listerine, apple cider vinegar and Vicks VapoRub are used by some sufferers to get rid of yellow toenails. Recent years have seen the emergence of a number of high quality topical nail treatments that contain powerful antifungal drugs. Laser treatment for yellow toe nails caused by fungus is a promising field, but still at an early stage of development.
Surgical removal of the affected nail remains an option but is generally only recommended where the infection is causing pain or impaired movement. When the nail begins to dig into the skin on either side of the nail swelling, pain and tenderness will likely develop. Keep your feet as clean as possible to avoid infection.Once the problem advances to a point when there is blood or fluid coming from the toe you need to go to the doctor. This will remove the pressure from the tender skin and allow it to heel.Doing this procedure at home can be painful and dangerous. Everyone should have a normal amount of pronation, however those who excessively pronate can find themselves with a number of foot and ankle complaints. The most common of these include the formation of bunions and hammertoes, heel pain, Achilles tendon pain, and a number of soft tissue overuse injuries such as tendonitis.

The orthotic made after a number of measurements are taken of the foot and ankle whole both sitting and standing.
If you are currently experiencing any foot or ankle pain, contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston to schedule an immediate appointment with Dr.
Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX. It is a very common nail disorder caused by a dermatophyte fungus that feeds on the keratin – the the tough protein present in toenails and the toenail bed.
Here the fungus spreads from the skin and enters the nail via the hyponychium (see image below). But most sufferers decide on a topical treatment approach as the alternatives are associated with side effects, or are untested (see below).
The manufactures of laser light instruments claim that the light is able to penetrate into the nail to reach the fungus. It was not fungus but my finger and toe nails were yellow or whitish not that healthy pink hue. An ingrown toenail occurs when there is pressure between the side of the toenail and the side of the skin. Once their is pressure on the side of the toe, the inflammatory reaction begins and the pain, swelling, and redness follows. When someone walks with overpronation, the feet will angle out and excessive pressure will be placed on the great toe as it pivots into the next step.
Many doctors, however may be hesitant to recommend custom orthotics to correct the hyperpronation that has led to the toenail ingrowing. The most effective treatment for overpronation is the fabrication of a custom foot orthotic. A thorough gait analysis is performed, both visual and digital, to assess the improper motion of the foot during gait. In early stages you are unlikely to experience any negative physical symptoms – just ugly looking yellow toenails. While fingernails can be affected, Onychomycosis is far more likely to occur in the toenails, and especially the big toe.  This is because toenails are often in socks and shoes creating the dark, warm, moist environment in which fungal infections can thrive. Yellow streaks and marks appear as the fungus spreads towards the proximal fold and cuticle.

But before making a decision, its a good idea to seek the advice of a qualified health professional. In addition certain popular home remedies, such as vinegar, may simply be causing a bleaching effect, removing some of the yellow discoloration, but not addressing the root cause of the infection.
Most of the time these will not work, try them if you want but they will likely just prolong the healing. This pressure pushes the great toe towards the second toe with each step, forcing those two toes together.
By reducing the excessive pronation, the custom orthotic also effectively manages the abnormal motions and pressures that lead to the formation of the ingrown toenail and the many other issues that can develop.
But if the disease is left to progress it will spread to affect the entire nail, and may eventually cause the nail to detach from the nail base. Studies report that the infection is rare in children but affects around 6-10% of the adult population. Your doctor will also be able to test a scraping from your yellow toenails and provide a definite diagnosis. But the key is to stick to a consistent application that enables the antifungal medication to penetrate the nail and reach the fungus.
Your doctor may recommend a series of parallel blood toxicity tests while you undergo treatment (usually 6-12 weeks) to reduce your risk.
It is a slippery slope because as the skin beside the nail becomes swollen it only presses against the nail harder. The pressure of the second toe on the great toe can lead to inflammation on the border of the great toenail, as it begins to ingrow.
In fact an ingrown toenail may be the first symptom of the multiple issues that excessive pronation may cause. The most obvious symptom is a yellow toenail but the nail can also thicken and lose texture, becoming brittle.

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