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Strep throat is known to be a bacterial infection that affects the throat and is triggered by a certain type of bacteria named Group A Streptococcus. However, if you experience serious side effects such as extreme hunger, vision problems, fainting, swelling and redness of skin, dark urine, loss of appetite, tremors, hallucinations or tightness of chest, it is important that you seek medical help immediately.
Augmentin is classified as a penicillin antibiotic that is used in the treatment of strep throat. It is advisable that you take this medication prior to meals, as it helps in reducing the risk of an upset stomach.
Mild side effects associated with augmentin include vomiting, nausea, headache, skin itching, rash, gas and diarrhea.
Biaxin (clarithromycin) is known to be a macrolide antibiotic that helps in dealing with strep throat. Before using this medication for treating strep throat symptoms, it is important that you inform your doctor if you suffer from liver disorder, kidney disease, electrolyte imbalance or if you are taking heart rhythm medications. Serious side effects of this medication include chest pain, sore throat, bloody diarrhea, hearing problems, sore throat, blistering and peeling of skin, and jaundice.
Zinacef is known as a cephalosporin antibiotic that helps in destroying bacteria present inside the body. If you are using this medication, it is highly important that you avoid consuming grapefruit. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Recognized as the most common bacterial infection in throat caused by Group A Streptococcus, strep throat is marked by inflamed lymph nodes, tonsils, and throat. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, strep throat is seen more in children belonging to the age group of 5 to 15 than in adults. This herb has a long history of usage in Native America for treating a variety of infections. In case of strep throat, the herb is believed to possess the power of inactivating the causal bacteria as well as reversing the inflammation. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), the eucalyptus leaves when used in teas can aid in treating a throat infection. Even the nutrition expert Phyllis Balch endorses the use of eucalyptus for obtaining relief from strep throat.
It is recommended to have fresh garlic instead of cooked one because the former has more active antioxidants than the latter. This herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to which it can alleviate the pain and inflammation due to strep throat. You probably found this website because you don't want to just sit and wait while you slowly crawl back to health.
Well, you are right!  You did a good thing for yourself by taking a minute to think that there might be an answer out there - AND THERE IS!
So why would something that works to end strep throat not be widely available to stop this unwelcome ailment for good? Did you know that you can absorb at least 5 times the amount of Vitamin C when you are inflicted with strep throat than you normally can? Did you know that at one time the human body used to synthesize it’s own vitamin C, but do to a genetic mutation we are one of the only few animal and plant species that can no longer synthesize Vitamin C? Did you know that it is impossible to take too much vitamin C, and the human body only absorbs the Vitamin C that it needs and the rest is excreted. Oh, and in case you are wary of buying things online, all orders are processed using the latest encryption technology, we are listed with the Better Business Bureau and offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on our eBook.
In other articles I have written about strep, I have had readers think I am an ignorant parent for daring to treat something as serious as Strep at home. With a more serious illness like Strep, you must administer remedies more often as I’ve mentioned above. I used to get strep throat 3-4 times a year as a child even up through my teen years and into my 20s. I love that book, but this actually based on the success of Dr Christopher treating hundreds of patients as I have described. Our family had strep for the first time last winter (first time for our children–I had it a lot as a child, and always took antibiotics for it), and we treated it naturally, without antibiotics. We did pretty similar things that you described: elderberry, raw garlic, colloidal silver, Vitamin C.
Hitting an illness hard and working with the natural immune system has saved us scores of doctors visits and hundreds of dollars, but I agree – I never, ever hesitate in the least in getting medical help when needed. One week into a strep infection in my poor three year old and we just started antibiotics (and one hit of steroids!

There are homemade remedies you can use to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain in your throat. Instead of swallowing vitamin C pills you can try drinking tea mixed with honey and lemon which is rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C in the lemon has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will help to fight off the infection, soothe the pain and swelling in your throat.
Although this condition can affect individuals of any age group, it is mostly prevalent among young children in age range of 5-15 years, notes the U.S National Library of Medicine. This medication is used in dealing with bacterial infections and is classified as a fluoroquinoline antibiotic that helps in destroying bacteria.
In addition to that, it is important that you do not chew or crush the tablet, but swallow it whole. There are basically two types of Augmentin tablets available in the market and they are chewable and extended-release tablets. Serious side effects include bruising, bleeding, nausea, loss of appetite, tingling, muscle weakness and bloody diarrhea. It is advisable that you do not give this medication to children below the age of six months.
If you begin to develop these serious side effects, it is important that you seek medical help immediately. It is advisable that you abstain from using this medication if you are allergic to any component of Zinacef. Mild side effects of this medication include rash, swelling and pain around the skin where the injection has been administered.
This medication is classified as macrolide antibiotic, which helps to kill bacteria present in the body. Mild side effects associated with this medication include loss of appetite, nausea, stomach upset and vomiting. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Using antibiotics can create more problems than it solves when you are trying to feel better. The condition is highly contagious because the causal bacteria can be easily transmitted by coughing, sneezing, or direct touch.
This is because echinacea is rich in various potent compounds, such as antioxidants and polysaccharides.
According to the experts, chamomile is rich in analgesic properties that can trigger quick relief from pain in throat and headaches.
He says that this herb has the power to trigger mild antiseptic action for treating coughs, infections, and respiratory disorders. According to UMMC, consuming garlic aids in boosting immunity as well as in healing sore throats because the herb is rich in antioxidants. You can either add a bit of it to warm water for gargling or can consume it through foods you eat. However, you should always take these herbs only after asking your doctor about the possible side effects, if any. Because Pharmaceutical companies can not profit from the StrepCure therefore not much attention or money has bee invested in producing any large-scale studies or having existing studies published.
I just found out that when my mom had Pneumonia real bad when I was a kid after a while she finally bought garlic powder in pill form and it helped her a lot. Great post- but I do want to stress the importance, particularly in children, in paying attention if the illness worsens.
This infection affects everyone but is usually predominant in children less than 13 years of age and it’s symptoms include pain and inflammation of the throat.
It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will destroy the bacteria and reduce the inflammation. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You should abstain from using this medication if you suffer from an allergic reaction to any component of Factive, or if you have a low potassium or magnesium level, or are presently taking medications for heart rhythm disorders.
This medication can be taken with or without meals, but should be swallowed along with a glass of water. It is highly recommended that you should chew the chewable tablets and swallow the extended-release tablets whole i.e.
If you experience any of these serious side effects, it is advisable that you inform your doctor immediately.
This website highly recommends that you avoid using this medication if you suffer from an allergic reaction to clarithromycin or other medications. Mild side effects associated with this medication include tooth discoloration, headache, mild rash, stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and bad breath.

Before using this medication for treating strep throat, inform your doctor if you presently take any other medication. This medication is usually administered in the form of an injection for treating bacterial infections. Abstain from using this medication if you suffer from an allergic reaction to any component of this medication, or if you suffer from conditions such as slow heartbeat, low potassium levels or are taking heart rhythm medications.
If you experience any serious side effects such as hearing loss, hallucinations, dark stools, yellow urine, bloody diarrhea, hives, irregular heartbeat or seizures, it is recommended that you consult your physician immediately.
Although the doctors recommend an antibiotic course, patients can also try some effective and affordable herbal remedies for relieving the symptoms quickly and speeding up the recovery. These medical ingredients are found in both the upper part as well as in the root of the plant. In order to use this remedy, you need to pour around 30 drops of the tincture in your mouth and allow it to get mixed with the saliva. Apart from combating the infection, the herb may also trigger a temporary numbing effect for relieving pain. Your doctor probably told you there is nothing much that can be done and feed you antibiotics which may only encourage antibiotic resistance. Pharmaceutical companies can't profit because the cure is very low-cost- it can be achieved with supplies from your local health food store. I successfully treated myself for strep using grapefruit seed extract and a hot infusion drink made with elderberry, ginger, and lemon juice (and some other immune boosting herbs).
Mild side effects associated with Factive include diarrhea, headache, mild stomach ache, vomiting and nausea. Clavulanate potassium is used to destroy bacteria that cannot be destroyed by many penicillin medications.
If you have ever suffered from jaundice or any liver disorder in the past, triggered by clarithromycin, it is important that you avoid using this medication for strep throat.
It is important to note that this medication is only helpful in dealing with bacterial infections, not viral infections. If you develop these serious side effects, it is important that you stop using this medication immediately and consult your physician. This medication is generally taken an hour before or after meals; however, if you experience stomach upset, it is advisable that you take this medication along with food. I may be young almost turning 27 but, not that going the the doctor is a bad thing, I don’t think it even touches the effectiveness of natural way of anything. I am convinced that repeat courses of antibiotics contributed to repeat cases of strep throat.
Before using this medication in the treatment of strep throat, it is important that you inform your doctor if you suffer from liver disorders, kidney disease, mononucleosis or an allergic reaction to any component of this medication. We didn’t know we had it until it was more advanced (for some reason I never even considered that we might have strep until my sore throat was so severe that I finally took a look at it and noticed the telltale signs of strep).
I’ve been battling pneumonia since October, 2 courses of heavy antibiotics and still not gone. Since most bacterial pneumonia comes from a strain of streptococcus, this may just be what I need instead. I diagnosed myself according to the memory of how strep feels and the way that it looks inside my throat.
I got the antibiotic in case we decided to use it, but wanted to try natural alternatives first. We started a rigorous program which includes colloidal silver, oil of oregano, our own homemade tonic of ACV, garlic, hot pepper, horseradish, ginger,and onion, and other supplements. My goal was to get my body to recognize strep and hopefully develop some sort of immunity to it.
Unless her tongue got burned from the raw garlic that I’ve been crushing into her food. She also has a rash on her rear, but that came on when the sore throat did (we’re treating her rear with coconut oil mixed with antibacterial essential oils and it seems to be helping also added the epsom salt bath today). Anyway, I’m wondering if a person is getting better, why would the rash be spreading to the tongue? Ever since that happened, if I even get a slight sore throat, I gargle with ACV and water and it takes care of it.

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