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I got mine done 2 months ago and i have had no problems with it , but 2 days ago it got painfull and it hurts when i move my stomach but it is not red or warm on the outside and it does not puss or anything.
Is it infected ?NaNa Elli: Thanks so much his really helped me I saw a change after 2 days now its no longer infected!!!alora babe: Someone please help me!!! A belly button piercing, also referred to as a navel piercing, is a popular type of body ornamentation. Take a hot shower and rotate the ring side to side and up and down to remove any bacterial buildup.
The body piercing heals relatively quickly, comparable to the time it takes for an ear piercing to heal.

No matter how sore your infected belly button piercing is, you should never remove the ring. Pushing up your belly button piercing, clean the ring with a Q-tip with the saltwater solution. There is skin forming around the top ball which is weird but I've been told not to take it out because it will form and abscess .
However, if you fail to clean the piercing properly or immerse your body in water soon after getting a piercing, your belly button piercing could get infected. Piercings that fail to heal close up extremely fast, and you might not be able to reinsert the ring.

Remember to avoid getting the solution into the piercing because the saltwater will dry out the piercing.
I just got mine done 2 weeks ago and i'm not sure if it's normal or if theres an infection possibly forming or its migrating. My body has actually rejected 2 of themA hairandmakeup princess: Every time u clean it does puss come out?

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