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Fever blisters, an infection of the herpes zoster virus cause painful, eruptive, fluid filled contagious blisters in the mouth and surrounding areas.
However there are many ways by which we can treat fever blisters at home.Doctors do prescribe medicines and topical ointments to help cure fever blisters.
Ice can be used at home to help the infected person during the first 2 days;  known as the prodrome stage.

When one applies ice packs for 5 to 10 minutes every hour over the fever blisters it has a soothing effect and also helps to prevent further development of the fever blisters. Aloe Vera, the queen of all skin ailments offers an effective home remedy for fever blisters.
Honey, another effective home remedy for many ailments has the property to prevent and fight virus conditions and can be easily applied over the fever blisters regularly.
Fever blister treatment at home requires that one includes foods rich in Vitamin B complex and folic acid. Along with making use of all these home remedies to treat fever blisters one should take care of personal hygiene too. One should make sure one has a separate toothbrush, separate towel and other personal items. To conclude most of these home remedies will help you to shorten or prevent further growth of fever blisters.
People often try to drill the blister, which is wrong, because the tissue beneath can be easily infected.
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This condition lasts for 9 to 12 days and various home remedies can help in various stages of fever blister.
This is when the infected person has the symptoms of tingling, itching and burning sensation in and around the mouth region. The tannic acid present in tea helps to fight virus and it’s development and prevents and retards the development of the fever blister into more painful conditions.

It is best to avoid or minimize foods like chocolate, nuts, peanuts, oatmeal and whole grains. In addition this would also help to prevent your near and dear to also go through the same condition. It would also be in one’s interest to avoid other triggering factors like fever, illnesses, stress, sunlight exposure, fatigue, infections, cold, allergies, skin trauma in the mouth area and a weakened immune system. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Roach: About two years ago, I had terrible pain on the top part of the left side of my head. With the help of several herbs you can reduce the blister pain, accelerate its healing and prevent possible infections. The oil is rich in hypericin, tannins and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and help in the skin epithelialization. They appear more frequently on wet skin, therefore, if you are sweating often, or do sports, change your socks frequently.
Fever blisters are caused by (HZV-1) type of herpes virus and affects many people over the age of 50 years.
It is best to avoid having coffee and spicy and salty foods too till the fever blisters are gone.

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