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Unfortunately, there’s no proven natural cure for psoriasis skin disease that effectively and completely wipe out this reoccurring autoimmune disorder.
Many people tried natural remedies for this skin condition to save money, avoid harsh side effects of taking medications for psoriasis or as an alternative for over the counter treatment for psoriasis where they get less or no effective results. Over-the-counter creams for psoriasis that includes capsaicin as ingredients helps reduce the pain, inflammation, redness and scaling cause by psoriasis. Seasoning your warm bath water with dead sea salts or Epsom salts and soak in the tub for about 15 minutes may help shed some scales, soothe your skin and ease the itching.
This powerful oil from the leaves of the tea tree plant grown in Australia has antiseptic qualities that said to help relieve scalp psoriasis.
To see our selection of Health Supplements and Health Aids, please visit the following link. There are now more than 3.5 million non-melanoma skin cancer cases diagnosed every year in the United States, bringing numbers well into epidemic proportions.
Clearly Americans' well-intentioned efforts to cover up with sunscreen are not doing the trick, and I'll explain some of the reasons for this below, but first I want to share with you a ground-breaking, completely natural substance that research shows may cure non-melanoma skin cancers.
It's called Solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (BEC), which is a fancy name for extracts from plants of the Solanaceae family, such as eggplant, tomato, potato, Bell peppers, and tobacco. There are reports that extracts of plants from the Solanaceae family of vegetables are effective for treating cancer dating back nearly 200 years to 1825, according to natural health pioneer Dr.
The findings are exciting, to say the least, because while basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas -- the two most common types of skin cancer -- are highly curable even by conventional medical standards, there are serious disadvantages with the common treatments.
That affordable eggplant extract appears to effectively eliminate cancerous lesions with absolutely no scarring and only minor itching and burning as side effects is impressive.
In the first case, treatment with the eggplant-extract cream resulted in rapid break down of the tumor.
In the second case, after six weeks of treatment with eggplant-extract cream the large skin cancer lesion appeared "cleaner" and some of the cancerous tissue had been replaced with normal tissue.
Interestingly, the BEC, and the specific formulation BEC5, which has been used successfully on more than 80,000 patients according to Dr. Unfortunately, simply eating eggplant, tomatoes, peppers or similar veggies, while beneficial for many reasons, will not induce this same effect because the active components are not able to effectively penetrate your cells. By themselves, solasonine and solamargine don't have anticancer activity because they can't penetrate into cells, cancerous or normal. One of these simple sugars, called rhamnose, selectively latches on to receptors present only in skin cancer cell membranes and in actinic keratosis. Your organs convert the vitamin D in your bloodstream into calcitriol, which is the hormonal or activated version of vitamin D. Several studies have also confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps prevent skin cancer. Another Italian study, published in the European Journal of Cancer,6 also confirmed and supported earlier studies showing improved survival rates in melanoma patients who were exposed to sunlight more frequently in the time before their melanoma was diagnosed. Melanoma is actually more common in indoor workers than in outdoor workers, and is more common on regions of your body that are not exposed to the sun at all.
Aside from their impact on your vitamin D levels, most sunscreens are worse than useless because they provide inadequate UVA protection. Since UVAs are inherently more damaging AND persistently high during all daylight hours, wearing a sunscreen that doesn't protect you from UVA is going to give you virtually no benefit and be detrimental to your overall health.
Europe is taking a far more stringent stance to ensure that consumers are protected against the damaging UVA light when they use sunscreens, but in the United States sunscreen standards fall short. This means the minimum UVA protection in Europe would be roughly equivalent to FDA's proposed three-star protection level.
The key to effectively using the sun for skin cancer protection is to find a healthy balance between getting enough natural sunlight to maximize your vitamin D production and maintain your optimal health, while at the same time protecting yourself from damage that occurs from overexposure to the sun.
A good rule of thumb to follow is once your skin turns the lightest shade of pink (if you're Caucasian), it's time to get out of the sun.

You should seek to use natural sunlight as your primary source of vitamin D, but during the winter a safe tanning bed (one that uses electronic, not magnetic, ballasts and has lower levels of UVA than even the sun does, as most non-safe beds have higher UVA levels than the sun) is the next best alternative.
If neither of these options are available to you then you can use an oral vitamin D3 supplement, but keep in mind you may miss out on all of the benefits, and researchers have found that daily intakes of vitamin D by adults in the range of 8,000 IU are needed so your blood levels are in the therapeutic range. Consuming a healthy diet full of natural antioxidants is a useful strategy to ensure your body is primed to have the best defense against overexposure to the sun's harmful UVA rays at all times.
Fresh, raw, unprocessed foods deliver the nutrients that your body needs to maintain a healthy balance of omega-6 and omega-3 oils in your skin, which is your first line of defense against sunburn. The recently appreciated highly beneficial carotenoid called astaxanthin has also piqued the interest of researchers due to its ability to reduce signs of aging by helping protect your skin from sun damage. Cyanotech Corporation funded a study10 through an independent consumer research laboratory to measure the skin's resistance to both UVA and UVB light before and after astaxanthin supplementation.
Your body is made to be in the sun, and, when done properly, sun exposure will be one of the best ways you can help reduce your risk of skin, and many other forms of, cancer.
But there are many proven natural treatments to help ease the symptoms such as red, flaky, itchy patches on the scalp, face, hands, feet and other parts of the skin.
You can apply the gel of the plant or cream with 0.5% aloe vera in it on the affected skin three times a day. Though, researchers still need further research to ascertain its safety and long-term benefits.
Or if you know what is good for psoriasis that we have not talk here, please share on your comment below.
Cham's latest study was published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine5 this year. After two weeks, the lesion was reduced to about half its original size, and after 14 weeks the cancer was clinically eliminated with no scar tissue formation. Specific receptors for the SRGs present only on cancer cells but not normal cells are the first step of events that lead to apoptosis in cancer cells only, and this may explain why during treatment the cancer cells were being eliminated and normal cells were replacing the killed cancer cells with no scar tissue being formed. There is little doubt that the cosmetic end result of this type of treatment is at least, or more likely, superior to other available treatments. This requires the addition of glycosides, molecules with various simple sugars attached to them that can latch on to receptors found on skin cancer cells. Solasonine and solamargine themselves are actually very similar (but not identical to) human cholesterol and steroid molecules. That's why just eating the foods that contain these compounds won't eliminate your skin cancer or even reduce your risk of getting it. When you combine the solasonine and solamargine with rhamnose, they can get into the cells where they cause cancer cell death by destroying cell components called lysosomes. William Grant, Ph.D., internationally recognized research scientist and vitamin D expert, found that about 30 percent of cancer deaths -- which amounts to 2 million worldwide and 200,000 in the United States -- could be prevented each year with higher levels of vitamin D!
In fact, melanoma occurrence has been found to decrease with greater sun exposure, and can be increased by sunscreens.
UVB radiation has been found to delay the appearance of melanoma if you are genetically predisposed or prone to skin cancer. There are two primary types of UV rays from sunlight that you need to be concerned with; the vitamin-D-producing UVB rays and the skin-damaging UVA light.
UVA, however, penetrates your skin more deeply than UVB, and may be a much more important factor in photoaging, wrinkles, and non-melanoma skin cancers.
So it's important to understand that if you're using sunscreen, you need to be certain you are actually getting UVA protection. The agency has spent years finalizing a rule that would merely require disclosure of UVA protection levels, while Europe has proposed that sunscreens provide UVA protection at a level at least one-third as strong as the sunburn protection level (SPF).
Past this point of exposure your body will not produce any more vitamin D and you'll begin to have sun damage -- and sunburn anywhere on your body is not good for your health. You can find out more about how to use vitamin D therapeutically to protect your health here.

Fresh, raw vegetables also provide your body with an abundance of powerful antioxidants that will help you fight the free radicals caused by sun damage that can lead to burns and cancer. The result was that in only three weeks of taking 4 mg per day subjects showed a significant increase in the amount of time necessary for UV radiation to redden their skin. In the event you do develop non-melanoma skin cancer, talk to your holistic health care practitioner about all the treatment options available, including the potentially least expensive and least invasive ones, like eggplant extract. If you’re taking other medications, the herbal remedies might lead you to dangerous interaction. To prevent burning sensation, some people use one part of organic apple cider vinegar and 1 part water. And like apple cider vinegar, you will also feel burning sensation when applied on the affected areas. The paper includes two impressive case reports of 60-something men who were suffering from large basal cell carcinoma (BCC) or squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which had plagued them for years.
After a total of 14 weeks, the lesion was completely eliminated with no scar tissue present. Normal cells escape any harm, since the BEC5 can't get into them."One Reader's Great Experience With Homemade VersionI've had a skin cancer on my nose (bottom on the side.
Exposure to sunlight is the optimal way to maintain therapeutic blood levels of vitamin D, so if you've been shunning the sun or applying sunscreen, which blocks your body's ability to produce vitamin D, you're likely deficient and missing out on these anti-cancer benefits. One such study revealed that melanoma patients who had higher levels of sun exposure were less likely to die than other melanoma patients, and patients who already had melanoma and got a lot of sun exposure were prone to a less aggressive tumor type.
This is the way the algae protects itself from UVB damage, so it makes perfect sense that this deeply pigmented substance would have the capacity to "shield" you when it is taken in appropriate quantities for a sufficient time (usually several weeks) to saturate your body's tissues. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. Be cautious, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby, or have diabetes or high blood pressure.
It was biopsied and removed probably 6 years ago, but over the last couple of years it came back as basal cell carcinoma. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.
Glycoside is a term used to describe molecules with various simple sugars attached to them.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. I went to a plastic surgeon when I got home from AAFCO - hoping to convince him to just cut it off.
Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content. Couldn't find eggplant extract - but found a home recipe that is just eggplant and apple cider vinegar.
I soaked a gauze pad in the extract and would bandaid it on my nose for a couple of hours a day. It would scab over (but only on the one spot - no where else) and that part would fall off, then it would scab again.
I've kept up on the treatment for another 10 days after the last spot fell off - and nothing is there now.

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