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Nature of the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis vary depending on the type though the indications hold similarity to that of arthritis. The general symptoms that patients are most likely to experience include tenderness and stiffness in joints. Individuals affected with psoriatic arthritis generally experience stiffness and pain in the morning. Swollen fingers and toes is yet another symptom of such an ailment. Such a condition causes swelling of your fingers and toes.
Generally, psoriatic arthritis are mainly of five types with each having its own unique symptom. The main reasons for patients affected with Distal Interphalangeal Predominant to experience pain in the last finger joints is that in such a condition only the distal Interphalangeal joints get affected. After you summarize the symptoms in a general way, the symptoms include eye inflammation, stiffness, tenderness, low back pain, nail pitting, toenails detaching and reduced range of motions as well. Allergies result from the body’s immune system responding to harmless substances which set off a chain of symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, sore and itchy throat, swelling and congestion of the nasal passages, a lot of phlegm and watery eyes. However being prepared in advance before the change of seasons can certainly do much to alleviate and remove altogether the symptoms of allergies.
Garlic has potent healing and curative powers which are beneficial in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and ailments.
Its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties get rid of the harmful toxins from the body, strengthen the immune system and enhance its function. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties remove the congestion from the nasal passages, reduce the phlegm and provide immediate relief in the swelling. Besides being an excellent remedy for allergies amla also cures a host of diseases and ailments and provides vital strength to the body. These leaves are also rich in polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory properties and which soothe and heal the irritated throat. Ginger has a host of medicinal virtues which treat and cure innumerable diseases and disorders.
It is a natural antioxidant and has anti- histaminic properties which not only prevent allergies but also provide a permanent solution to them. Dry scalp occurs when the oil glands or sebaceous glands do not supply enough lubrication to hair shafts.

Massaging the scalp stimulates sebaceous glands to produce more oil and helps to cure dry scalp. Steaming stimulates blood circulation, it removes dandruff and it cures dry and flaky scalp. In most cases, we also find that many individuals also develop conditions similar to that of spondylitis.
There exists immense possibility for you to develop deformity in your feet and hands as well.
It is a wise idea to make appropriate consultation with a medical physician in case of any of the above conditions. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Many people are allergic to floating substances in the air such as dust, pollen, pet dander and various molds.
Its primary ingredient is curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant and which gives a tremendous boost to the immune system by inhibiting it from reacting to ordinary stimulants like dust and pollen.
It detoxifies the body, revitalizes the immune system and corrects all the bodily dysfunctions.
Swallow a teaspoon of dried amla powder with warm water first thing in the morning on a regular basis. Their anti-allergic and antioxidant properties inhibit the release of histamines and nip the symptoms of allergies in the bud. It generally happens due to poor diet, overuse of chemical based hair products like hair gel or hair spray and excessive use of hair drier. Place your thumbs near the ears and massage the scalp with your finger tips gently working upwards to the hair line. Mix well and use the oil for head massage to treat dry scalp.Mil is austard on excellent lubricant for dry scalp. For steaming, soak a towel in hot water, squeeze out excess water and wrap the towel around your head. Hair mask treats many hair problems like itching scalp, dandruff, split ends and hair breakage as it helps to strengthen the roots and hair shafts.

Wash it off with normal water and afterwards wash hair with a mild shampoo. Mix amla powder, fenugreek powder and juice of one lemon. The most common symptom you are most likely to experience is effect over the toes and fingers.
If you experience pain in the sole of your foot or the back portion of your heel then beware as you are most likely suffering from psoriatic arthritis.
Add one crushed cardamom and some castor sugar and eat the mixture every night before going to bed. People working in air conditioned offices for a prolonged period of time may also suffer from dry scalp. Apart from this, you are also most likely to experience dry rashes and rough scales in areas of elbow and knees too. Psoriatic spondyloarthritis is one of the other types of psoriatic arthritis in which patients will experience symptoms such as firmness, irritation and tenderness. Patients of Distal Interphalangeal Predominant will experience pain and tenderness in areas such as the last joint of fingers and toes too.
Certain medicines too can cause severe allergic reactions which can have serious repercussions.
Do this treatment once a week and you will notice the difference in your scalp condition.Take one cup yogurt, add one table spoon honey to it and apply on the scalp.
Yogurt has high amounts of protein which is the basic property that hair are made of (keratin).Beat one egg and mix it with ? cup yogurt and apply on the scalp. Use it for head massage to cure dry scalp.Coconut oil is able to penetrate deep in to the hair roots. Apply warm coconut oil on the scalp and cover your head with a shower cap for 10-20 minutes to let the oil work.
Afterwards wash hair with a mild shampoo and use hair conditioner to lock the moisture in the scalp.

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