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Reasons for sore throats vary but they are typically caused by either a bacterium or a virus. Sore throat virus symptoms are almost the same their bacterial counterparts but with a virus you won't get mucus in your throat and with bacteria you will. There are many ways to treat a sore throat but don't you want to use the method that's gentlest on your body? I mix the salt with some honey and it really does "coat" your throat and I would equate this to a natural organic anesthetic. I recently had a bout of laryngitis, so I went to my cupboard to get some of your Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt and found out that I was out.
Due to me having an overall bad immune system, I'm was getting viral sore throat infections, coughs, colds, lethargy and just generally feeling in the dumps.
I started drinking and gargling with the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole Solution a little over 6 months ago when I was introduced to it from a co-worker at our musical theater company. Whenever I know of anyone who is having a cold, flu or a sore throat, I simply tell them to drink and gargle with your Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt - your product truly delivers!
I've used the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt for a little over a year now, and it always delivers results.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is a serious condition that causes breathing disorders. Split ends occur when your hair becomes dry due to lack of proper nourishment and moisture. Infantile seborrheic dermatitis, commonly known as cradle cap, is a form of dandruff that affects the scalp of babies.
Frostbite is the localised damage caused to skin and tissues due to prolonged exposure to extreme cold. Molluscum contagiosum is a skin rash that is majorly caused due to the influence of a pox virus.
Consumption of tea containing ginger can help in reducing the cough resulting from post nasal drip.
Apple cider vinegar cure – natural cures, Apple cider vinegar is probably the most well known and popular natural cure in existence. Varicose vein treatment: home cures – earth clinic, [nay] how severe were your varicose veins? The causes of earache can be many, from ear infections, sinusitis, and colds to something as mundane as water entering the ear canal. Sometimes earache is accompanied by severe congestion and pressure build-up in the ear canal.
Nowadays it is found that many people throughout the world suffer from cavities and this is one reason why great stress is being laid on finding the solutions that can help in getting rid of the pain caused due to cavities.
Among all the natural herbs that are used to fight cavities, peppermint ranks first because it is very effective in treating the inflammation, the pain and the irritation that is caused due to cavities.This herb can be used in different ways such as taking peppermint leaves in the form of steam by boiling them in water.
Garlic is composed of antifungal and antibacterial properties that can reduce the pain caused due to cavities to a large extent. Asafetida is scientifically known as ferula fetida and is widely known as a remedy for tooth ache and cavities.
Emotional shock is the mental distress that can occur after a sudden traumatic or upsetting event. Clinical shock is a potentially severe physical reaction to an injury or another medical emergency. The symptoms of clinical shock include rapid and shallow breathing, grey or pale skin, cold and sweaty skin, rapid, weak and irregular pulse rate, thirst, fainting, nausea and vomiting etc. Other essential oils used for the treatment of emotional or clinical shock include lavender oil, geranium oil, chamomile oil, valerian oil, jojoba oil etc. Bacterial sore throats are treated with antibiotics but this does not work for viral sore throats because the condition may be a symptom of a cold, flu or mononucleosis virus and to date the treatment is to primarily let it run its course.
Unfortunately, this swelling can add to the sore throat pain significantly when you swallow. Both types of infections will cause redness, swelling, and pain when swallowing; both may also induce a fever. This has the benefit of balancing your body's energy, which you will notice almost immediately. As a natural remedy for a sore throat, Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt is second to none.

That was until I discovered your Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt and your Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules and Prickly Pear Drops! As you can pretty much tell, I am a Natural Home Cures Superfan and who wouldn't be?  After being on your products for only a couple of months, I have yet to get a cough, cold, flu or general malaise. What we started to do is have him gargle with warm Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt and drink a glass of the sole solution each day.
I am prone to strep throat and anytime I get a tickle in my throat, I both drink and gargle with salt and it's usually gone by the morning.
Common symptoms associated with this problem include cough, sore throat, sneezing, ear infection, difficulty in breathing and so on. You can prepare a tonic by boiling echinacea in water for a period of 10 minutes and consume this tonic on a regular basis. Eucalyptus oil can be added in hot water and inhaled for 10 to 20 minutes to obtain relief. Ginger powder (2 teaspoons), thyme powder (1 teaspoon) and salt (1 teaspoon) can be added to a bowl of hot water. An individual can mix some fresh basil leaves (crushed) with honey to prepare an herbal remedy.
Sometimes an earache might be accompanied with pressure, and discomfort which can compromise your hearing.
To get relief from such congestion, consume some spicy food or add hot sauce to some chicken soup.
Pain in the ear can be quite uncomfortable, so if it lasts for more than three days, it is advisable that you seek medical help.
The herbal remedies available for cavities can be taken as great solutions for this problem because these remedies are found to work in treating cavities.The herbal remedies for cavities are said to work in the direction of draining the cavities freely and thus helping in clearing the passages of any kind of bacteria, viruses and certain other particles that can be a threat to the tooth. A tea made out of the use of peppermint can also work wonderfully well in treating the pain caused due to cavities. Garlic paste can be applied on the cavities along with rock salt in order to eradicate the symptoms of cavity pain. The fact that asafetida consists of vitamin and mineral contents that are very helpful in increasing the tooth strength, make asafetida one of the most valuable herbal remedies for cavities.The vitamin and mineral contents of asafetida are also helpful in providing the teeth with the energy to bear the irresistible pain caused due to cavities. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Although it may require mental attention, it is quite different from clinical or medical shock, which follows serious injury or illness and always requires urgent attention. It results in sudden fall in the body’s circulating blood volume, which leads to a reduction in amount of oxygen reaching the brain and other vital organs.
A massage of face, legs and arms with lavender oil provides a great relief in case of emotional shock. Western medicine does have a class of antiviral drugs but they are saved for what are considered severe cases of viral infection. Iron supplementation is thought to increase immune function (this effect is probably tied to iron’s role in hemoglobin formation). It occurs because those glands work overtime to pump out white blood cells that counteract the infection in your body.
If you have come down with a sore throat but don't want to take a course of antibiotics or if you have identified the infection as viral, then why not try Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt? When you place the salt around your neck you will start to wind down and fall into a restful, peaceful state. Western medicine has not embraced the idea that we, as human beings, have a living vital energy within us but many other healing philosophies have.
Why harm your body with medications (and their side effects) or let a viral infection fester for longer than it has to?
A friend of mine recommended gargling with your Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt and drinking the sole solution and ever since it has worked like a charm! The sole solution really does seem to bolster my immune system and I don't get colds and flu as often as I did. The aroma of this mixture can be inhaled for a period of 5 to 10 minutes on a regular basis to treat various symptoms such as cough and sore throat. Inhaling the steam produced by this mixture on a daily basis can provide quick relief.  A tonic made by boiling fresh ginger and black pepper in water can be consumed several times in a day to obtain effective results. Intake of this mixture 2 to 3 times in a day can provide relief from the cough caused by post nasal drip.

Clove comprises of antiseptic and astringent properties that are very helpful in relieving the pain that is experienced due to cavities.In the absence of clove oil, clove can be used directly on the cavity. People should also include garlic in their regular diet in order to make the teeth strong and healthy.Garlic contains allicin which has antibiotic properties that can help in fighting off cavity pain and this is the reason why garlic is termed as one of the best herbal remedies for cavities. Emotional shock may occur after such experiences as receiving new of bereavement or job loss being physically attacked. Both chlorine and copper are being investigated for their ability to increase the immune response of the body but the exact mechanisms for how this is achieved remain a mystery. Although they can end up causing pain, it is a sign that your body is fighting the foreign invaders as best as it can. The energy-balancing sensations are said to have something to do with the negative ions in the crystal salt.
In fact, many healing arts actually consider the balancing of life energy to be the main component of healing the sick. Since putting him on this regimen, knock on wood, he hasn't had to get antibiotics yet for strep throat.
Another alternative is to pour a few drops of peppermint oil on a small towel and inhale the aroma to obtain the desired results. An individual can also gargle with a tonic made by boiling eucalyptus leaves in water to remove the accumulated mucus.
Applying crushed ginger root or ginger oil on the forehead and around the nose area can reduce the nose itching and sneezing. A decoction made by boiling basil leaves, crushed black pepper (half teaspoon) and crushed ginger (1 teaspoon) in water (1 glass) can be consumed multiple times in a day to reduce the phlegm. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which help to provide relief from earache.
Ginger has antibacterial proprieties that will help in getting rid of the intense pain from an earache. The shock may be strong enough to attack the nerves that control blood pressure, leading to fainting. The causes of clinical shock include serious accident, server allergic reaction, burns, heart attack etc.
Herbal tea made of elderflowers or rosemary is very effective in case of emotional and clinical shock. They work via a complicated mechanism and are very hard on the body hence why they are saved for serious situations. In order to use Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt to treat your infection, you need to make a brine solution. This same feeling is what people experience when they are near waterfalls - the water crashing onto the rocks releases streams of calming, soothing negative ions.
Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the life force is strongest in the young and fades as we get older, leading to physical death. Of course, I am not a doctor and I do not advocate ignoring conventional medical treatment but what we do is use this the first day his throat hurts and as long as his throat is better the next day we call it good, if it were to get worse we would head straight to the doctor.
An individual can also consume basil tea prepared by boiling fresh basil leaves 3 to 4 times on a daily basis. You can use emergency flower essence as rescue remedy for clinical shock.  Take some water, put 4 drops of flower essence in it and take this in regular intervals of 10 to 15 minutes. This solution is simply a mixture of salt and water that you gargle with three to five times a day. Since children have the greatest amount of life force in them, they, in essence, have the greatest ability to heal. In this way clove can also be used as an effective herbal remedy for the treatment of gum irritation. In case the symptoms include lack of appetite, emotional upset etc, you are advised to take fenugreek and ginger tea.

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