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All-natural Dia-IonX is here to safely and naturally treat your dog or cat's diabetes symptoms, and to help supplement your dog or cat's diet with the organic, healthy nutrients your dog or cat may be missing as a result of modern lifestyles.
Vetionx Pet Health has been the premier online resource for natural pet care products for over six years. I tried Dia-Ionx after my vet indicated that she thought my dog might be diabetic and wanted to test him at 500$ for the test that took all day doing blood draws. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The thousands of dogs and cats that have used our products have one thing in common: dramatic improvements in their health, naturally.

This unique blend utilizes a multi-directional process to provide your dog or cat with daily blood sugar balance support, as well as diabetes symptom relief. It arrived on time but the bottle leaked contents in the box and soaked the invoice and directions.
Homeopathic ingredients are accepted by the FDA to safely and immediately provide temporary relief of dog and cat diabetes symptoms, including dry mouth, increased thirst or appetite, fatigue, indigestion, increased urination and constipation.
Organic oligotherapeutic base provides non-alcohol, non-irritating medicine delivery directly to your dog or cat's cells for superior diabetes symptom relief and blood sugar balance support. I will be buying a pill product next time which i have already found.UP-DATE This company sent me a new bottle free of charge to replace the leaky one.

Please understand I didn't ask them for the replacement they simply saw my review and sent it.

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