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You know when your sinuses are plugged up, and you just want to pull your sinus out through your eyeballs to relieve the pressure? Oregano –  Provides immune-enhancing benefits, supports healthy digestion and respiratory function, and is an excellent source of antioxidants. Melaleuca – Promotes healthy immune function and protects against environmental and seasonal threats.
Put 2 drops of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in a veggie capsule, and take with water once a day.
Put 15 drops of each oil into a 10 ml roll-on bottle, fill with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub on the bottom of your toes, morning and night. If you want to learn more about the essential oils we use email me at seekingwellness at fabulesslyfrugal dot com or text me at 208-907-OILS. If I breathe it in until I’m breathing clearly, a couple to several hours, depending on how bad the sinus problems are.
They have produced some of the finest essential oils for more than 20 years but did you know they had nutritional supplements even before that? I want to give you a gift of a recording and PowerPoint I did for some serious Health Investors who are making a 90 day commitment to their health. In this training we will talk about What is Cleansing, Types of Cleansing and my Favorite Cleanse, the Cleansing Trio.
I promise to get more tech savvy soon and have them both together but for now I want you to have this special gift. I know if you listen, take good notes and apply what you learn, you can really jumpstart your Wellness. Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. And those goodies my mom bought never lasted long because when I got home from school I was eating them.
The accountability was good, the community was great especially doing it with my best friends, but now I realize the program and nutrition coaching were not the best.  We all started walking and exercising together so the combination of the program, community and fitness got my body down to 125lbs. Going to college meant a cafeteria meal plan and all you can eat ice cream, weekly food and alcohol parties, lack of sleep, and stress.
I was blessed to start a home business that was all about wellness and whose founder was passionate about helping people eat better and live better.
Since going through Susan’s program I have lost at least 2 pant sizes and gone from a tight large shirt size to a looser medium size and not to mention 20 lbs. We will go deep into why we eat what we eat, how to manage cravings, and deal with food issues. So if you are ready to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, to create positive and lasting health habits, to get into your skinny clothes, or just feel vibrant and beautiful again then join us and register today.

There is a $50 savings for those who are ready right now and want to get a jumpstart on their success.  Our Early Bird Special saves you $50, gives you a jumpstart on setting your mind and body up for success, as well as gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and understand your needs. If you need to think it over, contemplate it, or just need time to decide go visit our Facebook Event Page at this link.
This is my husband and I and my elementary BFF Cindy and her husband at our 20 year class reunion. Cathy and Monica started blogging about coupons and grocery store deals to help friends and family learn about their new money saving hobby couponing! 16 years we have been partnering with this Wellness Company and they are truly incredible to work with.
I do sell this cleanse but chances are you might know someone who does too, but if not I would be happy to help you get started with your Spring Cleansing.
We start again May 15th with our next 90 day change. My goal is another 10 pounds over 3 months. I remember the embarrassment of having to get weighed at school in the nurse’s office in front of everyone.
After school my friends and I were bored so we would raid each other’s houses for any chocolate, candy or cookies we could find. Both our moms had been through Weight Watchers a couple times as we were growing up and lost 30 -50lbs. See my family and I like to vacation and travel for business so we are gone for a week or more every other month.
We will also learn more than 7 principals or guidelines, which will lead to healthy habits and a new lifestyle. We will be posting some short videos, and pictures of what to expect from your 90 day CHANGE. They have taught thousands of women (and men) how to coupon in their popular coupon seminars and coupon class on DVD. The products I talk about are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. I remember being so full by the time dinner rolled around but I still ate my mom’s delicious cooking and of course another dessert later.
If you had cable, it was on everyday (it may still be), next there was Sweatin’ to the OLDIES, and finally the intense lose 10 lbs.
Gary Young and to this day I have been to many top nutrition and wellness classes but nothing compares to his teachings.
Maybe it is a thyroid condition or disease, or maybe you feel it’s your age or like me you have had multiple pregnancies.

I exercised, I ate better, I took my supplements, I even started some intense cleansing programs but the numbers on the scale didn’t move significantly.
I feel really good I have a lot of energy, my moods are more stable, my marriage is better (if you know what I mean), I am no longer stiff all the time, I am more productive and I feel like I am a much better mom and business owner. We will work as a community sharing our successes, encouraging each other, and making new friends. Sign up here to get daily emails that are rich with ideas featuring Amazon Deals, frugal, financial, and parenting tips, meal planning ideas, freezer meal cooking and more! I have tried many things, but I do not like the way most of them make me feel, especially the drowsiness. This way I know that what I put in my body is pure and will be therapeutic, and that every batch has been rigorously tested. As a kid every week I would get a bag of M&Ms or Skittles or whatever kind of candy I wanted as a reward for a good piano lesson.
Over the course of our senior year we met our Weight Watcher’s group once a week where we “Weighed In” and learned a few tips. He helped me understand some of the faults about food and what I was eating and what it was doing to my body. But right after my last miscarriage I made a commitment to get myself healthy and lose weight.
Her program is based on weekly teachings that build upon each other and give you the foundation of your weight management.
We had desserts of ice cream, cookies, or my favorite chocolate pudding with layered graham crackers almost every night. And then when I was working with a new team member one day I realized how much knowledge she had about nutrition, food, supplements, and fitness.
Please seek the qualified health professional of your choice when making health decisions for yourself, your family and your pets. I was in college 9 years but thankfully when I was 24 years old I started learning some key things about nutrition.
Fabulessly Frugal boasts a team of women who all work hard to bring you the best, Amazon deals, freezer meal recipes, frugal living tips, frugal crafts, and freebies the internet has to offer.

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