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Herbs can be used as a wonderful alternate remedy for the treatment of chronic prostatitis.They have fewer side-effects and are normally affordable. Saw Palmetto is one of the most important herbs used for curing chronic prostatitis and is widely used by the Germans and Americans.
Prostatitis can be cured to a great extent with the help of another substantial herb called Goldenseal.
Goldenseal herbs grow in abundance in the northeastern part of America and are easily available in most of the stores.However, you should consult a doctor before using this herb as it may lead to vigorous blood pressure shifting. Echinacea is an essential herb used for eliminating the toxic microbes, especially, bacteria from your body. Tomatoes contain Lycopene (a strong anti-oxidant like bioflavonoid) which helps in curing this infection.They also help in reducing problems like repeated urination and irritation.

Chinese Ginseng is one of the oldest herbs used for giving relief from urinary infections, pain and sexual problems. This herb works as a disinfectants and helps in removing most of the harmful bacteria responsible for this infection.
This helps in protecting the prostate gland as well as the urinary tract from further damage. The root extracts of this herb is beneficial for healing inflammation of the prostate gland. They remove harmful bacteria, enhance the power of the immune system and soothe burning irritation in the prostate region.
There are various other herbs associated with this disease and are equally beneficial for its treatment.

This infection, in turn, can lead to various other problems like acute pain, frequent urination, infertility, fever, other sexual problems, etc.
It has great anti-bacterial properties and is very useful for controlling improper urination. Some of them are Siberian Ginseng, olive leaf extracts, nettle, turmeric, juniper, slippery elm bark, etc. However, it is advised to consult a specialist as this herb may reduce the amount of potassium in your body.

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