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Natural insect repellants can prevent mosquito bites and contain ingredients that are not toxic to the body. Inflammation is the body’s own self-defense process that protect us from harmful stimuli like pathogens, irritants, or damaged cells that leads to healing process. My earliest memory of brochure is that flashy threefold booklet that I managed to grab on exhibition booths.
Mango has astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-syphyllic, anti-parasitic, diaphoretic, vermifuge, hypotensive, cardiotonic, slightly laxative and diuretic properties. Besides, this fruit serves a wonderful home remedy for healing skin problems because it contains retinol.
Other therapeutic benefits of mango include curing constipation, relieving digestive disorders, exterminating intestinal worms, reducing fever, treating anemia, healing menstrual problems, and eliminating toxins from the body. In terms of nutrition, mango is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants. Despite so many benefits of eating mango, few people are known to suffer from mango allergy symptoms. The allergic reaction to mango can be soon after eating a mango or coming in contact with the sap of the fruit containing urushiol. One of the best and safe remedy to prevent mango allergy, is to wash the area of your body with soap and water which has come in contact with mango sap.
Another thing to be remembered for the patient who is allergic to mango or other fruits having urushiol is avoid touching the fruit or its skin. Swelling in the feet is a health condition associated with excessive accumulation of fluid in the muscles of the feet. The problem of swollen feet is likely to occur in case an individual has been walking or standing for a long time period. People suffering from health disorders of the heart, blood vessels, liver or kidney are often observed to be complaining about swollen feet. People following an unhealthy diet plan consisting of excessive intake of carbohydrates and salt often face the problem of swelling in feet.
A person suffering from an injury in the muscles often suffers from the problem of swelling in feet. Drug abuse is a severe condition and usually poses several health related troubles, with swollen feet being one of them. However, if the problem occurs, there are several treatment options which can be of immense help. These treatment options would help in reducing the swelling in feet to a great extent, without seeking medical advice. Hives can also result from stress, excessive perspiration, infections, insect bites and so on.
You can add baking soda (1 cup) to a bucket of warm water and use this water for bathing to obtain relief from the itching resulting from hives.Cornstarch can also be added to the water for more effective results. You can apply a cold compress prepared by soaking a paper towel in cold water on the affected area to reduce the swelling resulting from hives. You can eat parsley in raw form (3 teaspoons) or drink parsley juice to treat the problem of hives.
You can boil crushed amaranth seeds (2 teaspoons) in water (3 cups) for a period of 15 – 20 minutes and place a cotton cloth soaked in this water on the affected area to treat the symptoms of hives.
You can also apply lavender or sandalwood oil directly on the affected area to treat the problem of hives. You can mix rose water and vinegar and apply this mixture on the affected area to cure the problem of hives. Application of calamine lotion on the affected area can also help in reducing the itching and pain from hives.
Symptoms of dermatitis include red rashes, blisters, inflammation, irritation, cracks on the skin, pain and so on.

Application of the oil extracted from neem seeds on the affected area can relieve dermatitis.
Many people who suffer with seasonal allergies are turning to natural allergy remedies in place of the drugs available today. The natural versions of the over-the-counter drugs do work for a lot of allergy sufferers, but you also need to know that sometimes the natural remedies can sometimes trigger an allergic reaction entirely on its own for some people.What about people with sensitive skin? The body reacts to what it perceives as a foreign substance or invader - allergens - by triggering the immune system with what could be considered a danger signal.
The allergy symptoms faced during those allergy-prone times of the year can be downright uncomfortable and unsightly.
Grape seed extract taken in conjunction with Vitamin C - boosts the immune systemQuercetin - found in many foods naturally such as onions, spinach, grapes, broccoli, blueberries, kale, tomato juice, red wine, and snap peas, to name a few.
Safe Skin Care Products - My Top Three Recommendations in 2016 Feb 21, 16 03:11 PMThese are the top three safe, nontoxic skin care products for sensitive skin that I use and recommend, updated for 2016!
Foods That Cause Acne - Diet and Acne - Acne Diets Dec 29, 15 02:20 PMAre there specific foods that cause acne? It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, thereby aiding in self-repair of the skin. It will wash off urushiol, the allergic material from the area which has come in its contact. A person affected by the problem of swollen feet may also suffer from the problem of rapid weight gain. However, if the problem persists for more than a week, it is suggested to seek expert medical advice.
The increasing weight of the women, due to a developing baby inside her womb, puts pressure on the legs and feet, consequently resulting in swollen feet. Most of the aforementioned causes of swelling of feet can be easily avoided, thus preventing the problem from occurring. A few treatment options consist of decreasing the salt intake, abandoning smoking and alcoholism, drinking lot of water, exercising regularly to improve blood circulation, increasing muscle activity and wearing proper fitting footwear.
However, if the swelling of feet does not go within a few days, it is suggested to seek medical help to avoid worsening of the condition. In case it is not possible to drink raw nettle tea, you can add honey or lemon to enhance the taste. You can extract fresh gel from the aloe vera plant and apply it on the affected area to deal with the problem of hives. This remedy can be easily prepared by adding a pack of oatmeal to the bathing water (warm). Intake of lemon oil (2 – 3 drops) mixed in water (1 cup) can also help in the treatment of various symptoms of hives. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. A paste can be created by mixing goldenseal powder and honey with Vitamin E oil and directly applied on the affected area to reduce dermatitis infection and spots. Neem and olive oil mixture can also be applied on the infected skin with the help of a cotton swab on a daily basis to treat various symptoms associated with dermatitis. Linseed oil can be mixed with lime water and applied on the infected area several times in a day to deal with the problem of dermatitis. Are there allergy remedies containing natural ingredients that work effectively to control symptoms without inflaming skin? The immune system responds irrationally by overreacting to the allergens.This translates into those pesky allergy symptoms any allergy sufferer could describe for you in detail. Runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, headache, and wheezing are just a few of the symptoms you may experience when allergy season arrives. Mango allergy commonly occurs on the skin area around the mouth, which gives severe itching and burning with swelling of lips.

To get the result you have to act promptly to clean the area no sooner it has touched your skin.
Honey is known for its anti inflammatory properties and it will soothe the allergic symptoms.
Drinking licorice and chamomile tea can also help in reducing the pain and itching from hives.Intake of a tea prepared with burdock seeds, leaves and roots can also provide the desired results. The problem of dermatitis is caused by factors such as dry skin, obesity, use of poor quality cosmetic products, genetic tendency for allergies, poison ivy or allergic reaction to a perfume, soap, shampoo, lotion or artificial jewelry. Drinking dandelion tincture (2 teaspoons) on a daily basis can provide the desired results. Application of an ointment created with the use of goldenseal, clay powder and water on the affected part of the body on a regular basis can provide better results. A mixture of red clover and lavender oil can be applied on the affected area several times in a day to cure dermatitis. Drinking aloe vera juice (half cup) on a regular basis can help in the the treatment of dermatitis.
Neem leaves can be mixed with turmeric powder and rubbed on the affected area to obtain the desired results. Application of a paste created by mixing linseed oil with goldenseal powder on the affected area can also help in the treatment of dermatitis. It can be as effective as a drug that contains an antihistamine and is used to control symptoms of hay fever. If it's possible, pull up the carpet in your home and put down hardwood floors, tile, or linoleum.
Though mango allergy reaction can occur in few individuals, it is the most nutritious and healthy fruit which contains immense health benefits.
Such a condition should not be ignored at all and immediately brought into the notice of the doctor. Dandelion can be consumed as a part of daily salad items to reduce the inflammation resulting from dermatitis. Intake of a combination of aloe vera and cranberry juice 2 to 3 times on a daily basis can also provide the desired results. Aloe vera gel can also be directly applied on the infected skin to cure dermatitis. The good news is that unlike an over-the-counter antihistamine, butterbur does not induce drowsiness.Omega-3 fatty acid supplement - up to 1,000 mg daily can have a positive effect on allergy symptoms.
Intake of a combination of dandelion and carrot juice can also provide relief from the symptoms of dermatitis. Rubbing a mixture created with the use of aloe vera gel and yogurt can reduce itching, redness and inflammation resulting from dermatitis.
The bedroom is a crucial spot for an air filter, but they do well in other rooms of the home in addition.Cleaning solutions should be natural too so that you aren't breathing in harsh chemicals which can cause itchy eyes, watering eyes, and runny nose.
In this article, we shall basically throw light on a few common causes of swelling of feet. These spicy foods naturally help thin the mucus in the nose, making them one of the most delicious natural allergy remedies!AllergiClear is another natural remedy that regulates histamine levels inside the body so you can enjoy fewer difficulties with allergy symptoms.
Topical contact on the skin can also cause rashes or hives for some people.Treating your allergy symptoms with natural allergy remedies is definitely worth a try considering you'll save your system from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients that most allergy medicines contain.
Fill the neti pot with a saline solution and then flush the nostrils - it's that easy!Stinging nettle - a natural antihistamine that effectively prevents the body from producing histamine.
Try getting a massage periodically during allergy season and it's possible you'll experience lower stress levels and decreased occurrence of allergy symptoms.Vegetable juices - pure vegetable juices can also help reduce the symptoms you experience during allergy season.

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