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Swelling in the feet is a health condition associated with excessive accumulation of fluid in the muscles of the feet.
The problem of swollen feet is likely to occur in case an individual has been walking or standing for a long time period.
People suffering from health disorders of the heart, blood vessels, liver or kidney are often observed to be complaining about swollen feet. People following an unhealthy diet plan consisting of excessive intake of carbohydrates and salt often face the problem of swelling in feet. A person suffering from an injury in the muscles often suffers from the problem of swelling in feet.
Drug abuse is a severe condition and usually poses several health related troubles, with swollen feet being one of them. However, if the problem occurs, there are several treatment options which can be of immense help. These treatment options would help in reducing the swelling in feet to a great extent, without seeking medical advice.
Air pollution, infections, microbes, fungi, allergic reactions to dust and pollen can cause sinusitis and its painful symptoms like sinus inflammation, sinus headache and post – nasal drip. For example, exposure to drafts causes some infections and the blame is on the cold, dry, moving vata dosha that is responsible for the flow and circulation in the body.
Despite the fact that sinus infections can be caused by different components, the infections respond to the kapha, since it controls the fluids and mucus in the sinus cavity.
Avoid curdled foods such as yogurt and cheese, iced drinks, alcohol, iced foods and red meat. When you cook, use immune – enhancing and digestion spices like fennel, ginger, coriander, cumin, black pepper and turmeric. Japanese Secret Of Beauty And Youth: This Medical Mask Will “Wipe Years” Off Of Your Face.10 Very Strange Remedies That Really Work! Nutritionists IN SHOCK: Boil These Two Ingredients Together – Drunk it For 7 Days and You Lose Even 5 KG! As inflammation causes the airways to become narrower, less air can pass through them, both to and from the lungs.
An irritating night cough is often the first sign of asthma, especially in children, but it can develop at any age.
Common sources of indoor allergens include animal proteins (mostly cat and dog allergens), dust mites, cockroaches, and fungi. Tobacco smoke has been linked to a higher risk of asthma as well as a higher risk of death due to asthma, wheezing, and respiratory infections.
Pollution, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, cold temperatures, and high humidity have all been shown to trigger asthma in some individuals.
These same conditions emit sulphur dioxide, which also results in asthma attacks by constricting airways.
Hyper-reactivity is another risk factor for asthma, but allergens or cold air may trigger hyper-reactive airways to become inflamed.
The best thing about natural home remedies is that they can be used to treat a number of illness while over-the-counter drugs are disease specific. Onions have anti inflammatory properties so it opens airways to breathe properly and thus helps to get rid of asthma.
A regular cup of hot coffee without water is very beneficial in Asthma as it open airways which help you to breathe properly.
Take a glass of hot water and mix one teaspoon full of honey into it and drink slowly at least three times a day. One another method of taking honey is mix one teaspoon full of honey with half teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Chilli peppers is hot as it contains ‘Capsaicin’, which acts as an anti-inflammatory when eaten.
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The hypersensitivity or altered reaction of the immune system to an allergen, or ‘trigger’ in the environment, is generally referred to as an allergy or allergic reaction. However, severe allergic reactions require immediate medical attention.There are numerous treatment options to control allergic reactions. Natural Remedies For Allergies Have Organic Honey Honey, especially organic honey, has long been considered a potent natural antidote to fight off different allergic reactions. Immunotherapy is a medical term, which refers to the treatment of disease conditions by suppressing, enhancing or inducing the immune system. A relaxing hot water bath helps to remove pollen residues and other allergens from the body.
Drink Peppermint Tea A sudden cold or cough triggered by allergens in the atmosphere can be countered successfully by drinking a cup of hot peppermint tea. To brew the perfect cup of peppermint tea, steep half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling hot water for five to ten minutes.

Perform Steam Inhalation This is a time honored natural remedy to fight allergic colds and sinus infections. Have Spicy Food This is an unconventional natural remedy for treating allergic reactions like allergic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Do Nasal Irrigation With Saltwater Solution Rinse away allergens with some salt water solution.
To prepare the salt water solution, simply dissolve half a teaspoon of non iodized salt in a cup of luke-warm water. Drink Stinging Nettle Tea Stinging nettle leaves can cure a variety of ailments including seasonal allergies. Have Organic Turmeric Turmeric or curcuma longa, a yellow colored spice, has long been revered for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, applying fresh turmeric paste on the skin can help to ease the symptoms of allergic skin reactions like allergic contact dermatitis and urticaria. Take Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Medical research has shown that consuming raw, organic apple cider vinegar can ease seasonal allergies to a large extent.
Specific natural components present in raw apple cider vinegar can help to reduce the incidence and severity of seasonal allergies by blocking the body’s histamine reaction. Drinking water can also reduce the problem of post-nasal drip which is a common side effect of allergic reactions.
A person affected by the problem of swollen feet may also suffer from the problem of rapid weight gain. However, if the problem persists for more than a week, it is suggested to seek expert medical advice. The increasing weight of the women, due to a developing baby inside her womb, puts pressure on the legs and feet, consequently resulting in swollen feet.
Most of the aforementioned causes of swelling of feet can be easily avoided, thus preventing the problem from occurring. A few treatment options consist of decreasing the salt intake, abandoning smoking and alcoholism, drinking lot of water, exercising regularly to improve blood circulation, increasing muscle activity and wearing proper fitting footwear. However, if the swelling of feet does not go within a few days, it is suggested to seek medical help to avoid worsening of the condition. According to Ayurveda, symptoms are different from one individual to another and they are determinate by the individual’s doshas or governing principles. In different cases, alcoholic drinks and other liver irritants, or allergic reaction to dust and pollen might be the cause, and the blame is on the pitta dosha that governs the metabolism and controls the inflammations in the body. To dispose of the symptoms of pressure and congestion consume hot drinks like herbal tea during the day.
You also have weakened function of the digestive system, and when you eat food that is difficult to digest your digestive system becomes overloaded and creates a sticky toxin called ama. People who suffer from this chronic condition (long-lasting or recurrent) are said to be asthmatic.
This swelling or inflammation makes the airways extremely sensitive to irritations and increases your susceptibility to an allergic reaction.
In fact, people who cook with gas are more likely to have symptoms such as wheezing, breathlessness, asthma attacks, and hay fever. Cold air can lead to secretions, airway congestion, airways constriction and decreased mucociliary clearance (another type of airway inefficiency). Part of this may be explained by increases in asthma-related behaviours such as smoking that are encouraged by stress. Some people do not develop asthma from airway hyper-reactivity, but hyper-reactivity still appears to increase the risk of asthma. Some 40% to 50% of children with atopic dermatitis also develop asthma, and it is probable that children with atopic dermatitis have more severe and persistent asthma as adults.
Mix some mustard oil with little camphor and then use this solution to massage gently back of the chest. Figs have nutritional properties which promote respiratory health and help to remove breathing difficulties. These fatty acids seem to help the lungs react better to irritants in people who have asthma and may even help prevent asthma in people who have never had an attack.
One in three people are prone to regular allergic reactions, which may range in intensity from mild to severe.
Scientific research has proven the fact that regular consumption of raw, unpasteurized honey can help to strengthen the immune system, through a process called immunotherapy. The numerous pollen spores present in raw, untreated honey slowly acclimatizes the body to these spores, while reducing the immune response to the allergens (pollen spores). Consuming spicy food like horseradish, Dijon mustard, fresh garlic or bird eye chilies can ease allergy induced asthma, coughs and colds to a great extent.
People who suffer from seasonal allergies are advised to drink stinging nettle tea to reduce the severity and incidence of their allergic reaction. The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric is attributed to the presence of a natural substance called curcumin.

People who suffer from hay fever, allergic asthma, seasonal colds and coughs should take a teaspoon of raw organic vinegar diluted in a cup of luke warm water just before stepping outside. You should eat light diet of cooked foods that are effectively processed by the body, like cooked fruits, steamed vegetables, cooked whole grains and non-creamy vegetable soups. Later, the excessive amounts in ama will transfer to the weakened parts of the body, such as the sinuses, and the sinus infection will appear. For better results, make a tea from two slices of ginger, two cloves, four mint leaves, water and one teaspoon of marshmallow root and take small sips throughout the entire day. However, recent research has suggested that the immune system is modified by stress as well.
The Centres for Disease Control (USA) say that having a parent with asthma increases a person’s risk by three to six times. Take crushed garlic and those four pieces of onion into simple filtered water and remain it as it is overnight.
Take it once in a day to cure Asthma symptoms; but if taken on an empty stomach, it is more beneficial. This way the nutrients present in figs will quickly enter the bloodstream and help in getting relief from asthma symptom. Researchers discovered that people who took fish oil supplements, equivalent to eating 8 ounces of mackerel a day, increased their body’s ability to avoid a severe asthma attack by 50 percent. Remedies for allergic reactions, prepared by using natural ingredients are completely safe, and they do not cause any unpleasant side effects. Consuming raw honey regularly can reduce an individual’s risk of suffering from seasonal allergies like allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma.
A warm water bath lasting anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes can help to lessen common allergic reactions to a great extent. Furthermore, the potent essential oils present in peppermint tea acts as natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. Add half a teaspoon of sugar and drink this hot, soothing brew to get relief from common allergic reactions like allergic rhinitis, allergic sinusitis, allergic cough and hay fever.
The isothiocynates in horseradish, capsaicin in bird eye chilies and allyl thiosulphinate present in garlic are active ingredients which provide temporary relief from allergy induced upper respiratory tract infections.
You can use a small vessel, which is shaped like an Aladdin’s lamp, called the neti pot to rinse out the infected sinuses. To prepare the stinging nettle tea, simply add a teaspoon of fresh or even dried stinging nettle leaves to a cup of boiling hot water. Add a teaspoon of sugar and drink this concoction to experience relief from seasonal allergies.
Adding a pinch of organic turmeric to soups or stews can assuage the negative symptoms of allergic reactions like allergic rhinitis or allergic asthma to a large extent.
Keeping the body well hydrated can help to flush out toxins and foreign matter from the body.
Such a condition should not be ignored at all and immediately brought into the notice of the doctor.
Unbalance of the kapha can be caused by dampness, ice cream, overeating, rich desserts, cold drinks and consuming heavy metals before going to bed.
You can also add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil after you boil the water, since the oil will aid the opening up of the nasal passages.
A person should take least 300 mg of vitamin C a day in their diet which is equivalent to about three glasses of orange juice which is able to cut wheezing by 30 percent.
The increase in fluids thins out the mucus formed during an asthma attack so it can be coughed up, making breathing easier. Steam inhalation is ideal to ease allergic reactions affecting the upper respiratory tract. People who suffer from chronic congestion due to allergic reactions should do nasal irrigation using salt water solution at least twice a day. Furthermore, drinking a lot of water can keep the sinuses moist and thin out the mucous in the nasal passage (reducing congestion).
Other foods high in vitamin C include red bell pepper, papaya, broccoli, blueberries, and strawberries. Cover your head with a thick turkey towel in such a manner, that the towel forms a kind of tent over the bowl. In this article, we shall basically throw light on a few common causes of swelling of feet.

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