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Use of contact lenses, dust particles and smoke may also result in the problem of dry eyes. This sort of lifestyle is to be seen in public at large thus there is the problem of dry eyes widely observed, as study with the numbers drop hints.
The break out of Dry Eyes suggests that you haven’t been consuming Fatty acids as much your body requires. Being rich in Omega-6 and other fatty acids, Tuna in your daily diet gets you rid of extremely itchy and reddish dry eyes.
As dry eyes wipes off the oil in your tears for lubrication, you’ll need to liven up the oil glands again for a cure. Also, there are special glasses to wear off the dryness and pour in additional humidity which also forms a moisture chamber around the eye. Blink continuously to spread across the tears. One of the most common problems these days, dryness of eyes can be caused by many reasons such as excessive tear evaporation, changes in hormones, autoimmune diseases, decrease in production of tears etc. The main symptoms of dry eyes are burning stingy sensation in eyes, mucus formation around eyes, eye irritation, fatigue, blurred vision and an increase in sensitivity towards bright light. Another effective remedy, primrose oil is a great option if you want to get rid of eye dryness. If flowers always please you then how about using these beautiful flowers as a remedy to your problem. Consumption of 2-3 teaspoons of bilberry juice every day can provide great relief from the dryness of eyes. An excellent herbal remedy to reduce dryness of eyes, chamomile tea is highly recommended by many. Another excellent herbal remedy for dryness of eyes, coriander leaves produce desired results pretty quickly.
As we’ve discussed earlier, anti-oxidants play a major role in maintaining the good health of eyes and keep them moist as they fight the free radicals that cause harm to eyes.
Infuse dried oat straw into water and consume it a few times a day on a daily basis and get rid of the dryness in your eyes. Common causes of dry eyes include decreased tear production, excessive tear evaporation, hormonal changes, autoimmune diseases and so on. Symptoms of dry eyes include redness, burning, itching, pain in the eyes, blurry vision and so on. Herbal tea can be prepared by boiling chrysanthemum flowers in water and consumed 2 to 3 times on a daily basis to get relief from dry eyes.Consumption of a combination of chrysanthemum and ligustrum tea can also provide the desired results. Consumption of fresh bilberry juice (2 or 3 teaspoons) on a daily basis can provide relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.A cotton swab soaked in a tonic created by steeping dried bilberries in water can also be placed on the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes to obtain relief from dry eyes.

Placing cotton balls soaked in chilled chamomile tea on the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes can provide relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.
A cotton cloth soaked in a solution created by boiling dried fennel in water can be placed on the eyes to reduce dryness. Consumption of an infusion prepared with the use of dried oatstraw and water several times in a day can provide effective results. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Though Dry Eyes can be treated medically, you have ahead of you a lot many home remedies to fend off the break out of dry eyes yet not growing any side effects that allopathic medicines would leave behind. Black Currant seed oil is rich in fatty acids, Omega-6 (15-20 percent) and is high on nutrition. Well consumption of Fish Oil can also cut on the possibilities of Dry Eyes by clamping down the need of Omega-6 and other Fatty acids Tuna Fish. In case you don’t like Tuna, opt for fish like Salmon, Mackerel, Halibut, Sardines, and Herring. A warm compress every night before going to bed unblocks the oil producing glands in your eyes.
You’ll need to repeat this process more than once in a day in case the dry eyes are bothering you a lot. Don’t rub the eyes every now and then.You can use eye drops or ointments if there is unbearable itching or redness.
This problem can also result from exposure to excessive smoke and dust particles and the use of contact lenses.
Tear production helps to keep the eyes moist, however, with increased age tear production decreases and the problem of dry eyes increases. While there are many eye drops that can be availed from medical stores to lubricate one’s eyes, these eye drops can cause allergic reactions and hence herbal remedies are a preferred option. The problem of dry eyes can be safely said goodbye if one starts taking a cup of eyebright tea every day. Just take 2-3 teaspoons of this oil every day for a minimum of 3-4 weeks and you will surely witness amazing results. Prepare a herbal tea by boiling some Chrysanthemum flowers in water and have this tea 2-3 times a day on a regular basis. This herb is luckily also available as capsules however one should consult a doctor to decide on the daily dosage. Simple soak cotton balls in chilled chamomile tea and place them on your eyes for approximately 15-20 minutes. Coriander leaves are rich in Vitamin C which is an acclaimed anti-oxidant.  This vitamin C helps in fighting the free radicals that might be causing the dryness of eyes by causing harm.

Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin A also contains these wonderful anti-oxidants. The paprika herb is a great source of vitamin A and thus can be used as an effective cure for dry eyes.
Intake of a cup of eyebright tea on a regular basis can help in curing the problem of dry eyes.Cotton balls soaked in water containing eyebright can be directly placed on the eyes several times to reduce eye dryness. Sometimes, it may sweep in power due to having unbalanced and uncontrolled diet, biological routine, lack of sleep and deficiency of vitamins within the body.
Even if you have chronic Dry Eyes, rest assure that you’ll be well benefited from the home remedies below suggested. This Omega-3 fatty acids translate into EPA and DHA which protect the body’s cell membranes.
Make sure you’ve put on your glasses during riding, swimming and in the Sun Buy into a humidifier to keep the room moisture within 30-50 percent.
One can also soak cotton balls in eyebright and then apply those on the eyes to reduce the dryness. This amazing herb contains anthocyanosides that help in maintaining the moisture in the eyes by provoking blood flow towards the capillaries in and around the eyes. One can also soak cotton balls in liquid prepared by soaking dry bilberries in water and then place these balls on the eyes for instant relief.
Do this 3-4 times a day on a daily basis and you will soon witness a measurable reduction in the dryness and eye irritation. While coriander tea is highly recommended, one can also consume it in the form of fresh leaves or as a spice in food items. Other herbal sources of vitamin A that can be used in a similar manner are cayenne pepper, oregano, chervil, savory and thyme.
Eyebright can help in reducing the irritation and burning sensation resulting from dry eyes.
Consumption of Soybean oil and Soybean itself renders riddance from any ocular discomfort caused by dry eyes. It reduces eye irritation and also calms down the stingy burning sensation. However, be careful to not use the eyebright tincture and it is strictly not recommended.
It is important to note that eyebright tincture should not be used as an herbal remedy for dry eyes.

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