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Try this effective homemade remedy for sore throat instead of taking antibiotics and pills. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. A sore throat may have many causes and it is important to find the right sore throat remedy for the particular condition that you have. If your sore throat remedy does not work and the irritation or inflammation persists for more than 24 hours, or if you have swelling or a fever, it is important to see a doctor. Throat pain or discomfort can also be caused by some medications or medical treatments, including chemotherapy. Where the throat is irritated or infected, gargling with warm salt water or an antiseptic solution can be helpful. Aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce pain but if you prefer natural remedies you will often find salt water just as effective as an analgesic or painkiller and it can also kill bacteria which plain analgesics will not do. Try not to swallow too much of the salt water to avoid raising your sodium levels too high.
Gargling with one eighth teaspoon of cayenne pepper in water or orange juice may be effective.

Make sure you like Amazing Herbs & Oils on Facebook to be updated every time we find a fantastic tutorial for exciting and innovative ways you can use herbs and essential oils, beautify yourself, home recipes and natural remedies. Sore throats, a common symptom of a cold or flu developing, can be painful and annoying especially when you swallow. Fortunately, most sore throats are caused by a minor illness and go away without medical treatment and usually resolves on its own with natural home remedies. If you are looking some of the ingredients mentioned above, you can check them online at Amazon. You can also mix some lobelia tincture and cayenne powder in some oil, and rub some of this mixture on your neck glands every hour instead of the essential oils. Your doctor will advise on the best way to treat this side effect without compromising your other treatments. It is important not to swallow the cayenne and hold your breath while you gargle to avoid inhaling it. It is usually caused by acute pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat), although it can also appear as a result of trauma, diphtheria, or viral infection and other conditions.
But if it doesn’t seem to be getting better after two or three days, make sure to see a doctor since you may need antibiotics to fight the infection.

For example, you can check Apple Cider Vinegar here, see Honey and Lemon here, or choose Cayenne Pepper on this page. Then grate the ginger into the jar, and over this mixture slowly pour the honey to settle between all the lemon pieces. Try not to drink anything right after taking it, as it works so well because it coats the throat.
Or make a lemon honey tea concentrate by filling a small jar with lemon slices, and covering them with honey.
Those two things combined coat your throat so well, and it's almost always extremely soothing.
I made it for the first time last Fall, and actually look forward to taking my ‘shot’ in the mornings!
I mistakenly read Fire Cider instead of Fire Water!Fire Cider recipe can be found on Mountain Rose Herbs website blog.

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