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The ordinary conventional methods of the official medicine, which are applied for tratment of children (and adults), diagnosed with intestinal worms, are in their essence emetics, which remove the worms from the stomach and bowels.
Chemical medicines that expel worms affect the abdomen in such a manner that the consequences appear many years after.
This page guides to discriptive articles about prescribing and to short repertories for acute prescription in common upper respiratory, throat, laryngeal and gastro-intestinal disorders.
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This article starts with the word ‘How’ and not ‘Whether’, though on many sites on the net and from many media is proclaimed that homeopathic remedies don’t always work, and that there is no scientific evidence about the effect they have on human organism. All these speaking are governed by pharmaceutical industry, together with the official traditional western medicine, where really big economic interests are concentrated. This system is in fact so deeply integrated with the governments all over the world that it is practically impossible to separate them. People who treat their selves with Homeopathy easily come up to the point, not to believe and not to follow outer influences – influences that make them feel dependable and to think that nothing is really in their hands, least their health. Before going in depth of the medicinal essence of homeopathic remedies, I want to point out the initial source of homeopathic science, where from classical homeopaths worldwide gained their knowledge.
In another article I‘ll write about the living force as the engine of human being as living, thinking, feeling and normally functioning oneness.
Symptoms are our only guide; only through them we may discover that the living force is harmed, for the living force itself is unseen. The medicinal homeopathic preparations (remedies) have the ability and strength to alter people’s health, by provoking the living force to produce ill symptoms in the organism.
Thus we reach to the natural homeopathic law of healing, which reads as follows: ‘A dynamic affection (damage) on the living organism shall be constantly destroyed by a stronger dynamic affection, IF the latter, though different by its nature, is very similar to the initial (weaker) dynamic affection’.
The medicinal affection of the remedies acts every time, on every person, provoking the ill symptoms that are inherent to the respective remedy and curable by it. Unlike to the medicinal affection, the affection from the outer hostile agents does not always take place upon the living force.
Baking soda is very versatile as it can be used for cooking, baking, cleaning and deodorizing. Ginger has long been used as an herb to cure many digestive problems including acid reflux.
Aloe vera has been known to treat stomach problems like diarrhea, inflammation, lose bowel movement and acid reflux. Licorice is good not only as a candy flavor but as an herb that can help relieve acid reflux and a variety of other illnesses like common colds, liver diseases and coughs. Almond is another home remedy for acid reflux that can provide relief and comfort from this digestive problem.
Inorganic cell salts, potentized by the decimal homeopathic scale, play important role in the treatment of enuresis.
Bellow is list of 5 tissue remedies for independent or concomitant to the homeopathic treatment of enuresis. Affinity: The iron element is found in the red blood corpuscles but also in every human cell. Urinary symptoms: Second stage of urinary inflammation, cystitis, with swelling and discharge of thick, white mucus with the urine. Urine is dark-colored, with deposit of uric acid, where these exist torpor and inactivity of the liver.
Affinity: Kali-phos is found in all human fluids and tissues, with primary presence in the brain, nerves, muscles and blood. Dosage: As prescribed in chronic conditions, Nat-phos should be accepted for several weeks. Piles are varicose condition of the veins distributed in the lower bowel, covered of skin or mucus membrane produced by growth of connective tissue. The existence of hemorrhoids is therefore associated with the abdominal circulation, especially that of the liver.
The homeopathic treatment is the most reliable cure for the chronic condition which is causative to the piles.
Hemorrhoids are curable by homeopathic medications and one should at least try homeopathic treatment.
In this section are given shortly the symptoms of some homeopathic remedies prescribed for hemorrhoids. It is also important to prescribe after knowing the entire physical complaints of the patient. This homeopathic remedy is most frequently indicated in this affection, especially in women and during pregnancy.
Where there is shooting and constant pressure at the anus or pain in the back and sacrum, as if bruised, Aconitum though not specific in this disease can give effective relief for the pain.
Nux vomica is valuable remedy for bleeding piles, particularly for individuals who lead a sedentary life and misuse stimulating liquids (coffee) and alcohol, and suffer from habitual constipation.
When Nux vomica doesn’t lead to complete cure, as it is a remedy more effective in acute diseases than in chronic ones, constitutional treatment is then required. This remedy helps in cases of piles accompanied by copious secretion of mucus from the anus; burning pains, tingling and itching, not relieved by anything and accompanied by great restlessness to the extent one can hardly find comfortable position.
The hemorrhoids are large and blue, with shooting pains in the loins, stiffness in the back, burning and rheumatic pains in the limbs; burning faeces, great flatulence.
When the piles are attended with pains shooting deep into the rectum, as if up into the abdomen. Much rumbling in the abdomen, red sand in the urine, itching eruption around the anus and great tendency to excoriations, which bleed easily; Lycopodium is important chronic remedy, especially for affections of the liver. Tissue salts can be applied by anyone as complementary treatment to the homeopathic remedies or independently. When homeopathic treatment is ongoing the results are usually fast and people forget about concomitant remedies. Best biochemic remedies for piles are Calcarea fluorica, Calcarea phosphorica and Ferrum phosphoricum – for strengthening of the vessel walls, against the inflammation and bleeding, and in cases of anemia.
It is beneficial to include Natrium muriaticum (chloratum) in cases of hard stool and stubborn constipation; and Silicea when we face suppuration of internal hemorrhoids or anal fistula. When piles are bleeding a lot, Kalium muriaticum can be applied externally – D3 tablets should be powdered and mixed in paraffin. One or more of the following symptoms manifest the beginning of the disease: general indisposition, weakness, muscle pains and common feeling as if one was broken. Great weakness they feel, usually starting from back, in cervical region, going to occipital part of head, causing pain. When flu cases are developed in wet cold weather, we often observe the effectiveness of another homeopathic remedy – Eupatorium perfoliatum (Eup-per.). Kalium sulphuricum in the body maintains the transfer of the inhaled oxygen to the cells which contain iron. When this mineral compound is deficient, the individuals develop heaviness, weariness, sadness and much anxiety; the head feels giddy, chilliness runs throughout the body, the heart palpitates frequently. This medical term means peeling or shedding of outer layer of the skin and of the epithelium.
Hence forth Kalium sulphuricum is apt to be needed in conditions of respiratory catarrh, skin erruprions, moist scaling eczema, dandruff, chronic sinusitis, psoriasis, asthma, catarrh of the Eustachian tubes and many more.
However valuable this remedy is, it is suited to some individuals having certain characteristics of body constitution.
The shifting, wandering rheumatic pains in and the craving for fresh air are another similarity between those two remedies. Fact is, that the sulphate of potassium is one of the chief chemical ingredients of the plant Pulsatilla pratensis.
The skin complaints attending individuals who need Kalium sulphuricum are moist and crusty. The suppression of the eczema with the variety of chemical medicines which are widely prescribed by dermatologists gives no result; for the eruptions return on the skin – and this is the good reaction.

In acute conditions the tissue remedy should be prescribed in 6th of 12th decimal potency, and to be given frequently until the symptoms subside. The deficiency of some tissue salts in cells causes a disturbance in the molecular motion of the respective salts in the tissues of the body. Though it is impossible to cure a person by treating only his physical body, still the mineral balance in living cells should be reinstated and kept that way. This rule is valid for all types of tissues affected by acute or chronic inflammation, including the tissues of muscles, tendons, cartilages, joints and bones.
Therefore tissue salts are important remedies in treatment of the disorders related to above mentioned tissues of the muscular-skeleton apparatus; disorders like acute or chronic arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, gout, mechanical injuries, bruises, trauma, fracture, contusions, lacerations, etc. Particularly in the homeopathic treatment of joint disorder, where pain is considerable and tormenting, the biochemical tissue remedies are of the utmost importance.
Ferrum phosphoricum is applicable in the initial phase of all types of inflammation with sub febrile fever.
It is a remedy for first aid in bruises, trauma, contusions, and the pursuing pain which grow worse by motion and better from cool applications on the affected limb. At the commencement of the inflammation Ferr-phos should be given in repeated doses when there are febrile symptoms present.
After the pain is diminished, prepare paste from Ferr-phos D12 diluted in smaller quantity of water, then apply it on the painful spot. In the consecutive stage of the inflammation, where ligaments and serous membranes are affected, comes the use of Kalium chloratum. In acute arthritis accompanied by swelling of the affected joint, or when the tongue is coated white, Kalium chloratum is clearly indicated. Kali-sulph is indicated in rheumatic arthritis where the pains shift from one joint to another. The result is swelling of tissues in the affected joints and spontaneous ruptures of the tendons and the ligaments because of dryness. Nat-mur is indicated for cracking of joints, chronic arthritis, bursitis, gout and sore pain in the hamstrings. Though this demarcation is to some extent conditional, the ‘women’ remedies are more often prescribed to female patients than to male ones. Here are presented few remedies which successfully will bring relief from the acute stage of this disorder. They lead to stable results and prevent the secondary reproduction of the parasites in the intestines of children. However in clinical practice it is evident that soon after that simple method of ‘cure’, the worms return into the system of the affected child. In all cases it is to be considered whether worms are sign of afore lying disease; for most of the symptoms attributed to worms arise in fact from some general disease in the gastrointestinal system. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
Because the disease itself is provoked in the organism by a dynamic influence, healing of this disease is possible only by a remedy that possesses same potential power.
This is an entirely independent subject of another series of articles; but here I want to point it out, for it is important.
The official character of the traditional western medicine is closely interlaced with the pharmaceutical industry, which naturally provides the official medicine with the so needed resources for impact on people’s health – the chemical medications.
Living force is very important to be understood, for upon this phenomenon Hahnemann had built the entire science of Classical Homeopathy. This strength of homeopathic remedies had been tested by healthy people and proven by them. Once applied, it influences the affected person in a dynamic way, acting on the spiritual living force. It dynamically influences the organism, bringing in a totality of ill symptoms, very similar to the initial picture of the disease arisen in the sick person; only, the medicinal disease of the homeopathic remedy was a little bit stronger than the original one. But the remedy will only cure when the morbid symptoms it had provoked are in the highest degree similar to those due to be cured.
You don’t get sick every time a grippe or a viral infection is striking down people around you. The extract from the plant has healing properties and can soothe the lining of the esophagus wall.
However, some cases disclose more complex picture, where the poor habit is accompanied by immaturity of urinary organs and passages or even by an underlying inflammation. They act on a physical cell level, maintaining the efforts of the organism to cope with the incontinence.
Misbalance of the iron molecules in the muscles causes relaxing, congestion and haemorrhage. Irresistible urging to urinate aggravated by standing and accompanied by pain along the urethra and neck of the bladder. It is shown in the second stage of all inflammations, where the mucous membranes are affected. In human words this means some chronic state, prolonged enough to allow weakening of vessel walls of veins in the rectum network. With proper constitutional remedies given in the right sequence an individual could entirely ameliorate his organism, and reach stable level of health. It will cost you less than the conservative medicine approach and medications; will not hurt and may entirely surprise you with the results. Please mark that knowing of the mental-emotional picture of the respective remedy is essential for its successful prescription and, consequently, its beneficial influence in every case. Of course the remedy is useful also in other cases, where there is discharge of blood and mucus during stool, painful smarting and sensation of excoriation in the piles, pains in the back, and disposition to fainting; difficulty in passing urine. As Pulsatilla, Nux vomica is effective during pregnancy, when the pains are shooting, burning and itching pains. The remedy is indicated when the patient is suffering from skin troubles together with the hemorrhoids.
The abdomen is distended, with much flatus; patients suffer from chronic constipation, severe burning, itching and pricking pains in the lower bowel.
However for durable results it is important to take the Schuessler combination for at least 1 month after the affection is cured. These salts should be accepted internally 3 times a day by diluting 3 pastilles from each salt in water; then stir well and drink it. There are frequent complication in the throat, also catarrh in the nose and chest, or urinary infection. Perhaps a few days will pass before the symptoms to unfold and progress; and the symptoms will develop in soft, wet weather. Their mouth will be dry, and their tongue might have the characteristic red tip with triangular shape. It is highly effective in grippe cases, if taken immediately after symptoms show in a patient. It was introduced in homeopathic practice by Dr Schuessler as one of the twelve fundamental tissue remedies.
The many symptoms of this remedy were pointed by Dr Schuessler and others were collected from clinical evidences by Dr John Clarke in his homeopathic practice. All symptoms are aggravated by warmth, especially in a warm room and are better in open cool air.
In the body this manifests by the discharge of yellow, yellowish-green and purulent-like substances from the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, rectum, genitals and the skin. This is important modality of Kali-s, and when it’s not present the remedy is not indicated. Kalium sulphuricum cures rheumatic arthritis with shifting of pains from one joint to another. Kalium sulphuricum is therefore complementary to Pulsatilla and in many cases it is needed afterwards for its deep action on the mucous tissues. There is much rattling mucus in the bronchi, yellow spittle and the attacks usually occur in warm of hot weather.

Greenish-yellow substance is secreted from under the crusts; and the crusts are easily detached. Kalium sulphuricum is often prescribed in infectious diseases which attend with some sort of eruption, like measles and scarlet fever. That is because each of them is present in the living cells in exact requisite amount of molecules. Therefore, while the homeopathic remedy chosen in potency above 30 C acts on the three levels – body, mind and spirit,  Schuessler salts help the therapist to quickly remove the mineral disturbance in the affected tissues by adding the respective amount of mineral ingredients in the exact natural decimal dilution; and thus an adequate cure is achieved. It may therefore be alternated with Ferr-phos if pains are sharp and ameliorate by cool applications. That is because after the first two stages of inflammation the organism had not succeeded to eliminate the toxic substances.
A was mentioned in another article, the ligaments, cartilages and tendons are bradytrophic tissues.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! This is due to the physical pathology from one side, and to the particular psycho-emotional pattern of the remedies from the other side. Again the answer of conventional medicine is to remove them and thus the circle is closed with no durable results. Worms grow only when there is suitable condition for them to thrive, otherwise they cannot. If that disease is not treated, the real problem will not be solved by expelling the worms and furthermore, the health of the child will be dangerously affected. The idea is to be able to identify your own acute remedy and manage the acute affection on your own, at least in simple cases. So the propaganda is not very manifest but is always there – every time you open the TV or go to see your GP.
There is a natural way for living, followed by many people and if they can do it, you are not an exception. Thanks to his thorough knowledge, and life dedicated to Homeopathy, we have today at our disposal a fully developed healing medicinal system, which is one of the few of the kind that provides real cure and allows reaching a higher level of health.
Entire healing force of the remedies is due to this ability: they can provoke certain morbid symptoms and therefore they can heal those (or similar) symptoms when such appear in human organism. Each remedy has its own inherent healing energy to influence the living force; there are no two identical remedies. Now, do notice that the disease remedy brings into organism is only artificial; it’s lasting is very short and thus, after remedy’s action is exhausted, the living force is remained to face the real disease (which is easy, because it is very similar to the artificial one and it is weaker) and to destroy it. Homeopathic remedies give only a ‘reminder’ to the living force, about who actually is the enemy; the rest is done by the living force of each person alone. The remedy is applicable in all disturbances caused by excess of acidity (due to excessive consumption of sugar). Affections causing some extent of impeded blood flow through the liver may lead to developing of hemorrhoids or to aggravation of those already existing. People who suffer from repeated attacks of that disease in their joints are prone to have piles, as a common manifestation of gout.
Purgative medications, given by the official medicine to relieve bowels consistence, in fact give rise to piles, especially when within the ingredients of the purgatives there is aloe. Often there are itching blotches on various places of the skin or painful burning fissures between the piles.
There is also violent dull pinching in the lower intestine and discharge of blood – during stool and not only.
They feel constant anxiety about their daily engagements, but become very anxious before exams or important public contributions. The headache will start from the neck; will embrace the occipital part and afterwards the entire head. They also feel better not to move, when sleeping, being in a fresh air, and by being alone and quiet. People feel stiffness of the body, causing them physical anxiety and constant desire to move, to put in place, to fit in the bed.
This article shall follow through the usability of Kali-s as a Schuessler salt as well as a homeopathic remedy. It is very similar to Pulsatilla in this modality, and also by the aggravation towards evenings.
Afterwards however the condition of skin is not becoming better, because it becomes dry and formation of scales begins; they fall off in large quantities – sort of self peeling of the skin. It is also possible to immerse the affected area (fingers for instance) directly into the dilution.
The cells in bradytrophis tissues keet the water within more difficult than the cells in tissues which are fed by the blood circulation.
The pharmaceutical companies have neither worth nor benefit in recognizing the effectiveness of Homeopathy, or its scientific basement.
Into his book ‘Organon of Medicine’ Hahnemann explains about the healing characteristics of homeopathic medicinal remedies as well as of the way these remedies act on humans.
Living force is the driving force that maintains in harmony and order all sensations and functions of the organism. The living force is weakened and susceptible to the outer influence; thus it becomes affected. This is the ‘secondary action of the remedy’ – it thus allows the living force to bring back the organism to the state of balance and health. Clarke in his book ‘Hemorrhoids and Habitual Constipation’, “… surgery never cures a constitutional state. Therefore it is very likely that they would catch the flu in times when such events are about to take place. This remedy has no clear picture; it had not been proven in the homeopathic meaning of proving. The expectoration from coughing, the secretion from nasal cavities, the discharge from the genitals – in other words, all discharges of Kali-s, are yellow or yellowish-green.
In this article the readers's attention will be drawn up to the particular mental picture of this remedy, and to the pronounced depression it is able to cure.
The last thing they’d need would be to admit that homeopathic treatment helps people to think with their own minds and drives them up to a healthier state, making them less dependable from the official medical system. For being there a disease, first is the living force affected by dynamic influence by outer hostile agent.
This way of healing is inherent only to Homeopathy and no other medicine, would it be traditional or alternative. On the contrary, after a surgical operation the organism has to recover from the shock, and this may take a long time, and perhaps may never be complete. Same pains will be felt in the entire body, the muscles will hurt and the feeling will be as if they’ll fall into pieces.
First stir from a static position is very painful for them, furthermore the patients shall feel worse from the least uncovering. That is why, when there is no clear picture of patient’s condition, Oscillococcinum may help. The remedy cures similar to Pulsatilla cases, where Pulsatilla has achieved only palliative effect. Note that I’m using the word ‘dynamic’ – because we refer here to energy, not material influences. However, the continued motion brings some relief from the pains and that’s why they constantly change their position in bed, or on a chair. Affected that way, the living force is no more able to maintain the harmony of all sensations and functions in the natural way.

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