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Healing Therapy:First one must remove the candida buildup that is also causing a wide variety of harmful symptoms in the body.
Stinging nettle, the plant with hairy stem and leaves and irritating chemicals, which cause pain and rashes when touched is actually a wonderful medicinal plant. Nettle contains important alkaline minerals such as iron and silicon, which help restore the pH of the body and eliminate toxins out of the system.
Consuming nettle tea increases the production of urine and improves the functions of kidneys.
The anti-inflammatory effects of the herb are very much useful to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, feet neuritis, urinary tract inflammation, etc. If you are tired of trying various treatments for dandruff and desperately looking for something that would work out, then nettle is the answer for this problem.
Due to its astringent properties, the herb is an excellent cure for various skin diseases such as eczema, chicken pox and insect bites. The anti-bacterial property of stinging nettle helps in preventing gingivitis and various other gum diseases. The main functions of the lungs include extracting oxygen from air and discharging waste elements (mainly carbon dioxide) from the blood. Mullein contains mucilage and saponin that can be very effective in soothing the respiratory tract.
It soothes the mucus membranes in the lungs, reduces inflammation and removes excess catarrh from the respiratory tract. Allicin is the main active component in garlic that contains powerful lung-cleansing properties.
The leaves of thyme plant contain thymol, a natural substance which has been found to be very effective in removing microorganisms from the lungs, which eventually clears the air passages.
The main active ingredient in ginger is gingerol, which is a potent substance well-known for its natural ability to eliminate mucus, allergens and pollutants from lung passages. Lungwort also contains lung-cleansing properties that help in relieving congestion in the lung passages caused by infection or inflammation.
Coltsfoot is also a natural expectorant and can be very helpful in cleansing lungs. It contains mucilage, a natural substance known for its ability to sooth irritated bronchial passages and to relieve dry cough. The lung cleansing properties of cilantro is also very effective, especially in removing mercury and other harmful particles from lungs. Besides cleansing lungs, elecampane is also used in the treatment of serious lung diseases, such as emphysema, asthma, silicosis, tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis.
Licorice is well known for its demulcent and expectorant properties, which make it a powerful herb to clear lung congestions and to eliminate lung infections. Glycyrrhizin is the main active component in licorice, which has been found to be very beneficial in soothing inflamed mucus membranes not only from lungs, but also from intestines, stomach and throat. Wild cherry belongs to the rosaceae family and contains tonifying expectorant and stimulating astringent properties. Menthol is the main active component in peppermint, which makes this herb a very good natural expectorant and decongestant. Hyssop contains volatile oil, a natural substance medically proven for its effectiveness in cleansing the lungs.

All of the above-mentioned herbs are well-known for their lung-cleansing properties, but you are advised to discuss your specific condition with your doctor first and try herbal remedies as per the guidelines prescribed by them. Consuming foods or water contaminated with the tapeworm eggs and larvae triggers tapeworm infection.
Just as any other gastrointestinal infection, nausea or vomiting can be induced by intestinal tapeworm infection. Another common symptom of tapeworm infection is mild to moderate epigastric pain or pain in the upper central part of the abdomen. Tapeworms absorb nutrients from food in the intestines, significantly reducing availability of nutrients to its human host.
Chronic coughing and pain in the lungs occur when the tapeworm larva is transported to a lung. It dissolves acidic waste in the blood and flushes it out of the system with the help of kidneys.
This property of the herb helps cure many problems such as urinary tract infection, kidney stones, fluid retention, etc. The anti-inflammatory compounds found in nettle suppress the cytokines that contribute to inflammation and act as an analgesic. It has been successfully used to treat allergic rhinitis, hay fever, hives, sneezing, allergic asthma, etc. The herbal tea or capsules can be consumed internally and a good massage of nettle oil externally will help combat the hair loss.
The herb is quite effective in reducing the size and treating the ailment in the early stages when you just notice the symptoms. Hence, it is used to treat ailments with internal bleeding such as hemorrhoids, stomach and lung bleeding, vaginal bleeding, bleeding piles and excessive menstruation. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Congestion or infection in lungs affects this crucial function in the body that results in certain ailments, such as flu, cough and cold. Long-term lung infections combined with other factors and can even result in life-threatening disease like lung cancer. Due to the saponin content, mullein is also considered as one of the most powerful natural expectorant and can be very helpful in cleaning lung congestions and reliving cough and cold. It makes the mucus thin and loosens it, making it easy for the lungs to cough excess mucus out. Though thyme leaves can be used directly to prepare herbal decoctions, it is commonly taken in the form of tablets.
Due to these properties, this herb has been found to be very beneficial in relieving cough and bronchial spasms. Both these natural substances have very effective lung-cleansing properties. It fights against infections, congestion and inflammation in lungs so effectively that it is also prescribed as a dietary supplement for lung cancer patients. It has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, carminative, diaphoretic, expectorant and antiseptic properties. However, excessive dosage of elecampane should be avoided because it can result in diarrhea, vomiting and other side effects. Besides removing irritation of the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract and cleansing the lung passages in general, wild cherry has also been found to be very effective in treating an array of lung-related diseases, such as pneumonia, pleurisy and other acute inflammatory conditions.

It helps in thinning and loosening phlegm and mucus, which eventually relieves lung congestion. The leaves of flowers are used to prepare herbal remedies for various lung-related diseases. Serious health complications develop when the tapeworm egg or larva invades tissues outside the intestines. A large number of people with intestinal tapeworm rarely experience any symptom of the infection.
Some tapeworm species such as the fish tapeworm reduces appetite, whereas others such as pork or beef tapeworm may increase appetite. Loss in appetite is more likely to occur in people experiencing gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The longer the worm remains in the intestines, the greater is the risk of experiencing malnutrition.Even increase in appetite, a common sign of infection caused by certain species of the worm, cannot prevent malnutrition. Dizziness can also be a sign of cysticercosis that develops when the pork tapeworm larva burrows through the intestinal wall, enters the bloodstream and settles in some other organ. The anti-lithic properties of the herb also break down the kidney stones and wash them out of the bladder. Following are some of the best herbs that are well-known for their lung-cleansing properties. Due to this property, garlic is very commonly used in treating respiratory problems and lungs-related ailments like flu and cold. It is generally taken in the form of herbal tea, which you can prepare by steeping 1 tsp of dried lungwort in one cup of boiling water. You can prepare cilantro tea by steeping 2-5 gram of dried cilantro leaves in one cup of boiling water for half an hour.
It stimulates the respiratory tract system and clears the excess mucus membranes from lung passages. For proper dosage guidelines for your specific condition, you must contact an experienced herbal practitioner.
However, those who are suffering from obstructed bile ducts, liver damage, gallbladder inflammation and heartburn should avoid peppermint. However, people suffering from seizure disorders like epilepsy and pregnant women should not use this herb. In some cases, the tapeworm larvae may move outside the intestines into the bloodstream and settle in another body organ.
Overtime, malnutrition leads to unintended weight loss. If you experience weight loss and malnutrition despite consuming a nutritious diet, you can seek a stool test to check the presence of tapeworms in the intestine. The worm absorbs vitamin B12 from the intestines, rapidly depleting the vitamin B12 reserve of the body. If the cyst formed by the tapeworm larvae affects the brain or the central nervous system, dizziness may occur.

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