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As inflammation causes the air ways to become narrow, less air can pass through them, both to and from the lungs. Are you working or living in an environment that continually irritates your asthma and you have repeated bouts of asthma and your doctor has not been able to help you. PNEUMONIA TREATMENT ELDERLY VENTILATORArtificial breathing tubeendotracheal tube and serious concern. Pneumonia is primarily caused by different types of germs like staphylococcus, streptococcus, and pneumococcus.
Other causes of pneumonia are fungal infections, inhaling foreign matter, irritation by worms, and noxious gas or even irritant dust. When pneumonia is still in the early age of pneumonia, the usual home remedy being prepared is a tea that is made from fenugreek seeds. Garlic is considered as an amazing treatment for those who have pneumonia if only it would be given in ample quantities during the treatment. Root vegetable Pastinaca sativa, also known as the parsnip juice has been proven to be beneficial to the patient’s with pneumonia.
The carrot juice, when combined with beet and cucumber juices or spinach juice has also been claimed as another home remedy for pneumonia.
In these mixtures, 200 ml of spinach juice or 100 ml beet and cucumber juices should be mixed with an amount of 300 ml carrot juice to have a 500 ml or barely half a litre of the needed juice. Home remedies for pneumonia - By simply rubbing some turpentine oil over the patient’s rib cage, the pain caused by pneumonia could be somehow relieved. At the start of the home remedy treatment under this diet, the patient should have to comply with the rule that they have to take in raw juices for about five or ten days. Subsequently, that patient may gradually try a well-balanced combination of natural, while giving emphasis on raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Natural remedy for pneumonia - The patient should be given a warn-water enema daily to cleanse the bowels during the period of raw juice therapy and the all-fruit diet, and when necessary. According to health experts, this virus causes respiratory illness in almost all children less than two years of age. Cough, runny nose, wheezing, poor appetite and fever are the common symptoms of RSV infection in infants.
In some cases, breathing difficulties, irritability and reduced activities are the sole symptoms of RSV infections. When a person suffering from RSV infection sneezes or coughs, droplets of mucus containing the virus spread in the surrounding air. Although RSV infection is a common form of infection of the respiratory tract in infants, the risk and severity of the illness is greater among premature infants and babies born with low birth weight. In a recent study, researchers in the Netherlands have found a strong link between risk of developing RSV infection and vitamin D level at birth. In the Netherlands, where the study was conducted, almost 54 per cent of healthy newborns have low plasma concentration of vitamin D.
Severe lower respiratory tract infection that causes breathing difficulties is treated with supplemental oxygen. This swelling or inflammation makes the airways extremely sensitive to irritation and increase your susceptibility to an allergic reaction.

However, with good treatment and management there is no reason why a person with asthma cannot live a normal active life. In most cases you are advised to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids and to stay in a warm and moist environment. The pneumonia patient generally feels a cold, shivering fever while having difficulty in breathing, and chest pain. The real root of pneumonia is a constitution that is weakened by the toxins that are present in the body like in the air passages and the lungs. Aside from it ability to bring down body temperature, it is also capable of toning down respiration and pulse in just 48 hours.
According to studies, the juice of the plant’s leaves and of its roots have high therapeutic effects. Babies between one and three months of age have the highest risk of contracting pneumonia and bronchiolitis owing to RSV infection.
The risk of contracting RSV infection is usually higher in early spring, fall and winter, when the virus is most active.
Within 24 to 72 hours after the first signs of RSV infection appear, coughing and sneezing will occur along with fever. However, very young infants or children and adults with weakened immune system might spread the infection for up to four weeks.
Weakened immune system in these infants makes them susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.
Exposure to tobacco smoke weakens the immune system and harms the respiratory system of the child, increasing the risk of infections. This sunshine vitamin, which the body manufactures naturally when the skin is exposed to the sun, is needed for the development of lungs and immune system in the fetus and infants. Keeping the child away from a person suffering from coughs and colds could minimize the risk of contracting RSV infection. To stop the infection, properly wash the utensils after eating, and do not share the utensils and crockery with people suffering from cold and cough. To prevent vitamin D deficiency in newborns, which might aggravate the risk of developing RSV infection, pregnant women should include vitamin D rich food and supplements in their daily diet. Chest tightness, breathing problems, and coughing, asthmatics usually experience these symptoms most frequently during the night and the early morning. For most people with asthma, triggers are only a problem when their asthma is not well-controlled. Meanwhile, the accumulation of the said toxins is mainly due to improper eating habits and also due to a faulty lifestyle.
Also through this home made tea, there would also be a shortened period of fever and dispelled toxicity in the part of the patient with the said disease.
You can choose to apply a paste of garlic externally on the patient’s chest which has beneficial results for it serves as an irritant. The infusion should be mixed with honey, linseed, and a pinch of table salt for it to effectively treat the respiratory disease. The chlorine and phosphorous elements in the plants are the main reason why it benefits the bronchial system and the lungs. After every two hours, the patient to drink a glass of the vegetable or fruit juice which has been diluted with warm water.

Just like common cold and flu, the respiratory infection occurs when a baby is exposed to the mucus infected with the respiratory syncytial virus. A baby could develop RSV infection when a person infected with RSV kisses the baby on the face. After entering the body through the nose or the mouth, the virus rapidly multiplies inside the lungs.
A history of asthma or breathing problems increases the chance of developing RSV infection. Vitamin D deficiency at birth is a major health hazard in infants born in temperate regions. In the worst cases, breathing tubes might be inserted or the baby might be put on mechanical ventilation.
If a member in your household is suffering from RSV infection, wipe all hard surfaces in your house, including the crib rail, with a good disinfectant or soap and water.
For asthma sufferers, your goal is to reduce your exposure to whatever it is irritating your asthma. As a result of the treatment, it will help in removing the catarrhal matter and even the phlegm right from the patient’s bronchial tubes. When the patient’s fever has already subsided, the patient is encouraged to spend some more days of having an exclusive fruit diet by eating juicy fruits as meals thrice a day. The symptoms of the illness appear four to six days after an infant contracts the infection. The temperature may also rise to 40.6 degree centigrade and while the pulse rate may increase to up 150 beats per minute.
When the patient feels that his or her condition is already improving in the duration of the treatment, the quantity to be taken in could be reduced. During the dry winter months, increase the moisture content in the room with a cool mist vaporizer. Antibiotics maybe prescribed in some cases, but there are no quarantee that asthma wont occur again. However, it should be noted that the juicy from the cultivated parsnips that ones which are suitable for this use; otherwise, the juice could be poisonous due to the ingredients on it. Risk of developing lower respiratory tract infection is higher among babies less than six months of age. Fenugreek and fasting will eventually allow the patient’s body to rectify the problems with regard to the respiratory system after a few days.
The dry winter air tends to dry the airways in the lungs, which might cause breathing problems in babies suffering from RSV infection.

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