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In 1998 the National Cancer Institute approved funding for a large-scale clinical study in which this nutritional enzyme therapy for the treatment of patients diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer—a treatment initially proposed in 1906—would be compared to the best available chemotherapy. Eventually, under the direction of the supervisors from Columbia (the site for the project), from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), the study degenerated into a morass of mismanagement, meaningless and manipulated data, the welfare of patients put at risk, and sadly, cover-up of the mismanagement right into the office of Dr. The book also calls into question the validity of double-blind placebo studies as the gold standard of mainstream medicine.
Gonzales graduated from Brown University, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, then pursued pre-med studies at Columbia before getting his medical degree from Cornell. The lack of a “lead-in.” A two-week lead-in (at minimum) is necessary to fully vet the patients in the nutritional regimen study group to make sure they follow the program. With such a powerful—and powerfully biased—medical system, all clinical trials of unconventional treatments are destined to fail.
More and more MDs these days are understanding the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) approach as being the basis of not only treating the whole person but ways that traditional Western medicine and complementary modalities can work together for the high level wellness of human beings. Believe me, I have been working with people with cancer for a long time and pancreatic cancer is not difficult if you do all the things necessary and stay with it. It’s not promising, it is about doing the things that God intended us to do and that is it.
I’d love to know how the cancers are treated, that is, more specifically re the diet and what enzymes. Please take a look at this is you are interested in where The War on Cancer has gone(or hasn’t!)… What a shame that money, greed, profits are more important than ever finding a cure!
After seeing what chemo does to people I’d try anything but that to treat any cancer. I feel so sad and so much hopeless about any possibility of the main-stream-medicine multi-billion industry to give up their revenues ever on behalf of saving million of peoples lives by their having their freedom in exercising any treatment they choose. So making money on producing toxic synthetic artificial carcinogenic foods is not enough for them. Because… again, too huge money, astronomically-high numbers of profits the food-pharma industry gains to allow people EVER to exercise their constitutional rights to choose their health treatment.
Obviously much needs to be done to get the corruption out of the FDA which obviously as you have shown, is rampant!
It is extremely discouraging to forge a brilliant new pathway based on good science, good imagination and good ethics, contrary to so much of what’s out there today (and yesterday), to have it end like this. We the public must not continue to allow the NCI, AMA and FDA and other such institutions and especially drug companies to continue denying promising treatments and the study of such treatments simply because these institutions cannot find a way to control and profit immensely from these treatments. The medical and drug companies just don’t seem to care about any body but themselves. My Father and Grandfather both died of pancreatic cancer so genetically I am a candidate for the same.
When my husband, age 54, got diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer ten mths ago, he immediately started chemo and juicing and transitioned into a vegetarian diet. Today, August 2012, ten mths later, his tumors have shrunken 85% and his CA19-9 blood test is 10.
THere is some indication that constituents found in cannabis sative have been used effectively on many different cancer forms. As a post breast cancer patient, and registered nurse, I would like to know what this breakthrough treatment is that the FDA and NCI removed from public view without having to buy another book. Please don’t leave out Depopulation, the deliberate indirect murder of perhaps billions, cumulatively since Doctor Warburg solved cancer in 1924. I don’t know if this would be helpful to anyone, but in 2008 a former co-worker and friend came down with pancreatic cancer when we were working together. The more I read about what is going on in USA when it comes to the FDA and NCI the more I really believe now that there is a conspiracy against Americans.
Whatever phase of treatment, or Stage you are at, Verita Life can help treat and defeat your Pancreatic Cancer. Our expertise, clinical experience and personalised protocols are delivered in 5 separate Programmes, one of which is best for you or your loved one.
If you are already having Chemo or Radio therapy we can reduce painful side effects, increase therapy effectiveness, and increase your chance of remission. Treatments are personalised, safe, and targeted to strengthen organ and immune system function. We offer a complete and comprehensive Pancreatic cancer treatment programme if you don’t want to, or can’t, undergo conventional treatment. Undecided patients willing to wait a few weeks before committing to conventional treatments may want to ‘try Verita Life first’. If Pancreatic cancer treatment has not begun yet, we can prepare your immune system and organs with our unique combination of protocols. If you are unable to travel to us you can start home care immediately by using our clinical expertise and 15 years of research by our scientific team. Verita Life will review your condition and send you powerful pharmaceutical grade combination packs customised to target Pancreatic cancer, and support your other therapies. It is a sad fact that so many cancers return within 5 years or less, especially if contributing factors are not addressed.
Rebuilding your weakened immune system, and also any damaged organs, is an essential and immediate need to regain full health and keep you cancer free.

Verita Life clinics offer unique, customised, after-care programmes with measurable results. The exact combination and frequency of treatments is planned according to your specific needs. Chosen for proven effectiveness, every treatment has been shown, through numerous medical studies and extensive experience, to attack and defeat cancer cells.
Following your enquiry and review of your case by our medical team, you will receive a Doctor consultation. Excess body weight, chronic inflammation of the pancreas, diabetes, family history and smoking. 338,000 were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within the year of 2014 and it represent 2.4 per cent of all cancer.
IPTA particular form of low-dose chemotherapy, which protects the organs and the immune system and can even be applied when classical methods no longer help. WHOLE BODY HYPERTHERMIAA significant increase in body temperature causes immune cells to leave the bloodstream and migrate through the body tissue.
ARTESUNATEIn addition to directly killing cancer cells, Artesunate cancer treatment can also inhibit the production of cancer vessels and enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments by sensitising tumour cells to chemotherapy and radiation. GCMAF GOLEIC THERAPYGcMAF therapy regulates the human protein required to reactivate immune cells and boost patients’ immune systems.
ENZYME THERAPYTumours create a layer of proteins and carbohydrates on the surface of their cells. HIGH DOSE VITAMIN CCancer cells are highly susceptible to damage by oxygen containing reactive compounds. EXERCISE EWOTEWOT stands for ‘Exercising With Oxygen Therapy’, and involves the patient exercising whilst breathing in pure Oxygen.Exercising has a great many positive effects that are very important for cancer patients plus cancer thrives in oxygen-poor environments.
ANTI-CANCER DIETVerita Life are experts at providing exactly the right personalised diet to help each patient fight their cancer. Gonzalez reveals in his book What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, poor trial design, poor implementation at the highest levels of the research, and improper supervision in the trial itself completely derailed the study. Gonzalez and Isaacs repeatedly pointed out flaws in the study design, but their objections were ignored.
Conventional medicine believes that randomization is essential when selecting study participants. Because of the controversial nature of nutritional therapy for cancer, many members of the oncology community were vocal in their opposition to the project and deliberately tried to undermine it. Gonzalez’s knowledge, a misleading article was published about the findings from the clinical trial. Gonzalez’s book, What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, is available from New Spring Press. Read 2030 by Albert Brooks to read about how and when the Cure will come about – even in fiction form as this book is; there is hope one day it will happen if the AMA and Big Pharma get out of the way! They go then for the second round of brainwashing the poor sick-people’s minds by selling them their expensive highly-toxic not-working deadly drugs coupled with their invasive treatments that finish up the sure job of killing the naive uneducated souls, or if not killing them, then continue pulling their money to the rest of their lives. I am very concerned that main stream medicine is not interested in my well being by blocking Dr. Wakefield regarding his findings on the connection between vaccines, mercury and the epidemic of Autism, which I recently noted was said to be 1 in 85 children now. Thank you for the opportunity to express my dismay with the methods of the current medical profession.
While we are told that we can be cured of cancer if we do and follow such and such a treatment, we are kidding ourselves.
I will have to go back overseas to get human treatment and use the rest of my savings over there.
Permission granted to forward, copy, or reprint with date and attribution (including link to original content) to ANH-USA.
This will help withstand the damage that can occur from conventional treatment, and also improve treatment outcomes. Examination of over 100,000 studies and much clinical experience has led to powerful herbal prescriptions for each Cancer.
In addition to rebuilding a diminished immune system, GcMAF Goleic inhibits angiogenesis (stops blood supply to tumours), activates macrophages and apoptosis (suicide of cancer cells); reverts cancer cells’ phenotype (characteristics) to normal healthy cells and reduces the metastatic potential of human cancer cells. It “educates” T-lymphocytes (T cells), which are critical cells of the adaptive immune system. All programmes are managed according to the patients’ capabilities and are not high intensity. They are active from birth and need no training to be effective against foreign invaders or cells which turn cancerous. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of your doctor.All medical treatments have varied outcomes.
Repeatedly now we’ve seen the meaningless data of a mismanaged study used in the effort to “prove” my treatment worthless, and undermine my twenty-eight years of hard, determined research. Gonzalez delves into biases of scientific health community that make the fair testing of unconventional treatments so difficult.
However, this doesn’t work for alternative medicine—“such a design most likely would create rather than prevent bias,” says Dr.

Despite his best efforts in dealing with NCI, NCAAM, the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), and the Office of Research Integrity, none of the parties responsible for mismanaging the clinical trail or disseminating the misleading information were held accountable.
As noted in the foreword of his book, the “war on cancer” has been a failure due to a combination of politics, money, greed, and corruption—largely the result of an unholy alliance between the American Cancer Society, NCI, Sloan-Kettering, and the drug companies.
Gonzalez, you obviously did everything you could to make this a valuable and worthwhile study with the prospect of providing true nutritional support for such a hopeless prognosis of treating pancreatic cancer by most of the medical community. While my husband did follow it, he did well and very likely lived a longer time and a better quality of life than he would have either with chemo or without treatment. Are the arrogant, greedy people destroying healthcare in this country really so ignorant as to think that they hover above it all unaffected? My experience with the medical profession in the past twenty years reveals a very bad attitude for true healing.
What is happening is that we are just prolonging the dying process, and along the way, money goes from from one hand to another until none is left to go around or death takes over. I have pain in my spine and as soon as it gets better I have no choice but to fly overseas.
He has several bout of chemo at MD Anderson and was doing good until about three months ago. I will at least try to convince my brother to talk to her directly to know how the alternative treatment has benefited her. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The patient lies on a special heat-bed; Infrared heaters passively warm the patient’s body to temperatures of around 39-40 ° C and safely provoke an enhanced immune response.
Essentially, enzyme therapy assists the immune system by attacking this layer and making tumour cells visible to it. These high concentrations damage cancer cell’s DNA and mitochondria shutting down the cancer cells’ energy supply and killing them outright. We use thymus peptides to improve the immune system by supporting initial steps in teaching immune cells how to work.
Linda Isaacs, they offer a profoundly individualized treatment program for patients with all kinds of cancer, as well as patients with a variety of other problems. Good, considered the father of modern immunology, he completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional intervention in the treatment of advanced cancers, eventually focusing mainly on pancreatic enzymes.
As a result, as many as 39 patients followed the nutritional regimen only for brief periods or did so inconsistently—with some not following the protocols at all—making the data meaningless. Even an FDA investigation and pressure from Congress was not enough to correct the situation. It sounds like we need real changes in the randomization study guidelines along with most things in our political world. The squashing of Dr Gonzalez and Issac is indeed a sad statement about our medical-industrial’s hold on our health.
All the attempts to find a cancer cure , whether successful or not, is just one great human economic activity to keep certain section of the human race busy on earth, while others are fighting, bombing, and killing each other. No oncologist in Toronto want to hear about any natural treatment last year and because I had aggressive cancer under my brain it was making me eysite and pain worse every week. In short, enzyme therapy can enhance the immune system’s effectiveness and support conventional treatments.
Once they recognise and attach to cancer cells, they then release enzymes and other substances that damage the outer membranes which leads to the death of these cells.
Then, I went to my health food store and got a natural product which fixed my problem in one week! Therefore selecting study participants requires some sort of screening—the opposite of randomization. In general, patients with an interest in following a strict nutritional regimen to treat their cancer are likely to quit the study once they realize that they have a 50% chance of being in the chemotherapy group rather than the alternative treatment group. By the same token, patients who prefer chemo are likely to quit when they realize that there is a 50% likelihood that they will be placed in the nutritional treatment group instead. He prescribed a medication, that I surveyed my friends about, because the side-effects were severe. I live alone and after first radiation may hands were so shaky that I could not carry a glass of water from kitchen counter to the table.After searching friends and family from Japan to Germany I used my life savings and flew overseas. Now, after one year I am still alive but only thing that oncologists offer here is chemo or radiation. My family physician, who I almost never see, gets a blank look and stops writing, when I tell him how my natural methods have ended a cold in 24 hours, healed a problem, fixed my knees and other issues with Yoga postures and breathing, etc.
There is so much true healing available and so little consciousness or openness to how to really help people without toxic, dangerous side effects from dangerous drugs, which don’t even always work.

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