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His adult show is more Magic, Mystery, Illusion, comedy and participation, that will keep you well and truly entertained.You can even combine the 2 for family fun. He does balloon modelling, magically makes sweets, bubbles and can even make snow for that little something special. Desperate, I finally started looking around for natural remedies and found your site this past Sunday. I used equal parts of organic apple cider vinegar, alcohol, and warm water with great success.

I tried using the tea tree oil to soothe the ear but it never mentioned to dilute it so it irritated it. I then diluted it with extra virgin olive oil but it still irritated his hear flap so I've eliminated it.
I also started giving him Pavel's plain yogurt twice a day and he seems to have more energy.
Give them a bath with at least a cup full of vinegar in the water, this is mostly to treat their paws to prevent re-infection.

Frustrated with the vets visits, and the more than $50.00 I kept paying every time to have the vets tell me the same thing, I finally got to searching for natural remedies. The first time I applied the cotton ball with apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water, she was like a new and improved dog.

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