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Further, adults affected by fifth disease experience sore joints within a period of three weeks of the infection.
Even though the virus is eliminated from the body, the changes caused in the joint continue and as a result of this pain and swelling will irritate the infected person.
Rashes on the face and the body are the major symptoms of the arthritis caused by the virus Parvovirus B-19. Joint pain is the major symptom which children have to face while affected with Parvovirus B-19. Infection of Hepatitis B can cause inflammation of the liver following severe form of arthritis, affecting the joints of both sides of the body. A virus that causes AIDS, HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus is also connected with many forms of Arthritis. This virus affects the immune system of the body and can result in various types of arthritis. It has been noticed that around 10% of the individuals affected by HIV experience severe joint pain in shoulders, elbows, and knees.
An individual may experience swelling and joint pain after the appearance of a rash on the trunk or the limbs.

The affected areas are usually seen in red color, and swelling and heat on the area is experienced.
Given below are the symptoms of these viral diseases that affect the majority of the people.
Parvovirus B-19, a common virus is the cause of the infecting around 60% of adults with arthritis. This form of arthritis can occur with enterovirus, hepatitis B or C, mumps, rubella and so on.
It is important to note that individuals affected by this virus may experience different types of joint related problems at different stages. Joint pain caused by this viral infection generally disappears within a period of 1.5 to 2 weeks. But it is an unknown factor that these viruses are no longer present in the affected areas, though they ‘were’ the reasons for the infection.
Joints are stiff and are painful in the morning hours and it usually goes within a week or two. Severe joint pain especially in the elbows, knees and shoulders disturb the affected person.

An individual may experience joint problems such as pain and stiffness within a week of the appearance of the rash. In extreme cases, an individual may experience joint inflammation and irritation for a period of 2 weeks. It is important to note that an individual may experience pain and swelling before the onset of jaundice caused by this viral infection. It is important to note that around 15% of the children affected by fifth disease experience joint pain which may quickly go away. Stiffness in the affected joint may also be experienced by some individuals as a result of rubella vaccination.

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