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The bad, harmful bacteria and yeast are responsible for a wealth of bothersome and embarrassing conditions.
There are, of course, numerous creams, lotions and pills that can instantly kill the bad bacteria.
But why deal with the potential side effects of these treatments when natural solutions can help get rid of them, and let your body do what it is genetically designed to do? The result – a clean, beautiful body free of bad bacteria and a smooth, glowing skin that everybody will envy. Reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake, and your body will certainly thank you for it, later on! Antioxidants can benefit your body on so many different levels that you should make them part of your daily diet! Present in sour fruits, green tea and even coffee and chocolate, antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds. They are known to keep free radicals at bay, and to prevent their negative health effects (effects that range all the way from cancer to premature aging). Aside from preventing the oxidation of your healthy body cells, antioxidants will also help your immune system kill all the bad bacteria. Ideally, you should also try to eat more cruciferous veggies, beans, nuts and seeds, as they are all very rich in amino acids and high-quality fiber. Combining quality fiber with antioxidants will result in the number one weapon against candida.
Known for its intense scent and pleasant, soothing taste, oregano is a staple ingredient in everybody’s kitchen! However, aside from being used to spice up your food, oregano oil is known to have several notable health benefits as well.
One of them is its ability to kill off candida and yeast, due to its natural anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.
Four drops of oregano oil a day should be enough to start the battle with the bad bacteria and yeast – and to win it! As a matter of fact, silver is known in the traditional medicine as the “natural antibiotic”. One teaspoon, taken three times a day, should be enough to kill most of the yeast and bad bacteria present in your body. If you do not have enough good bacteria in your body (which is usually the norm after a long-term antibiotic treatment or after being exposed to fluorinated and chlorinated water), you should certainly take some probiotics supplements and let them work their magic on your body. Not only will the good bacteria kill off yeast and candida, but it will also support the correct functioning of your digestive and immune systems. One should never take antibiotics whenever they feel like it – ultimately, there is a reason why antibiotics are prescription drugs. Abusing antibiotics will not only make your body immune to them in the long run (which can be fatal, if you will ever get a severe infection!), but it will also kill your probiotics. Probiotics require a lot of time to grow and develop, and antibiotics can kill your good bacteria cultures within days. If you have followed an antibiotic course recently, you should consider taking around 50mg of probiotics on a daily basis (one or two capsules a day, depending on the brand).

If you have very sensitive skin or you are allergic to sunlight, then supplements are always a great choice. Aside from keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy, vitamin D is also important for stimulating the natural growth of good bacteria in your digestive tract.
There are numerous natural and highly potent supplements and products on the market that are specifically designed to boost your probiotics levels and to strengthen your immune system! Sexual intercourse, holding back urine for extended period, pregnancy, menopause and diabetes are some of the common causes of urinary tract infections. Yogurt containing live active cultures can boost the good bacteria as well as eliminate the bad bacteria in the body.
One of the best natural ways to cure UTI and prevent recurrences is by drinking plenty of water. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and have it daily to cure urinary tract infection. Herbs like dandelion and echinacea added to tea or consumed as capsules can also help in treating this problem. Blackheads is one such skin-condition that every individual battles with at some point or the other in their lives.
Using black eyeliners have become a common thing nowadays since various brands started producing different vibrant shades. Bacterial overgrowth also takes place during non-digestive symptoms and chronic conditions such as fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, arthritis, lupus, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and many others. Apart from the normal bacteria present in our small intestine, excess growth of bacteria due to certain factors is defined as bacterial overgrowth.
Decreased motility and structural abnormalities in the small intestine, hypochlorhydria, immune deficiency, stress and intake of birth control pills, antibiotic and steroids including many others are the few causes of bacterial overgrowth. Digestive enzyme supplements taken before meals help to support the digestive enzymes of the body and restore the function of the body. Along with home remedies, it is important that you undergo a proper diagnosis of the disease. From severe acne outbursts to candida and other infections of the genital apparatus – infections that are particularly difficult to treat.
For instance, did you know that they can wreak havoc on your immune system, making you more vulnerable to infections? The most obvious way to get rid of the bad bacteria is by simply cutting their “food supply”! Make sure to eat more berries, drink more green tea and even take some antioxidant supplements.
If your probiotics levels are dangerously low, you can take the Vitamin D supplement in conjunction with the probiotics and the oregano oil. Frequent and painful urination along with cramps in the lower back, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and blood in urine are some of the common signs of this UTI.
While women suffer more from this problem, men too can get urinary infection due to certain sexually transmitted diseases or due to presence of bladder stones. These drugs can also provide relief from frequent recurrences and pain caused by the infection.

The water flushes the urinary tract and removes the infection causing organism from the body trough urine. This juice which is rich in Vitamin C as well as Quinolinic acid is known to have antibacterial and diuretic properties that can prevent the of the E.
Around eight to ten ounces of cranberry juice everyday can thus provide relief from the infections and other painful symptoms.
Baking soda neutralizes the acid in the urine thus providing relief from problems like pain during urination. Often in cases of chronic digestive problems such as gas, constipation, bloating and diarrhea, it is misunderstood as Irritated Bowel Syndrome while the actual cause is something else. Such bacteria cause fat mal-absorption that result in gas, bloating, pain, mucus in stool and foul smelling stool and gas. Specific carbohydrate diet as suggested by Elaine Gottschall helps to deal with digestive disorders such as bacterial overgrowth and ulcerative colitis.
Deficiency of Vitamins such as Vitamin – A, D, E, K and B12, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc may also enable bacterial overgrowth.
Lactobacillus plantarum and lactobacillus GG probiotics are generally used to treat bacterial overgrowth. Lactulose hydrogen breath test, schilling test and hypochlorhydria screening test are some of the useful bacterial overgrowth diagnostic tests that would help you to identify and fight back the disease.
Even if you cannot completely eliminate sugar from your diet, you should definitely try to eat less. Urinary tract infections are often caused by the E.coli bacteria which enter the body from the urethra and move into the urinary tract. This is because the longer the urine remains in the bladder the more the chances are that you might have an infection.
Apart from cranberry juice, an increase in the daily intake of Vitamin C in the diet will help in preventing UTI. Apart from this having pineapples, blueberries and apple cider vinegar can also help in curing urinary tract infections.
While antibiotics, antacids and other medications remove the friendly bacteria from the intestines, bacterial overgrowth still remains undetected and people are not even tested for it.
Heartburns, rectal burn and minty burping are few side effects that are associated with the intake of peppermint oil shells. Lower urinary tract infections are known as cystitis while infections in the urethra are known as urethritis. The natural ways to cure urinary tract infections are not only safe but also extremely effective in preventing further recurrences of the infection. Grapefruit seed extract, Oregano oil capsules, garlic, Oregon grape, olive leaf extract and Pau d’arco are other herbal antimicrobials that are used to treat bacterial overgrowth.

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