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ExSTINK Order Page of Odor Remover of pet dog or cat urine stink and musty cigarette odors. Get rid of bad smells of cats, dogs, vomit, perspiration, garbage,fish and more with the original pink ExSTINK! Get the two pound canister of gravel to refill your magic dice orput some in a pair of socks to put in your shoesto get rid of smell at the end of a long day. Along with the companionship cats give their owners, they sometimes leave a more unwelcome notice of their presence by urinating where they shouldn't.
Step 1Place paper towels on a fresh cat urine spot and stand on it to absorb the urine, as the Cats of Australia website recommends. Don't use a steam cleaner, as this will set the stain permanently, according to the Humane Society.
How to Remove the Smell of Dog Urine from Carpets - the items pictured are all you need to get rid of the odor of dog urine from your carpets. Talk to your vet to make sure these incidents aren't signs of an underlying health problem.
It's important to clean up your cat's urine quickly and clean it well, or your cat will continue to urinate in the same place. Look for "organic" cleansers, available at pet stores and janitorial supply companies, such as Nature's Miracle.
Alternately, you can make your own urine cleanser with a spray bottle full of white vinegar diluted to around 30 percent or hydrogen peroxide diluted to about 3 percent.
If your cat continues to urinate on your hardwood floor, you could eventually be faced with replacing your floor.
Cat urine can saturate your carpet fibers and cause mold, so it's important to be thorough when you clean it up.
Some people stand on the towels, so the pressure will help them soak up as much as possible.

If the stain is dry, and your furniture will not be harmed further by a little water, put on your rubber gloves and dab the stain with a moist cloth. Test your cleanser on an inconspicuous part of the upholstery, to make sure it doesn't harm the fabric. Then use your cleanser on the stain, again making sure not to rub the stain into the furniture, but blot it off. Sometimes, if kitty doesn't like your fashion choices, she'll let you know in her own, special way.
Test the enzymatic cleanser on a hidden part of the fabric before applying, to make sure it won't stain.
If the item is dry-clean only, take it to a trusted cleaning professional to ask for their advice. If your cat needs to go up and down two flights of stairs to the basement to get to and from his litter box, he's less likely to use it.
To help discourage your cat from thinking of the spot as a place to urinate, you can try feeding it there. You can also try to discourage a cat from urinating in an area by sprinkling a lemon scent there.
Cleaning up your cat's urine can be complicated and unsavory, but doing a good job will keep your home sanitary and will make it less likely that your cat will have another "accident". Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. The website Cat World recommends mixing one part vinegar with two parts warm water and spraying the area.
The Humane Society suggests using a wet vac to push fresh water into the carpet and extract dirty water. Otherwise, cats will smell traces of remaining urine and return to the spot to urinate again.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to clean up the cat urine, and we'll also give you some ideas for how to make sure your cat doesn't have another little "accident" in your home. Some cleansers try to mask the smell of urine with perfumes, but cleansers with enzymes actually work to remove the smell. If the urine is dry, moisten a cloth with water and dab the stain with it to make it easier to clean. Cats urinate in inappropriate places for many reasons, and figuring out why it happened will go a long way toward making sure it doesn't happen again. If owners do not catch urine spots early, the smell can spread throughout the house as the stain sets. Apply to the area and work it into the carpet with a brush, paper towels or your hands while wearing rubber gloves. Take a look and also find out about a clever gadget which will find dried urine on your carpets - that you may not be able to see, but you sure can smell! If your pet is urinating in inappropriate places, it can be messy, inconvenient and unsanitary.
Cats do respond much better to positive reinforcement than punishment, and if you are kind and considerate to your cat, you can probably figure out what went wrong and prevent a recurrence. Simply blotting and rinsing with water does not always eliminate the odor, and many store-bought cleaning products replace the urine smell with the unwanted product odor. This guide will tell you how to clean cat urine, and offer some tips on how to make sure your cat doesn't have another "accident" in your home.

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